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Famitsu continued its extensive Switch coverage this week by publishing an interview with Kosuke Yabuki, the producer of Arms. This is the first time we’re really able to hear from Yabuki about the game in-depth since its reveal at the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017.

Yabuki explained to Famitsu how Arms came to be, talking about how it emerged as one of Nintendo’s various prototypes and wanting to try something new in the fighting genre. He also teased more content news to come (including characters, arms, and modes), touched on the controls, and more.

We’ve posted our translation of the interview in full below.

Nintendo has announced five characters for Arms so far. Players will be able to control Springman, Ribbon Girl, Master Mummy, Mechanica, or Ninjara.

During a stage show for Arms at the Nintendo Switch Experience 2017 in Japan last week, Kosuke Yabuki confirmed that there are more characters than are currently announced. It’s worth noting that Yabuki had been working on the Mario Kart series – with some other games sprinkled in – for ten years before becoming the producer of the Switch title.

There wasn’t a ton of other information shared at the event, but there were a few small tidbits. For example, some stages will have destructible objects. Also mentioned is that special attacks can be guarded, so you have to carefully use it. And the special gauge fills when you punch or get it.

Ultimately the big takeaway is that, yes, more characters are coming for Arms. It’ll be very interesting to see what the designs are like…


ARMS will be making an appearance at Genesis 4, a Smash Bros. tournament happening this weekend. The event is being held in San Jose, California, and is being officially sponsored by Nintendo. It’s unknown how much ARMS will be featured, but if you’re interested in the game, keep an eye out in case footage or info pops up over the weekend.



When Nintendo unveiled Arms during the Switch presentation, using motion controls was something that was highlighted quite a bit. That being said, they aren’t mandatory. Nintendo said during its Treehouse Live stream that you can use buttons if you prefer. This is important to point out, since some players would prefer to play Arms traditionally.

Thanks to lightdasher for the tip.

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Nintendo UK has posted a couple of hands-on videos for Switch titles based on player impressions. Videos for Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Arms are below.

Check out the showcase of Arms on Nintendo Treehouse Live with Nintendo Switch:

Note: stream began to stutter later on in the video. This was a result of Nintendo’s technology rather than our means of recording.


IGN shares more footage of the Switch games Arms today. Have a look at more off-screen gameplay below.


Thanks to Dengeki, we have a new look at one of Nintendo’s new Switch games Arms. Have a look at some off-screen gameplay below.


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