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Nintendo introduced a new character for ARMS during its Treehouse Live stream today. We have a first look at Max Brass, who is described as the greatest champion in the history of the Grand Prix.

Max Brass will be out this month following an update. ARMS will be getting another update in July which adds a Spectator Mode.


Something you may have missed from today’s Nintendo Download report are the additions of two new wallpapers on My Nintendo. On the North American version of the site, members can spend points on wallpapers featuring ARMS. Both are 50 Platinum Points each and are up here.

Video: ARMS – Day 0 Tips

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ARMS is launching tomorrow and Nintendo UK has released a video in which Nintendo fans, including expert Smash Bros. players, give prospective new players some tips for this fresh new fighting game. Check it out:

Nintendo has been gradually making new announcements throughout E3 during their Treehouse Live streams. Today is the last day of the show, and it looks like there will probably at least one more announcement.

The folks over at GameXplain had the chance to interview the producer and the characters designer of ARMS yesterday, and they mentioned that they learned something new about the game, and that that info will likely be shared during an ARMS segment at Treehouse Live today.

Since the game will be released tomorrow, this news will probably be about the free content updates that ARMS will be getting post-launch. We will of course report on this if and when the announcement happens.


Switch’s online app may have a name. Eagle-eyed fans have spotted the title “Nintendo Switch Online Lounge” after fiddling around with the system, which appears to have somewhat of a built-in lobby function. Requests are apparently done through a web applet, and that applet has the logo… typo and all.

This message was located on the source code of the page:

Your room has been created.

You can invite friends to the room via
the Nintendo Switch Online Lounge app.

Another look into ARMS’ lore

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Last week, the ARMS Twitter account shared a fun look into the lore of the world, and today they’ve revealed a couple more tidbits.

It is said that the number of people who have the talent of extendable arms is increasing – currently, 2% of the world’s population have that ability. That is only the official number, though, and it is likely there are more people with the ability who haven’t been reported. As we learned the last time, this ability has been around in the world of ARMS for millennia, so it has mostly been seen as something ancient and rare, though lately people with the ARMS capability have become the subject of adoration, thanks to the increased spotlight they’re in thanks to the ARMS Grand-Prix.


Inside of the ARMS case, Nintendo has included some instructions of sorts for the game’s motion controls. You can see that above, which also includes a look at the cartridge.


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