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Thanks to a special European hands-on event, DigitalFoundry has uploaded a new video analysis in which we can take a closer look at how ARMS performs when running on Switch.

Apparently, ARMS will run at a stable 60 FPS in all types of available playstyles, but the 1080p resolution will drop to 900p if we play a 2 or 4-player splitscreen match. Sadly, in 4-player multiplayer the frames per second will be reduced to 30 FPS in order to maintain a good playing flow.

Check out the video below to see for yourselves how good ARMS is looking.


ARMS will have many replay options

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When ARMS debuts next month, it’ll do so with a variety of replay options. Game Informer covers some of the included elements.

Players can hit the “Watch Replay” option once a match concludes. Players can change camera angles, watch back moments in slow-motion, and more.


At E3 2017 next month, Nintendo will be hosting the 2017 ARMS Open Invitational. A new teaser video is online for the event, posted below.

One of the highlights from today’s Nintendo Direct is the upcoming ARMS Global Testpunch. By downloading this demo from the Switch eShop, you can try out the game at certain days and times.

You can download the ARMS Global Testpunch right now. As far as the specific days and times go, they are as follows:

Note: the ARMS Global Testpunch is 1.4GB.

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ARMS character trailers

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Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube account prepared several trailers for the various characters of ARMS. Find them all below.

Nintendo has put out a whole bunch of screenshots and art for ARMS following the game’s Direct. View the full set below.

It’s not Friday, but a new special ARMS-focused Nintendo Minute is now live. Check out the latest episode from Kit and Krysta below.

Nintendo has announced a similar initiative for ARMS similar to Splatoon and Splatoon 2. Before launch, fans can participate in the ARMS Global Testpunch. This will allow you to experience a taste of what the game has to offer prior to release through online battles.

ARMS Direct live stream, blog

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Today’s ARMS Direct will be kicking off in about an hour from now. The presentation should go live at 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET / 11 PM in the UK / 12 AM in Europe. Along with new information on ARMS, Nintendo will debut a new Splatoon 2 trailer.

You can watch today’s broadcast as it happens below. We’ll also be adding in information that comes in as a live blog after the video embed attached to this post.

– Weight and attributes factor into the arms you choose
– Heavy arms: slow but strong
– Multi-hit arms: successive hits deal less damage
– Choose whether to dodge a punch or block it with your own
– 7 types of attribute types
– Fire, electric, wind, ice, stun, explosion, blind
– Different arms have different attributes

A special Nintendo Direct is being hosted in just a couple of hours from now to highlight ARMS. Yet ahead of that, a leak has come in showing new characters. Head past the break if that’s something you’re interested in seeing.

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