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New ARMS update incoming

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Nintendo is readying another new update for ARMS. All signs point to it being available tomorrow in Japan, which should be the evening of September 28 (today) in North America.

Nintendo is being pretty darn cryptic about the update, but we’re not expecting it to be as big as the 3.0 patch. Still, it sounds like a stage is involved here. Nintendo basically said “that stage” for matches will be open to the public.

We’ll keep an eye out for additional details as they’re made available.


The full patch notes are in for the new ARMS update. Everything you need to know about version 3.0.0 can be found below.

The newest update for ARMS is live, bringing the game up to 3.0.0. Have a look at some new Lola Pop footage below.

New ARMS art showing off Lola Pop

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A new piece of ARMS art was published on the official Japanese ARMS Twitter account today. This image features the new character Lola Pop in the front while Twintelle, Ribbon Girl, Min Min, and Mechanica are in the background. With the ARMS Twitter account tweeting out this image, could we be expecting to see more info on ARMS during the Nintendo Direct later today? We’ll just have to wait and see but in the meantime you can check out the new image above this post.


When Lola Pop is added to ARMS this month, Nintendo will also be adding her primary ARMS as well. You can get a quick look at two of them below.

Lola Pops, hew new ARMS, and the new stage could be out this week. It’d make sense to tie that in with the new Nintendo Direct.


Update (9/8): Added in English version of the video.

Original (9/7): The next ARMS update is coming very soon. During the middle of this month, Nintendo should be releasing version 3.0, which will add Lola Pop. The new character, her ARMS, and the new stage won’t be all though.

On the Japanese ARMS Twitter account, Nintendo reveals that ARMS 3.0 will introduce customizable controls. You’ll also be able to adjust the sensitivity of the motion controls.

Here’s a look:


ARMS – new Lola Pop art

Posted on 1 month ago by (@NE_Brian) in Images, Switch | 1 Comment | 0 Likes

Lola Pop, the next playable character in ARMS, will be available very soon. Nintendo is gearing up for the addition with some special art just published on the Japanese Twitter account. Check it out above.


At Gamescom, Lola Pop was announced as the newest character in ARMS. She should be added to the roster later this month.

The Nintendo Treehouse Log has slowed down on updates as of late, but a new entry recently posted covers Lola Pop in-depth. You can read it right here. There’s talk about the character herself, as well as her new ARMS.

Nintendo has been on a roll with ARMS rankings as of late. Within the past week, we’ve heard about fighters who have been used the most and characters who have the highest win rates.

Nintendo’s latest rankings are based on the top 3 percent of super skilled players. Determined by win rate, first place is awarded to Max Brass, the (current) newest character on the ARMS roster. Helix is second, and Byte & Barq followed in third place.

It’s interesting to see the fighters advanced players use. It sounds like if you want to be at the top, Max Brass might be your best bet.


Yesterday, Nintendo revealed the most-used characters in ARMS starting with version 2.1. A brief follow-up report was shared since then regarding fighters with the highest winning percentages.

In first place is Twintelle. Ribbon Girl is in second, followed by Min Min in third. Indeed: all three are female fighters.

Nintendo also hinted that Max Brass was in last place. As the game’s newest playable character, maybe that isn’t entirely surprising.


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