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Takahashi – Switch production line improved, collaborations, Mario Odyssey’s innovation will be HD Rumble, much more

Posted on July 7, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News, Switch

Le Monde published a new interview with Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi today. Takahashi discussed Switch shortages and how the production line has now improved, possible future collaborations, how Super Mario Odyssey’s innovation will come from the use of HD Rumble, and more. Takahashi was even asked about the futures of Wave Race and 1080°.

We’ve rounded up the more notable comments from Takahashi below. Note that the responses were translated with Google, so it’s a bit rough around the edges. Still, you should be able to get a pretty decent idea as to what was said.

On Switch shortages…

I apologize for Switch’s shortage, which is unfortunately not our fault. But as our president announced a few days ago, we were able to improve our production line, which means that we will be able to deliver more consoles for the period that is opening up.

On how many games Nintendo can work on at the same time…

I can not answer precisely on a number, but what I can tell you is that we now have eleven production units, and each one is working on several projects at the same time.

On the claim that Nintendo’s workforce is small in comparison to a company like Ubisoft…

I do not think we’re so few. If we take only the employees of Nintendo who develop, yes, it is sure that there are fewer. But if we take into account all of the external studios, which are actually second-rate publishers, privileged partners, if you add them all up, I think we’re not far from the number of Ubisoft.

On how Zelda took four years and 300 people to develop…

Of course, Zelda is exceptional because it is very big, maybe even too big in terms of development. When we talk about three hundred people, it is not only the internal employees of Nintendo, but also all the partner studios who have helped to get this figure. So I do not think it’s a feat. This is something we can reiterate. But, in general, the Zelda games are always the biggest productions.

On whether the open world formula can be for games other than Zelda…

For us, the aim is not to make absolutely a game in this direction, but to propose an entertainment that is in affinity with the license to which it is connected. That is, if we have another license than Zelda and we have an idea that makes an open world relevant, of course we will not forbid it. But we are not going to redo a type of game just for the sake of redoing this type of game. There must be a coherence in the development. Besides, it takes time!

On whether Mario Odyssey has any technological innovations…

For this episode, innovation will come from elsewhere, it will come from the use of vibrations HD [the system of physical return in the joysticks of the Switch]. As you know, we have a certain pride in this technology, but we did not have many games to illustrate it. Mario Odyssey will, I think, be the true ambassador of his interest in a video game. You saw it with the counting of balls in 1-2 Switch , you will find the HD vibration used in a way also, or even more, spectacular in Mario Odyssey, for example when Mario drives a motorcycle or that it falls on plates made of metal. You will see, You will be surprised! And we also take advantage of motion recognition to launch the cap. There will be many subtleties. Its specificity is really that this game is going to be the first great ambassador of all that can propose the controllers of the Switch.

On Mario + Rabbids and whether Nintendo is more open to collaborations..

We have special relationships with Ubisoft, who are friends, long-time partners. But we do not forbid other collaborations with other publishers. Today, we may be more open to this kind of proposals. That will depend, of course, on the projects we will receive. If they provide a “plus” to the player, in this case, we will be delighted to collaborate .

On whether Wave Race and 1080° will show up again someday…

I did not really collaborate at 1080°, I just gave a hand! But it’s true that I was in charge of Wave Race 64 . There really is no reason to abandon the realistic games, but not as far as I’m going to prove that we are working on [laughs]. All I can tell you is that we have a lot of projects on Switch and we do not want to go in that direction.

On the thought that Nintendo doesn’t make many realistic games…

I did not have the impression, but it is true that by reflecting on it, following your remark, you are right [laughter, then long silence] . This does not mean that we have thrown realism to the nettles. If we have the opportunity to make a realistic and fun game, we will not refrain from doing so, I reassure you.

On third-party Switch games…

The basis of development today for a third-party publisher is to program the game on PC and then decline it on different platforms. Even we, Nintendo, realize our developments first on PC before adapting the game on our machines, so yes, we are aware of the process of creating third-party publishers.

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  • Jaxad0127

    That might be the moped we see in New Donk City instead of a traditional motorcycle. This was just a Google Translate effort.

  • Francesco Gentile

    I’m really curious about the HD rumble point. As of now only MK8D has give me some clues about it, i have to play ARMS more but i don’t think there will be much about it (if anything at all). As of now Odyssey and Splatoon 2 are my next games to wait for in relation to HD rumble

    • Tlink7

      Same… can’t wait to experience HD rumble haha, Nintendo has hyped it up quite a bit 😀

  • naught

    [laughter, then long silence]

  • YamiryuuZero

    “I apologize for Switch’s shortage, which is unfortunately not our fault.”

