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Tentative Resident Evil Revelations Collection boxart, pre-orders open

Posted on August 12, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Images, Switch

Amazon’s page for Resident Evil Revelations Collection is live. The listing contains a boxart image, though it’s labeled as not final. Even so, there’s a strong possibility that this could be the final packaging shot.

In any case, pre-orders for Resident Evil Revelations Collection have started to open. You can reserve it on Amazon here or GameStop here.

Thanks to Jes T for the tip.

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  • Busterblade

    RE might not be my thing, but that looks neat.

  • Vive

    Why no eu release? I’m so sick of Capcom and SE laziness.

    Apparently they don’t want my money.

    • Jacob Groves

      It coming this Winter. Calm down.

      • BarryDunne

        yeh, its digital only in europe unfortunately. still importing lol

      • Vive

        Digital only.

  • Stuart

    Hey Brian,that link you posted for Gamestop actually is not a link for Gamestop but for this article itself.

  • wschamps05

    That’s a cool cover!! The contrast between the top and bottom is a bit disjointed, but individually they’re pretty neat

  • BarryDunne

    Cheers for this 😀 I’m importing from Amazon. Gonna cost 50 euro, included import fees which isnt bad considering its 2 switch games like if u put it that way

  • Yolkghost

    Oh I pre-ordered it on the 10th and assumed that page was up for awhile and I was just late. :0. I’d love to see some actual gameplay but i’m sure these’ll be fine ports.

    • Apfel

      Amazon will state it is the standard edition even if there’s no special one.
      Take a look at Switch’s City Undercover’s listing in amazon, says it’s the standard edition even if there’s no Special edition.
      They might release a SE though…nothing announced yet.

  • Lance Devon

    Surprised they didn’t give use a download code to print out the cover, too.

  • Zeebor


    • Tlink7


    • *Revelaitons

      • Apfel

        proud owner of both Revelaitons and Nartuo.
        I smile every time is see both on them in my shelf. Stupidity is underrated.

  • dathip

    Preordering from best buy. Cant wait to ppay ghost ship on the go!!

  • Annie Anemo

    I know RE4 has been released on pretty much anything but I’d honestly take RE4 over these 2 games, or the HD remasters of RE1 and RE0

    • Drybonekoopa85

      If these sell well enough for Capcom don’t be surprised if you don’t see the other games follow suit. This is Capcom we’re talking about lol.

      • Annie Anemo

        If I don’t see them? wut?

  • Drybonekoopa85

    Just pre ordered my copy on Amazon! Get both games for $31.99 plus free shipping! Having prime is awesome. 🙂