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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS Nintendo Dream scans, tons of details

Posted on August 23, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Images, News, Wii U

Head past the break for the details. There’s seriously a ton of them!


1: Grabbing her mask, Lucina joins the battle. Smash Bros may be the only time you can see Lucina putting on her mask with her hair down.

2,3: A two-shot with Marth. Lucina is not as tall as Marth. I wonder what Lucina is thinking, time traveling and all.

4,5,6: Lucina’s numerous taunts.

7: A two-shot with another female Fire emblem character, [FE] (Robin)

  • Lucina, the daughter of Chrom who is the protagonist from the original game, joins the battle! Perhaps staying true to the series, her attacks and movement is the same as Marth. Though she doesn’t have the tipper mechanic like Marth, but instead her sword is evenly balanced.

^pic: It may be hard to see in-game, but her left eye has a symbol.

>pic: Lucina stares down Luigi from above. Could this be related to her final smash?


Neutral special – shield breaker. Perhaps Lucina’s handling of this move is different based on her balanced blade and looser need for spacing.

Side special – slices opponents with a quick succession of sword swipes.

Up special – dolphin slash. This move slices your opponents upward.

Down special – counter. If it’s like the previous game, you’ll be able to counter while your body has a shine.


1: A pretty rainbow arches over Peach.

2: Part of an attack? Peach is surrounded by what looks like a bubble.

3,5: Peach hits her opponents using her crown duing her F-air.

4: Peach used three different weapons during her F-smash in previous games.

  • Peach is known for characteristics like slapping, kicking, and floating horizontally in the air. This time many of her attacks were given additional animation effects.

^pic: Up-smash receives a ribbon effect. Does it affect the move’s properties?

<pic: An upward attack that throws out hearts.


Toad Guard: Peach uses toad to shield her from attacks.

Vegetable pull: In previous games, Peach pulled up turnips with various faces and weapons.

Peach parasol: Peach floats down with an open parasol.


1,3: A user of a mysterious aura force. It becomes more powerful the more you become cornered.

2,4,5,6,8: Being a fighting type pokemon, Lucario performs various fighting moves using his body.

7: Taking a nap between fights!?

  • A returning veteran from previous games. The more damage you receive, the stronger your aura becomes. This time Lucario evolves into Mega Lucario.

^pic: There was a comment during a pic of the day that said Lucario’s power is immense when he’s badly wounded.

<pic: The top half shows a minimal aura sphere, contrasted with a max power aura sphere below.


Aura sphere: It becomes faster and stronger the longer you charge it. Extreme speed: Lucario lets out aura from his hands to fly. You can change the angle of your movement, but be careful when your aura’s power is high, the distance it covers becomes immense.

Double team: A move from Brawl. If you receive an attack during this animation Lucario counters with an attack. Notice his shining eyes.

Pyrosphere section:

1: The land here is surrounded by lava. A floating main stage and a few small platforms makes it look like a simple stage, but it was reported that the shadow of a huge [something/being] was seen here…?

2,3: Details for the mechanics of this stage are still a mystery, but the stage’s construction itself doesn’t appear to be too complicated.


1,2,3: Robin joins the battle with both male and female counterparts!

4: Their final smash is based on “Dual Attack” from their series. 2 characters team up to perform a combination attack, with Chrome making an appearance.

5,6,7,8: It takes time for Robin’s thunder sword and special attacks to recharge. Even if you miss, it’ll recharge.

  • With a thunder sword in the right hand and a tome in the left, you’ll be able to play as a male or female Robin. Thunder sword is used for smash-attacks, while the tome is used for special attacks. Both have a limited number of uses.

^pic: Final smash: Chrome appears and charges forward and starts chaining sword slashes on whichever opponent he runs into. Robin helps him out with magic.

<pic: Thunder sword is also used in the air for smash attacks. (magazine might be incorrect? No smashes in the air right?) If you use it too many times it’ll break, causing Robin to use a bronze sword instead.


Thunder (neutral): A long-range attack that evolves from thunder, el thunder, giga thunder, and tron the longer you charge.

Fire (side): Giga fire. A ball of fire is called out from above the head. It creates a pillar of fire when it hits terrain or an opponent, dealing damage around the area.

El wind (up): Robin lets out two long-range attacks directly below him/her and gains altitude from the recoil.

Resire (down): Deals damage to an opponent and heals Robin. The move’s power increases if you hit your opponent from behind.

Paper Mario Stage:

1: The stage is based on titles like Paper Mario RPG (GC) and Paper Mario Sticker Star (3DS). Everything is made out of paper, meaning things may get blown away when strong winds arrive.

