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Ubisoft again says Wii U needs sales to become a more mass market, liked E3 showing

Posted on July 10, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

The latest issue of MCV has a few more comments from Ubisoft about Wii U, courtesy of CEO Yves Guillemot and Alain Corre.

First, Guillemot commented on how the Wii U needs additional sales to become a mass market device. He also spoke about Nintendo’s games and how fans are waiting on them to arrive.

If Wii U’s sales continue to multiply, it will quickly come to a mass market. We need the sales to increase so it becomes more mass market, and then we will have the volume we need to justify big marketing campaigns and TV marketing.

Smash Bros. has always been a big, big property for Nintendo and for gamers. We all know that there are lots of Nintendo fans that are waiting for these big games. When I speak to the fans that come to E3, 90 percent of them are crazy Nintendo fans. They really love Nintendo and the games they do. If they can quickly come and buy a Wii U, it would be good.

From Corre come a few words about Nintendo’s showing at E3, which he seemed to be rather impressed with.

I was very happy to see Nintendo doing well with their E3 conference and unveil the new open-world Zelda, Miyamoto is back creating things, and that’s excellent for the industry. Smash Bros. and Mario Maker – these concepts are second to none. We are really happy to see that Nintendo has a lot of good franchises, because we feel that it still has a love affair with families, and we really need the living room to offer possibilities to families to play games.


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  • Adrian Brown

    Hey Ubi, maybe you can help them with exclusive titles/content

  • Kallumsmarties

    Problem I have with Ubisoft is that they don’t show any confidence when launching games with Wii U and then come out saying oh it didn’t do very good, yeah I wonder why. All it’s doing is pissing of Nintendo fans and when they do launch some games for Wii U in future, less people will buy it.

    • Tony

      i was happy til I learn that Watch dogs delay for wii u even though i didn’t have the wii u…. i know have wii u since july 1st for Mario Kart 8. oh well i still have ps3 console but im waiting for wii u ver though.

      • Sorry to hear that dude, but between Ubisoft and you, you’re being the bigger man here, so props.

  • Matthew Wesley

    Hey Ubisoft… go to heck.

  • Mr Ninty

    so the wiiu has sold 2 million more then the x1. that would mean that the wiiu is more mass market then the x1. so why doesn’t ubi releases games on the wiiu rather then the x1? or better yet why dont they make a multiplat a real multiplat by releasing it on all platform AT THE SAME TIME.

    ubisoft has lost all of my respect by delaying 2 games that were finished and holding one game in the pocket because the are scared to lose a bit of money.

    atleast he is correct with saying that nintendo is good for the industry. my life would not be the same without them

    • awang0718

      Ubisoft is releasing a Xbone KINECT game (Dance Central) FFS…right after Microsoft dropped the Kinect.

      • superphillip32

        1) Dance Central is a Microsoft property. You’re thinking of some other dance game (Just Dance probably).
        2) The devs of that have shown dissatisfaction with the Kinect being dropped. Apparently they had no knowledge it was being done until deep in development.

        • awang0718

          I know the Kinect game Ubisoft is working on is exclusive and has “Dance” in the name, but it isn’t Just Dance.

          • Tony

            the game is called shape up and it’s not exclusive to xbox one… comes out for ps4 as well

      • Mr Ninty

        i never liked kinect and if micro launched the console for $400 then it would still be around.

        but the kinect-kill announcement came out of nowhere so the probably had no choice to release

      • Alessandro Previti

        thought it’s not the right name, you got a right point. Making a kinect game is a 100% failure.

    • There is a small window of 3rd party games that I like and an even smaller window of 3rd party games that I love. So if Nintendo went out of business or stop producing games for some reason, I can honestly tell you that I would stop being a gamer.

      • Adrian Brown

        Even if Nintendo falls I’ll never stop playing. They have thousands of games that I can still play until I die.

        • You’re absolutely right. I am exaggerating. I would not stop being a gamer. I love video games too much. I would simply become a retro-only gamer. Right now I am playing Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Zelda: Phantom Hourglass which are not new games at all.

    • Aiddon

      addendum: why doesn’t Ubisoft release anything for the 3DS, a system with about 45 million users? Seriously, this is just BS plain and simple. Ubisoft’s support has been pathetic and them being SHOCKED at people refusing to buy their sub-par products is indicative of how incredibly stupid publishers have become.

    • BrokenGamer

      to be fair I only got zombie u because it came with my wiiu i have only ever enjoyed ghost recon from ubi. and why is there none of those on the u even remakes that allowed better squad and gadget controll taking full advantage of the pad would be a day one purchase from me. But i guess that would be too much work for ubi charts don’t have imagination. The squad cam on the pad giving orders using touch screen controlls from their view, motion controll on the drone 2 player no need for split screen. This pad adds so much and yet it’s wasted on publishers like ubi because it in now way helps render more polygons how stagnant can that publisher get before it goes pop.

