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Switch surpasses Wii U’s lifetime sales in Japan

Posted on January 6, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch, Wii U

According to the latest data from Famitsu, Switch has overtaken Wii U’s lifetime sales in Japan.

Through December 31, Nintendo’s new console stands at 3,407,158 units sold. Wii U managed to sell 3,301,555 units in its lifetime. Switch sold 115,255 units during the week of December 25, whereas Wii U was at 69 units.

Some reports had previously highlighted that Switch’s sales had surpassed Wii U, but these were premature as the newer platform was still several thousand units behind based on information from all sales trackers. It wasn’t until the latest data was published – finally made available tonight from Famitsu – that the milestone was confirmed.

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  • ««H3©TöR»»

  • キロ

    The portability is a big help here!

  • awng782
  • Carlos

    Congrats Nintendo. That’s definitely some good news, especially for less than a years worth of sales.

  • Tlink7

    WHOOWEE. Strap in boys! Sony, here we come!

    • nemo37

      I think Monster Hunter World could give PS4 a major boost over Switch in the coming weeks (potentially months?). The game proved to be a major installbase builder for PSP and 3DS (on PS4 the game is toping Amazon’s Japanese best sellers list, and it has resulted in PS4 Slim SKU going above Switch for the first time in a very long while). Not to mention Sony and Capcom are going all in with the game in Japan, like yesterday where they announced a Slim PS4 MHW edition. I hope Nintendo announces Animal Crossing and/or Pokemon to counter it (ideally with an early Japanese release date for Animal Crossing).

      • Walter Wu

        I don’t think MHW can make a bigger impact than DQXI, most of Japanese gamers still think this is not the authentic MH they want, and hardcore gamers already bought PS4, don’t see there are many MH fans out there will buy a PS4 because of MHW, it certainly won’t increase the install base like what it did for PSP or 3DS, as it is more expensive and lack of portability. My prediction, it may sell over 1M, but won’t outsell DQXI.

        • YoungTheFish

          As far as I know, console MH is never as popular as portable MH in Japan.
          We’ll see

          • Walter Wu

            Exactly, and Japanese see MHW as a westernized MH which is a spin off targeting western market, they still believe MH5 is coming in portable form.

          • dbizal

            MHW is MH5.

          • Walter Wu

            Yeah…You are correct until a game named monster hunter 5 being announced one day…or never..who knows? but since they dun use 5 officially, there is room for doubt, you have faith, fine, which is good, but doesn’t mean everyone has 100% faith in MH WORLD…

          • dbizal

            Pretty sure it was confirmed by the developers.

            The game was originally going to be called MH5 but they dropped that name and stuck with the name “World” as that sums up the whole concept of the game and avoids confusion (as people might see “Hmm MH5, I haven’t played 1-4 so that’s not for me).

          • Nhat Anh Hoang

            The same logic apply to MH4 because 1 & 2 on ps

          • dbizal

            There’s no logic needed if the developers themselves have stated that this title is indeed MH5 lol.

          • Nhat Anh Hoang

            Developers lie all the time, especially the case of Capcom

  • Gregory Weagle

    Next up (In Japan, of course); Sega Genesis’s LTD Sales and Nintendo Gamecube LTD sales. Place your bets on when Switch surpasses them. Sega Genesis; probably end of January. Gamecube, probably end of March 2018.

  • Felipe M.

    The WiiU was just a Beta Switch.

  • MoYeung

    People buy Switch to replace their 3DS.

  • Man


  • Don Zaloog

    This is a well deserved success for Nintendo. The Switch truly is a great piece of tech.

  • Crimson Hat

    The poor poor Wii U. It tried so hard.We will remember you fondly and shed a tear.

    • R.Z.

      I really don’t think it did hard enough.

  • MagcargoMan

    I never not be annoyed by Nintendo dropping the Wii U so hard. They deliberately sabotaged it by making Smash 4 even have a 3DS version, let alone one that released first.