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An eShop listing for Sol Divide surfaced in Japan a few days ago, revealing that the game will be released on March 22. As it turns out, North America and Europe will be getting it on the same day. Both stores list Sol Divide for March 22 as well.

Psyiko originally made Sol Divide, a shoot-’em-up title, for arcades. The game features three characters to play as plus magic and hand to hand combat – so it does tackle more than one genre.

The latest Psikyo arcade classic from Zerodiv is due out on Switch very soon. Sol Divide is making its way to Japan next week, an eShop listing reveals.

Here’s a brief overview from the game’s Steam page:

Sol Divide delivers players with the action they are looking for and a story that places them right in the heat of the battle in this fantasy-based shooter. With 3 characters to choose from, players will battle their way through various levels in order to beat the evil Iftar who holds the magical sword Sol Divide. With a combination of magic and hand to hand combat, you will be able to defeat Iftar and recover the sacred Spirit Stone.

Sol Divide is slated for March 22 in Japan. English is supported, buy Zerodiv should be releasing it officially in the west soon as well.

Source: Switch eShop

Samurai Aces Switch footage

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Samurai Aces, the next Switch arcade game from Zerodiv, will be available tomorrow through the eShop. Take a look at some footage below.

At the end of January, Zerodiv brought Zero Gunner 2 to the eShop. The studio also recently released an update for the classic arcade game on Switch.

The new patch adds in a little bit of functionality and implements a number of improvements. Here’s a full rundown of the update:

Gunbird was pulled from the Switch eShop back in December. Today, the game was finally added back.

The original theory was that Gunbird was taken down due to a potential exploit. Another possibility is that it was related to a ratings issue. Regardless, the game is available to purchase once again.


Update: Bumped to the top. The European Switch eShop lists Samurai Aces for the same day – probably the same for North America then.

Update: We recently heard that Zerodiv has been preparing a series of new arcade games for Switch. The Japanese eShop now confirms that Samurai Aces is due out next week.

We have some Switch screenshots below:

Samurai Aces was originally released by Psikyo in 1993. The vertical shooter has six characters, each with a unique plane and primary / secondary and bomb attacks.

Samurai Aces will be available on February 15 for 864 yen.

Source: Switch eShop

Zerodiv has a few different arcade games from Psikyo on Switch right now. Gunbarich and Strikers 1945 got things started last August, and we’ve seen Gunbird, Zero Gunner 2, and Strikers 1945 II since then. Zerodiv won’t be slowing down any time soon.

Blog updates from Zerodiv confirm even more arcade titles. Samurai Aces (Sengoku Aces) is coming soon, and it looks like Sol Divide and Taisen Hot Gimmick are on the way.

Strikers 1945 II footage

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The arcade title Strikers 1945 II makes it to Switch today. Check out some footage in the video below.

Zero Gunner 2 Switch footage

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The arcade game Zero Gunner 2 is out now for Switch in Japan, and makes its way west this coming Thursday. Check out some footage in the video below.

Update: Bumped to the top. Zero Gunner 2 is releasing on January 25 in North America and Europe.

Original: We just found out a short while ago that Zerodiv is bringing Strikers 1945 II soon to Switch. Meanwhile, the company has also just released Zero Gunner 2 in Japan via the eShop.

Zero Gunner 2 is a shooter originally made for arcades. Hit up the gallery below for a few screenshots.

Source: Switch eShop

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