      Edit i went on a tangent there i was trying to say they lost my respect long before wiiu was even out.

  • So they still want Nintendo to do all the heavy work and then they jump in and enjoy the success. They are gone on bad times but they are more than willing to return for the good times. That seems fair…

    • Matthew Wesley

      Ubisoft is the French EA… which is not a compliment (in fact, it’s an insult).

    • TalesOfBS

      Standard Nintendo third party support. When the console is doing good, they jump in and dump all that cr*p we are used to. Then when it is doing bad they ignore it and complain that people only buy Nintendo games.

  • That rap dude from church

    You could argue that because of the sales ilustrated above they are justified in their decision to not put out games for Wii U, but when you take into account the games they have released were post-poned, canceled, given less content, or neglected by them. The only people at fault here are themselves.

    • Very true. With almost all games they released there was something negative about it. The most recent is WatchDogs which still hasn’t released on Wii U and by the time it releases, I am sure everyone who wanted to play it has already played it on another console. And then, it’s Nintendo’s fault for some reason.

      • That rap dude from church

        Yeah. Watchdogs had super high anticipation, the game comes out, reviews start popping up, people change their minds. Wait three months until the game is mostly forgotten to release it again? If Ubisoft is such a “marketing strategist” why are they setting their own games up to fail on other consoles? Even Rayman Legends which is one of my favorite platformers of this gen had piles of controversy on top and it was all their fault.

        I swear a lot of developers these days don’t put any love into their games, they just want money. Hopefully companies like Nintendo, Platinum Games, and a couple of indies that come to mind, keep the mentality that sales don’t make a good game. TIme, dedication, and commitment makes a good game. Bayonetta didn’t sell well and these guys made a sequel and are already thinking about continuing the series, W101 sold poorly and the guy wants to give it another go, THIS, this is what games are supposed to be.

        • So true. The passion for the video game business and the artistic part of it has been lost for the most part. Only a few remain who keep that flame alive.

          • That rap dude from church

            If only kids these days would see it from that perspective instead of raving about graphics, technical power, and “what my hardware can do”. I swear I cringe every time I watch those “Kids React to” videos.

          • Oh man, tell me about it. The most important thing to talk about when a game is announced these days is the resolution and the frames per second. You know we are in terrible times in gaming when that is the hot topic about games. It has gotten THAT ridiculous.

            And those “manly man/mine is bigger than yours” gamers are the worst of them all. Those are the one who think a game needs to be hyper realistic to be a good game or to be an adult game. Those are the idiots who think a game rated Everyone means it’s a kids game. Those are the ones who think a cartoon-looking game is automatically for kids. I tell you, they are the worst.

          • That rap dude from church

            I see what you mean, bro. People who simply don’t know what a game in its true context is, are bothersome to deal with because they have an attitude that’s almost like a truth-blocker, you tell them about game design before and now and try to convince them that CoD is not “next gen innovation” and Mario is not “the same old rehashed game” and they laugh in your face treating you like a fool.

            Unfortunately all my friends are menly men lol so I invite them over to play Wii U and they’re like “Psshh let’s play CoD, I’m done reliving my childhood” without even playing the game XD but one day I got one to play 3D World, Rayman Legends (The only Ubisoft game worth buying) and Wonderful 101 and he was still talking to me about them 3 weeks later lol next time he came over, he convinced the rest to play and maaaan we had a blast. So that goes to show you, they just hate blindly without having played anything through to the point where they could enjoy it.

            I played CoD and yeah its fun to play with friends(Then again isn’t every game?), but alone its the same thing over and over shoot, reload, shoot, kill, repeat. Yeah its got good landscapes and some even have a decent story, but those things aren’t what make a game good, gameplay is what makes a game good. Since I played some of the games I can make that type of assumption, but they don’t seem to understand that you need to play a game or see how a game plays to make such an assumption.

          • About your first paragraph, I know what you mean. Is frustrating. I have a friend who calls those types of people “casual hardcore”. They really like their games, but don’t really know as much as they think about the video game industry.

            About your friends. I have one like that too. He doesn’t really say the cartoony games I play are for kids (Mario/DK/Kirby), but you just know by some of his comments and reactions that he is thinking it. He is so casual hardcore that he once compared NSMB with the DK Country series in the sense that both, according to him, are casual-friendly. I had to tell him. He is insane. DK Country series is one of the most hardcore games in history. No one will grab a controller and easily play those games. Anyways, I got him to play Wii Sports Resort and NSMBW a couple of times and we had a blast and he didn’t lost his testicles for playing those games either. lol

            What that kind of people need to understand is that games aren’t here to make us more manly. They are here to entertain us.

          • That rap dude from church

            Agreed mate.

