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Gunbird Switch footage

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Gunbird is out now on the Japanese Switch eShop, and it’s scheduled for release in the west tomorrow. Have a look at some footage below.

A listing on the North American Switch eShop reveals a release date for the next arcade game from Zerodiv. Barring any last-minute changes, Gunbird will be available on Thursday.

Gunbird was originally created for arcades in 1994. It’s a shoot ’em up from Psikyo that’s set in 19th century Europe. Five protagonists in the story attempt to collect fragments of a mirror, and by doing so, their wish will be granted.

Below are some screenshots:

Gunbird will cost $7.99 on Switch.

Source: Switch eShop

Zerodiv brought Strikers 1945 and Gunbarich to Switch last month. The company outlined other arcade ports heading to the console in a blog post today.

The next game we can expect on Switch is the 3D shooter Zero Gunner 2, which will be out sooner rather than later. An entry in the Sengoku series will follow next, then a game from the Gunbird and Strikers 1945 franchises this year as well.

We should also note that Zerodiv has plans that go beyond ports. It sounds like the developer is cooking up something original as well.


Zerodiv seems to have only just started bringing arcade games to Switch. After Gunbarich and Strikers 1945 made their way to the eShop this week, more titles are in store.

Zerodiv has indicated that additional arcade titles will be put on Switch in the future. It’s just unknown which games those are specifically at this time.


The arcade games Gunbarich and Strikers 1945 are beginning to appear on the Switch eShop, starting with Japan and Australia. We’ve posted some footage of both below.

Two new arcade games are beginning to see distribution on the Switch eShop. Gunbarich and Strikers 1945 are available in Japan, and we’ve been hearing reports that the former is also live in Australia.

Gunbarich originally debuted in 2001. It features a mix of brick-breaking, shooting, and pinball gameplay. As for Strikers 1945, the shoot ’em up arcade title first appeared in 1995.

We have trailers for the new Switch releases of Gunbarich and Strikers 1945 below.

Source: Switch eShop