2: The stage can change to an entirely different stage like closing a book and re-opening it to a different page. This is the Malkon ship from Paper Mario RPG.

Mii Fighters:

1: gun type F-smash. This smash has the longest reach in the entire roster.

2,3: You can even customize Mii Fighter’s hats/clothes. Depending on your customizations, you could end up playing as a famous person or another character you like!

  • Fighting, Sword, and Gun type Miis are included, and their play styles change entirely depending on their type. Top pic shows sword type’s attacks. Sword type may excel in mid-range combat, being able to use some throwing attacks and swords. Each type has a different set of specials.


Each character normally has 4 special moves (and another 8 with customizations). However, Mii fighers and Palutena are exceptions with 12 unique specials. Here are fighting type’s specials. (neutral, side, up, and down from the left).

Neutral: Appears to be power-based, with a throwing ranged attack mixed in. Side: Two attacks that you dish out with movement, and a move where you slam down using both of your fists. Up: Moves that look useful in dealing with opponents in the air. Down: Two moves that attack below you, and what looks like a multi-hit move.


1: The lighting-fast multi-hit Vulcan jab makes an appearance.

2,4: The round, squishy Kirby. He gets so flat when he’s stepped on!

3: Kirby fell into a hole in the stage!? Are Wii Fit Trainer and Donkey Kong worried for him? Or maybe…

  • Kirby is known for his characteristic to suck in opponents and copy their abilities. (see page 47 for copy abilities). His final smash is Ultra sword, where he slashes at his opponents using a huge sword.

^pic: Kirby is very lightweight with an ability to fly in the air. His recovery is top notch.

>pic: He also has high knock-back moves like Stone and Hammer. Hammer looks a little different this time.


Stone: Kirby transforms into rocks and things like Thwomp. Thwomp looks extra-spikey this time around.

Final cutter: Kirby swipes upward with a blade and slams back down. It could be used as a meteor attack near the ledge.

Copy: You can copy opponent abilities, or spit them out as a star.

Hammer: There’s a new fire hammer, where the longer you charge the stronger it gets. But watch out, since you’ll also take damage if you charge it too long.

Meta Knight:

1,2: He can fly in the air by transforming his cape into wings.

3: Kirby’s new color, perhaps based off of a mask-less Meta Knight?

4: You could compare his is to a soccer ball.

  • Announced just this month, Meta Knight lines up with Kirby and Dedede as Kirby’s rival. He’s a small, lightweight character but carries speedy moves. His gloves got a redesign.

^pic: His aerial game is very strong, thanks to his cape to wing changing ability.

<pic: Halberd made an appearance in Brawl, and is a returning stage for Smash 4.


His moves are basically identical to Brawl. He doesn’t have a long-range attack, but can attack while maintaining his movement to make up for it.

Mach tornado: Draws in opponents to deal damage. This was a neutral special in Brawl.

Dimension cape: Meta Knight throws his cape over himself. Not only can this be used to evade attacks, but you can also counter with it.

Drill rush: Just as the name implies, he spins his body like a drill to attack.


1: Charizard makes an appearance as a standalone fighter!

2: His long tail is used as a weapon!

3,4,5: Various ferocious attacks that make used of his entire body.

6,7: Charizard is a top class heavyweight fighter amongst the roster.

8: A ground attack that is so powerful sparks fly out.

  • Charizard made an appearance in Brawl as part of Pokemon Trainer, but this time he gets his own spot! He makes use of his sharp claws and fire attacks. He also gets a new special attack where “Pokemon Change” used to be.

^pic: Charizard’s final smash is a mega-evolution into Mega Charizard X! >pic: Not only does he have a new final smash and special attack, but his regular attacks also have been changed. He can be seen here swiping with his claw in the air.


Side special: Flare Blitz. He charges forward in a fiery attack! It’s very powerful, but if you hit an opponent you also takes some damage.

Flamethrower: In Brawl Charizard was able to breathe fire for a limited amount of time.


1,2: Making use of his sword techniques.

3: Double spin attack with Toon Link! Whoever gets hit is going to be in pain.

4: It looks like the fairy taunt is back.

5: Recovering onto the stage using his claw shot.

6: He also makes use of his body! It’s kind of rare to see kick attacks from Link.

  • Link fights with his sword play and abundant long-range weapons. His D-air’s starting animation gained meteor smash properties, adding to his new play style.

^pic: Displaying the meteor smash D-air.

<pic: You can still deflect items with your shield. He makes a reaction when he does this in Smash 4.


