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Super Bomberman R update out now (version 2.0) – Grand Prix, new characters, more

Posted on November 14, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Super Bomberman’s next big update has arrived. Players can download the patch foor a new 3-vs-3 game mode and a bunch of new characters.

In Grand Prix mode, two teams of up to three players are pitted against each other to battle it out in different arena stages using new characters with special abilities. It includes these match types:

– “Crystal” Match – two teams compete to earn points by collecting crystals. Watch out for bombs! If you’re blown away you lose half of your crystals. The team with the most points at the end of the round wins.
– “Basic Bomber” Match — two teams compete against each other using standard Bomberman rules. Each team begins with a set number of lives. To win, take out your opponents to earn the most points before the time runs out.

Today’s update also features nine new characters, a new World 7 in story mode, and other new stages and accessories.

Finally, the newest characters in Super Bomberman R are as follows:

Goemon Bomber
Dracula Bomber
Princess Tomato Bomber
Bubble Head Bomber
Option Bomber
Shiori Fujisaki Bomber
Jehuty Bomber
Anubis Bomber
Reiko Bomber

Source: Konami PR

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  • Kalmaro

    Man, they weren’t kidding about supporting this game.

    • Zeebor

      It’s not like they got much else to do.

      • Kalmaro

        There’s always that other game they’re working o-

        Oh, good point.

  • IBO

    so when are they gonna drop the price on this game..

    • Dylan W

      I’ve seen the game on sale at some retailers lately. Honestly, this meaty update kinda makes the price worth it now.

      • IBO

        yeah… i wanna buy it digital but $50 is still a bit much

    • Ardisan

      Really dood…

    • Amperor

      24.99 at Best buy on Black Friday!

      • IBO

        yeah… but i want it digital..

  • anthony

    YES! They acknowledged Goemon for once!

    Also, cool how they referenced one of Hudson Soft’s original IPs as well (Princess Tomato in Salad Land)

  • Zeebor

    So Shiori is Tokimeki Memorial, but what the fudger is “Option” supposed to be from?

    • Exy

      It’s the weapon beings from Gradius that follow the ship’s movements and duplicate its firepower, the first of their kind.

      I have to wonder why anybody who played Tokimeki Memorial liked Shiori. She was by far the least interesting character.

      • Lol,I agree on Shiori, but I think she fits the prototypical image of moe and bishojo gals of the era, so she can enduringly be the face of TokiMemo (not including GS of course).

  • Dylan W

    I was actually thinking about when they were going to drop this update but holy crap, I did not expect such a meaty update. Way to go, Konami! You are actually doing something worthy of praise for once.

  • Exy

    It’s cool that they’re putting characters from games like Goemon and Rumble Roses in. They shoulda went even further and got characters from Sparkster, Sunset Riders, Mystic Warriors, Parodius, Otomedius, or any number of other properties that are equally obscure.

  • Wahoo~! Funny timing too, as I was playing just a moment ago.

    Not only am I enjoying the game and eager to dive in to the update, but I really hope we see more efforts like this from Konami. And I still kind of want that fanservice-y Bomberman game to hit the Switch, but just add an option for no clothing damage. (And give us a couple of sexy male charas too, lol.)

  • Roto Prime

    Konami <3 for real…..Thank you <3

  • Dakt

    Well, it has Goemon now. Guess I’ve got to buy it.

  • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

    now please buy the game, I need somebody to play online… it is always empty

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