    It IS your fault! You’re the company that decided to make that marvelous piece of hardware that everybody wants! It’s entirely your fault!

    • Haha, good way of putting it. x’D

  • Tlink7

    More Switches, more collaborations… yesss …. YESSSSS

    • Bradley

  • Fadi Ali

    What a nice conversation. I hope from Nintendo to surprise her fans to bring more realistic games from her and from third party as well. And improve the switch system and bring virtual console (including gamecube games) also I don’t mind to get many ports of wii u titles. At least to fill the gap and makes fans more happier.

    • Bradley

      Nintendo’s a girl?

      • Tlink7

        I’m always slightly weirded out when middle-aged men call cars and stuff she/her xD

    • Tlink7

      I guess Metroid 4 is gonna be pretty realistic 😀

  • awng782

    “…what I can tell you is that we now have eleven production units, and each one is working on several projects at the same time.”

    This is the most part of the interview, as it would imply that there are at least 22 internally developed Nintendo games on the horizon for Switch, 3DS, and mobile.

    • But their projects could also include hardware, OS development, online infrastructure, virtual console programs, etc.

      • awng782

        I checked. There are indeed 11 internal development studios at Nintendo creating games. Hardware, OS development, online infrastructure, virtual console programs, etc not included.

  • Takahashi is so good~. I’m glad we have him, Kimishima and Miyamoto heading things right now. Good answers! ^o^

    As far as the production; I’ll bet Apple was their main competitor for the part over other companies (because Apple would hold more power than them). I wonder if having worked together for Pokemon Go effected the chance Nintendo had to ramp up production, or if it just came down to them managing to outbid the others. (Or if they were even able to switch their tech source.)

    • Fore

      I’ve heard that Takahashi is part of a group in Nintendo that wants to have the Joy-Con be part of just about everything. Basically Wii motion days. Do you happen to know about that?

      • I’ve never heard anything of the sort. I’m not sure I could believe that from him either, but if whoever is saying that has a reliable source, then that’s another story.

        • Fore

          I doubt he’ll say it himself, but perhaps in due time we’ll learn more. i remember someone saying that on Nintendolife I believe it was.

          • Well, if he hasn’t said it, then I wouldn’t buy it. It would really depend on who said it. But I also don’t really visit NintendoLife.

  • R.Z.

    The interviewer was pretty relentless, but as far as I’m concerned it’s a good thing, it gives much more interesting results than the usual overly polite PR positive interviews from gaming media that are completely devoid of criticism.

    I’m pretty surprised to hear HD rumble is supposed to be Mario’s big innovation. Since the whole HD rumble thing was underused and anticlimactic so far I’m curious of how it will work out.
    The reaction to the lack of “realistic” games looks like it may be on Nintendo’s mind to go back to that.
    however the reaction to the question about the lack of third party support is a bit worrying, with Takahashi basically saying t’s out of Nintendo’s hands.
    I’m also not too happy to see how Nintendo considers Zelda BotW to have been “too big” in terms of development and an exceptional project.
    I consider it to be Nintendo finally catching up to “HD” consoles standards and I was expecting to see such games regularly from now on.

    • Fore

      Yeah, the third-party thing worries me to no end. I wonder how Kimishima’s “Once 10 million Switches are sold, we’ll get some more” holds up. I’m having an incredibly hard time of it, with all the messages of “hardware not strong enough” “game won’t come to system” and overall non-recognition for the device.

      I really hope it improves… but I’m not seeing it right now.

  • Auragar

    “Improved” riiiiiiight. I just hope one will be available when I go to get one sometime early next year.

  • Zeebor

    Oh, those Wave Race 1080 comments are gonna get some interesting responses.

    Or not. It’s never had the most vocal fan base. Hell, even the Golden Sun guys are are louder than the WR1080 and Excite fan bases.

    • Which sucks, because I think Nintendo could now produce the greatest and most beautiful water physics in the industry

  • Bradley

    You know what I miss? I miss Nintendo land, specifically the metroid game, you won’t believe how much fun I had with my cousin while playing that game and he wasn’t even much of a gamer back then, we’ve tried hard to have that awesome bro experience with other games like with that one to no avail :((((((