(same as Brawl)


1: Until now Palutena has been supporting Pit on the side, but this time she decided to join the fight herself.

2,3,4,5,6: Palutena’s various miracles. They range from close and long range attacks, self-buff/support moves, etc. It’s a tough choice deciding which moves to use.

7,8: No mercy even if her opponent is Pit!

  • Palutena’s main characteristic is her customizable special attacks. Her play style changes greatly depending on your customization and it will be the player’s responsibility to draw out her limitless potential!

^pic: Her final smash traps opponents in a black hole and blasts them away with a beam.

<pic: Up-smash has a shocking amount of range.


Similar to Mii fighters, Palutena has 12 unique specials to choose from. We’ll detail all specials all at once!

(B) (first pic) Heavenly light: attacks opponents in the air with a beam that shoots upward.

(B) auto-shot: automatically locks onto targets and shoots projectiles.

(B) Explosive fire: creates an explosive a short distance away.

(>B) (bottom pic) Reflect slate?: summons a reflective surface to reflect projectiles.

(>B) Human Missile: performs a charge attack forward.

(>B) Super Dash: Runs at an extreme speed and blasts opponents away.

(^B) Teleport: Teleports.

(^B) Glider jump: You can float/glide a short while after jumping up.

(^B) Rocket Jump: Creates an explosion and fly upward.

(vB) Counter: Retaliates with an attack after blocking with her shield.

(vB) Lightweight: Speeds up movement by making yourself lighter.

(vB) Fireworks: Attacks with fireworks in the air above.


1,2: Greninja is a speedy fighter in Smash Bros as well.

3: The scarf-like thing wrapped around his neck is actually his tongue. It also doubles as a weapon.

4: This… is a water trick!? It could be one of his taunts.

  • Greninja makes an appearance from Pokemon XY. He lives up to his “Shinobi Pokemon” classification with speedy close-range attacks and projectiles.

^pic: Greninja is making a hand sign here, and the blue effect around him is suspicious… a real ninja!

<pic: A taunt match between Lucario and Greninja? It looks like Greninja is slightly taller than Lucario.


(^B) (no pic) Hydro pump: A recovery move where Graninja shoots out a stream of water. You can rotate twice in the air.

(B) Water Shuriken: A projectile attack made out of water. This was a Greninja exclusive move in Pokemon XY.

(>B) Shadow Sneak: Greninja disappears and goes for a move. You can travel farther the longer you charge, and you can move around while charging.

(vB) Substitute: Greninja throws out a substitute, and if an opponent attacks it he’ll reappear with a counter attack.

Wii Fit Trainer:

1: A fighter no one expected, Wii Fir Joins the battle!

2,3,5: She sometimes provides health advice in the middle of her attacks.

7: An aerial attack that makes use of both her hands and feet.

4,6,8: Doing some yoga with veteran fighters.

  • Perhaps due to originally being a support character for a fitness game, Wii Fit Trainer is seen as a health nut by some. Her attacks all promote healthy body movements/postures, and she can also heal damage with a special.

^pic: Final smash is a 7-color silhouette release of yoga poses and such.

<pic: You can also choose to play as a male Wii Fit trainer. There’s no difference between the two, so choose whichever you like.


(vB) Stomach breathing: Increases attack power for a limited time and heals some damage.

(B) Sun Salute?: A projectile attack that you can charge/store.

(^B) Hula-hoop: float upward while twirling hula-hoops around your body.

(>B) Soccer ball headbutt: shoots soccer balls as a projectile attack.

Mega Man:

1: Mega Man joins the battle with his trusty side-kick Rush!

2: The Mega buster(arm cannon)’s switching mechanic is new to Smash!?

3: Sliding can be useful for moving around the stage and dodging attacks.

4,5: A fateful battle against the Yellow Devil.

6: One of the few number of close-range attacks, “Rock Upper”.

  • The robot of justice who uses his left hand’s “Rock Buster” (Mega Buster I think is the English name?). He’s a projectile-heavy fighter with many mid-range attacks. One of his characteristics is “Variable weapon system”, which makes use of all sorts of boss attacks.

^pic: His final smash is a lineup of 5 different generations of Mega Man all focusing their charge shots onto an opponent.

<pic: Mega Man’s charge shot is named similarly to Samus’s charge shot, but his is a F-smash instead.


(>B) Crash Bomb: A projectile that latches onto an opponent. It explodes shortly after.

(B) Metal Blade: A saw blade projectile with sharp teeth. Opponents can catch it mid-air and toss it back at you, so watch out!

(vB) Leaf Shield: Leaves rotate around Mega Man and guard Mega Man. You can also toss the leaf shield as an attack.

