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Super Mario Odyssey sells over 2 million copies in first 3 days

Posted on October 30, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

This information comes from Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima…

Furthermore, last Friday saw the release of Super Mario Odyssey in Japan and in overseas markets. This newest title in the Super Mario series received many awards this year at the largest game shows in Western markets, such as E3 and gamescom, and consumers had high expectations leading to its release. Although Super Mario Odyssey launched just a few days ago, the game appears to be meeting those expectations, judging by its high review scores from the gaming media and players’ positive comments on social media.

While about 7 million units of Nintendo Switch hardware have been delivered into the hands of our consumers around the world, we estimate that the global sellthrough of Super Mario Odyssey has already exceeded 2 million units in just its first 3 days. The holiday sales season will soon go into full swing, and we plan to make more Nintendo Switch systems available in the market. We will endeavor to further increase the number of consumers who want to purchase Super Mario Odyssey, and eventually we would like the game to be seen as an evergreen title that has longevity in the market beyond this holiday season.


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  • Roto Prime
  • wytxus

    Congrats (*^o^*)

  • TDude73

    Mind freaking BLOWN!!!!!! Super Mario Odyssey is a worldwide blockbuster for the Nintendo Switch. Koizumi (architect of the Switch) and his team deserve respect and the fullest support! My hat goes off to the development team at EPD Tokyo.

    • Koizumi should be strongly be considered as the next president for Nintendo. He has a great personality and has a strong passion for gaming like Iwata

      • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

        nooooo, keep Koizumi making games whatever he touches makes it better (Link to the past story and manual design, link awakening story,script and bosses, ocarina and majora mask(mostly this) characters development, event design, Mario galaxys and now Odyssey )

  • awng782

    Incredible numbers. Congrats!

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    It’s a shame Iwata couldn’t live long enough to see a successful Nintendo and died while Nintendo was suffering at their worst. Might have eased his illness a bit at the time.

    Sad point aside, this is great news but at the same time standard for as mainline Mario title.

    • Ezra Laguna

      Didn’t see a successful Nintendo? He lead Nintendo to its most lucrative years with the DS and Wii.

      • Yes he did but I think he’s saying that it’s a shame that Iwata didn’t live to see his latest vision make Nintendo successful again

    • Tlink7

      Can’t we just let the amazing man rest in peace now?

    • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

      he is sit and watching everything next to the Videogame God

    • Sinara Centeno

      When Iwata died, one of his inventions are the most sussessful video game, the 3DS. Only Wii U dont sell enough, but is not a failure at all. Still make profit. And theres Amiibo too.

  • Exy

    Breath of the Wild sold 3.84 million throughout all of March, and this game reaches half that in a weekend.

    • SpectralDynamite

      And with good reason. This game is amazing.

      • Thomas_NE

        At the start of the year I didn’t think it would be possible for me to say it, but I might genuinely like it more than even Breath of the Wild. And Zelda is my favourite game series.

  • Justin McQuillen

    Holy smokes. I bet that pre-load helped. It was awesome being able to play the game at exactly midnight since I live on the east coast.

    • R.Z.

      It was even better to play it the day before when my cartridge arrived early with the mail.

  • Ardisan

    Come on, we all knew it would sell extremely well.

    • Yeah but it’s outpacing Super Mario Galaxy in a frantic pace

  • FutureFox

    Well that dethroned BotW’s first week sales.

    • R.Z.

      To be fair Zelda didn’t have much of an install base when it launched.

      • FutureFox

        Good point. Just noting that Nintendo’s home cooked software is just as strong as its ever been.

  • awng782

    Super Mario Galaxy launch sales by region:
    US: Over 500,000
    Japan: 251,000
    UK: 77,000

    Unlike Mario Odyssey, Mario Galaxy did not launch on the same day worldwide, but if you were to add up its launch sales in all territories, that sum would probably total to around ~1.3 million copies.

    Mario Odyssey is handily outpacing Mario Galaxy in sales.

    • Super Mario Odyssey will reach 14 million sales lifetime….I’m sure of it


  • masterjedi

    Pretty freaking incredible. The absolute staying power of Nintendo’s IPs is really staggering. And what a dynamite launch strategy for Nintendo, open with Zelda and push systems into the “wild” then end the launch year with Odyssey to solidify an incredibly large install base for year 2.

  • Don Zaloog

    GOD DAMN!!!

  • Morian

    The real question is if this game is increasing Switch demand or those 2 million copies are just early adopters. I am skeptical this game is going to be a phenomenon, since the only 3D Mario game that sells hardware was SM64 and only in the US.

    • awng782

      Mario Galaxy sold a ton of Wiis in 2007/2008.
      Mario 3D Land sold a ton of 3DSs in 2011/2012.
      Mario Odyssey had the biggest launch ever for a 3D Mario game, and will drive Switch sales during the holidays and beyond.

      • Gregory Weagle

        Remember what I said about this holiday season getting way out of hand? It’s already begun and Halloween hasn’t even started yet.

    • Radish

      I can say personally 1 of those 2 million copies was me getting the Switch Odyssey bundle as a gift. Now I just have to be patient and wait til the holiday to play it!

  • Tlink7

    Well-deserved <3 I hope all future Mario games will be as fun and inventive as Odyssey

    • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

      yes! now i want a remake of 64 and sunshine in this engine

      • Tlink7

        Now I want that too… thanks xD with the success of the Switch, there will be an ”Odyssey 2”, like there was ”Galaxy 2” for the Wii, that reuses the engine and a lot of the assets I bet 😀

        I’d rather have a reimagening of 64 and Sunshine than a 1:1 remake however, I don’t need things like the Sunshine cutscenes again haha

        • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

          I hope so, and i hope they did the same with the botw engine ala majora mask I don’t want to waiiiiiiiiiiiiit 5 years to play Zelda again

          • Tlink7

            …yeah. I want a multiplayer sandbox Zelda game like Four Swords AND another single player title!

          • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

            a multiplayer sandbox Zelda is the dream at least only for 2 players

          • Tlink7

            With online play! Just fcking around Hyrule with all the physics would be so fun 😀

        • R.Z.

          I’d rather like DLC for Mario Odyssey.
          With its structure it could be easy to add kingdoms once in a while.

          • Tlink7

            Oh yeah, I forgot about DLC… if itwas reasonably-priced, that’d be great too!

  • bugman83

    That is insane!

  • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

    this year is amazing, it is like mario64 and ocarina launched the same year

  • Kenshin0011

    I think this is the best Nintendo game I’ve ever played!

    There are so many little features callbacks to Mario’s history, amazing gameplay, and so much more

    • Radish

      I’m so happy for you :> I can’t wait to play it this holiday myself!

      • Kenshin0011

        Excited for you to play it as soon as possible!

  • Kenshin0011

    Nintendo is going to probably sell 6-7 MILLION consoles just this holiday season alone!

  • Cool…I’ll give it a shot

  • Melatelo

    My game of the year so far for sure. Didn’t think anything would over take Zelda but it has for me. It really is the best Mario game ever made imo- which is no small feat.

  • RoadyMike

    After that genuinely great initial trailer with that catchy AF song, I’m not surprised

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