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ARMS – Misango footage

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With ARMS getting its newest fighter in Misango, footage of the character is showing up online. Take a look at a few minutes of gameplay below.

Nintendo reveals Misango for ARMS

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As part of the new 4.0 update for ARMS, Misango has been added to the game. Check out a trailer showing the new fighter off for the first time below.

Nintendo has updated its schedule with two new periods of downtime.

First, ARMS will be undergoing maintenance later tonight. Nintendo will be delivering a new update, so this should pave way for its availability. Switch in general will also be seeing maintenance tomorrow.

Here’s the full maintenance schedule:

The next update for ARMS is coming tomorrow, Nintendo has announced. Version 4.0.0 is the next notable patch and will be adding various new elements.

Nintendo has been teasing a new fighter, who will indeed be added to ARMS. We’ll also be seeing a new attribute and apparently some sort of new mode as well.

We’ll let you know when the update officially goes live.


Nintendo teases new ARMS attribute

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ARMS has a variety of ARMS attributes. The game currently has seven in total, including fire, lightning, and wind. You can charge them during battle to add extra power to your punch.

It looks like another attribute will soon be thrown into the mix. Over on the Japanese ARMS Twitter account, Nintendo teased a new one that should be added to the game in the future. It’s a skull icon of some sort, but specifics haven’t been shared just yet.

Here’s the teaser:

Nintendo has also been teasing a new fighter for ARMS over the past week or so. This attribute may tie into that somehow.

Thanks to Underscore for the tip.


Update: Bumped to the top. Nintendo has posted a non-blurry version of the clip on its UK Twitter page:

Original: Over the past week, Nintendo has started to tease ARMS players with what’s next for the game. These last few days have shown us a new stage and a very vague look at a new character. That continued today with another tease in GIF form. Take a look at the latest tweet from the Japanese ARMS Twitter account below.


The Japanese ARMS Twitter account has posted another image of what looks like a tease of a new stage. On top of that, we may have our first very small glimpse of a new character. You’ll see someone who looks like someone new hidden away towards the top of the statue / pillar.


Lola Pop, the last big ARMS character, was added to the game in mid-September. The company could be gearing up for the next fighter and stage.

The image above was posted to the Japanese ARMS Twitter account just a short while ago. The message itself doesn’t really say anything too interesting, but it’s the image that we’re more interested in. This forest / ruins area could be a sign of what’s to come for ARMS.

We thought that Nintendo was teasing a new ARMS stage in August. Eventually, as we know, Lola Pop made it into ARMS along with Via Dolce.


ARMS – Halloween art

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As was the case with Splatoon 2, Nintendo created special ARMS art to celebrate Halloween. We’ve got the image above.

ARMS – Springtron footage

Posted on 1 month ago by (@tylerlelliott) in Switch, Videos | 2 Comments | 1 Likes

GameXplain has uploaded footage showing off new ARMS boss character Springtron, who debuts as part of the 3.2 update. You can meet this secret challenger if you make it to the end of the Grand Prix on Level 4 without losing a single round.

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