(^B) Rush Coil: Rush comes to support you by helping you recover or by springing opponents into the air.

Bonus Chart on the lower left (move origins, because I’m a Mega Man fan):

Dash attack: top spin (Top man – MM3)

Spark Shock: Up-smash (Spark man – MM3)

Flame Blast: Down-smash (Flame man – MM6)

Flame Sword: F-air (Sword man – MM8)

Slash Claw: B-air (Slash man – MM7)

Air Shooter: U-air (Air man – MM2)

Hard Knuckle: D-air (Hard man – MM3)

Metal Blade: B special (Metal man – MM2)

Crash Bomb: Side special (Crash man – MM2)

Leaf Shield: Down special (Wood man – MM2)

Super Arm: thwoing attack? (Guts man – MM1)


1: Rosalina and Luma descend from space!

2: Rosalina’s special “Item Capture” nullifies an attack.

3,8: Luma is surprising fighter, head-butting and punching.

4,5: Blue and red Lumas also make an appearance.

6,7: Various Rosalina colors.

  • Rosalina and Luma have been a staple in recent Mario games, and they join Smash 4 as a team! Depending on Rosalina’s special attack, Luma can detach from Rosalina and be controlled from a distance. Once you get the hand of it, you can perform combos together.

^pic: Her final smash summons a giant power star, which shoots out countless smaller stars around it.

>pic: Luma can be controlled away from Rosalina. Her play style changes depending on how you make use of Luma.


(>B) Star Piece: Luma shoots out little star pieces. You can also use it while Luma is far away from you, but Rosalina will be left defenseless during the animation.

(B) Luma Shoot: This move launches Luma forward, and is used to switch between having Luma close or far.

(^B) Galaxy Jump: Jumps as if Rosalina is in low-gravity. This move covers large distances, and is great for recovery.

(vB) Item Capture: Not only does this draw in items, it can be used to nullify your opponents’ projectiles.

Captain Falcon:

1,2,3: With such toned muscles and confidence, he’s one heck of a hero! Or at least that’s the vibe he gives.

4,6,8: The intense fire animations are back.

5: Captain Falcon looks so cute when he uses some items.

7: This sight is from his final smash. He’s jumping into his Blue Falcon, fire and all.

  • Captain Falcon is a veteran fighter from the very first game, and has racer-like moves. He’s bringing back all of his over-the-top specials in Smash 4.

^pic: His final smash is the same from Brawl, where he gets into his Blue Falcon and blasts the opponent away.

<pic: His holster and thighs have changed looks a bit compared to previous games.


(same as Brawl)


^pic: pokeball (left) and the new master ball item (right). Master balls have a higher chance for rare pokemon to appear.

  • Similar to assist figures, pokemon appears when pokeballs or master balls are thrown and support your side for a limited amount of time. Thist first page will show some new pokemon, while the second page will show returning pokemon.

1: Dedenne. Discharges large amounts of electricity that you would never expect from such a small pokemon.

2: Fennekin: Shoots a small amount of fire as an attack.

3: Spewpa: Spreads around powder that makes opponents unable to move.

4: Darkrai: Puts nearby opponents to sleep.

5: Meloetta: Launches music note attacks that reflect off of floors and walls.

6: Kyurem: Freezes opponents in place.

7: Arceus: Knocks down opponents in the air with gravity. (Meteor smash properties).

8: Keldeo: Performs an area attack with light stemming from its horn.

(bottom-left) Home-run contest improvements:

You can see how you rank compared to others around the world, and also fast-forward after launching the sandbag.

(bottom-right) Attack adjustments:

Many moves that look the same have been tweaked. For example, Pikachu’s thunder gained a strong meteor smash property on the thundercloud. (pic suggests u-throw > thunder).

  • 2nd page:

9: Meowth: Payday.

10: Metagross: blasts away or buries opponents using its strong legs.

11: Goldeen: flops around with all of its strength and energy.

12: Staryu: auto-fires a bunch of star-shaped projectiles.

13: Lugia: uses Aeroblast from the background.

14: Latias: In brawl Latias was with Latios.

15: Entei: Creates a pillar of fire.

16: Mew: A very rare encounter.

17: Palkia: Uses Spacial Rend.

18: Snorlax: launches opponents away who touch its large body.

19: Bellossom: puts nearby opponents to sleep.

(Reshiram caption on the right): It’s unknown if Reshiram appears from a pokeball, but it can be seen in the game. Could the castle in the background be…? Other pokemon from the Greninja trailer may make an appearance in some form as well.




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