      • Operative

        I think, if they really want to give the Wii U version attention, they should release it with ALL the DLC on the disc already. No weird freakish piece meal that they did with their hundred versions of the game. Have it come with everything that the released versions didn’t have, and MAYBE you can get people to pay attention to it. That also requires marketing, but at this point I doubt Ubisoft even cares and is just throwing the game on the console for it to fail so they can finally formally announce their support redaction from the Wii U

      • TalesOfBS

        By the time Watch Dogs comes out on Wii U, Steam will be already selling the game for 80% off.
        People who are expecting a decent port, good Gamepad usage, additional content or at least feature parity with other versions are just going to get themselves disappointed.

        • D2K

          Yeah. Why buy the Wii U version when you can get the PC version (best-looking version) for 80% off on Steam? Even if I was foolish enough to ever give Ubisoft my dollar again I wouldn’t do that. They are not giving anyone an incentive to buy Wii U versions of their games. I had a Wii U (had to sell it but will be getting one back in the fall) and I have a gaming-PC. Until these companies show me a reason to I will never buy a mutiplat NEW on the Wii U again. The Wii U doesn’t need table scraps.

  • Boss Jelly

    …I’m confused. Doesn’t advertising for a market that already wants it just push it up a tad further…why not try advertising on systems that it doesn’t sell as well on to try and boost those sales. Or heck, why not both?

  • D2K

    Dilapidated to the last………*smh*

    Anyone purchasing a game from Ubisoft at this point should be ashamed of themselves.

    • BearlyLost

      I just bought AC4 and was about to get Rayman to support…. i’ll go sit in the corner now and think about the wrong i’ve done.

      • D2K


      • lolol you’re not wrong, you’re in the right. complaining does nothing even if our complaints are justified. all we can do is support them and try to get across how to do things right (read: put backbone into their work and don’t just expect them to sell themselves)

        • D2K

          Supporting someone openly making mistakes doesn’t mean you fuel their capacity to do it. If I want someone to stop someone from using drugs I don’t keep giving them money knowing they are just going to go buy more. All these companies care about at the end of the day is dollars and cents so if you keep buying their games, mission accomplished. They can care less about what you think they should do or what you think is right, other wise they wouldn’t be doing what they are doing. The only way to change things is to NOT buy their products. If you don’t believe me, just ask Nintendo.

          You think all the changes we have seen in the past few months are due to Nintendo listening to us or due to seeing operating losses and net losses. We have been SCREAMING for these things for years and Nintendo didn’t even flinch. Only when the shareholders and investors step in and say “Look, either you make some changes or we’ll make the changes FOR YOU.” that is when Nintendo started getting in gear.

          The loudest noise that a consumer can make, is with their pocket book.

          • sorry but your argument is highly flawed

            Nintendo and Nintendo fans are not essential to Ubisoft’s success. They are not going to go “oh gosh look, people aren’t supporting, we need to change”. Even if investors complain they are going to lead them in the direction of what they KNOW is going to work financially… that is, not releasing games on Nintendo platforms because that has proven to not generate great revenue.

            Using Nintendo as an example was terrible, it’s not the same at all. Nintendo is dependent on people buying the Wii U. They can’t just go “oh it didn’t work? let’s trash this”, they’d be losing sooooo much. Ubisoft, on the other hand, could easily forsake the Wii U and 3DS. If you looked at the charts, you’d notice they’re responsible for rather small amounts of their “success”, to say the least. They can put that money into other areas and make up for it without much trouble. Those numbers from Nintendo consoles going down, from a business perspective, tells them it was a bad investment at all and that that’s exactly what they should do (stop investing into them).

            In other words, boycotting does nothing and you’re just frustrated, possibly looking for attention (that’s what it looks like anyway). Ubisoft isn’t going to care that you boycott with your wallet, they won’t even know. You’re not their core audience. If people started boycotting Ubisoft games on PC and PS systems? THEN they’d have a problem and would start making different choices. Just like how Nintendo wasn’t getting much support even from Nintendo fans and started to amp their efforts.

            As for what you can do? Nothing, really. There is no “solution” to this problem, Ubisoft fundamentally treats Nintendo consoles as an extra investment that outside of a few games like Just Dance ones, has minimal benefits. Unless you’re capable of buying hundreds of thousands of copies of games, or you can actually get through to Ubisoft (highly unlikely), there is not much to be done. But not buying it just makes it worse. At least if people keep buying it things have a chance to turn for the better–WE can’t make it better but you can always hope Ubisoft gets a wake-up call, whether it’s bumping their own head or somebody else important slapping them in the face. Not buying it literally just accelerates the death of support, adds fuel to the fire, or what have you

            I follow NE a lot and I notice you’re oftentimes spewing hateful, pessimistic things, I normally wouldn’t care but it’s rather annoying and more importantly, you’re spreading it to others. Do what you want, but don’t try to drag everyone down with you.

          • D2K

            There is no flaw to my argument. The flaw is you choosing to believe what you want instead of the facts. Never once did I claim Nintendo was ‘essential’ to anything Ubisoft. Nintendo doesn’t lose out on Ubisoft discontinuing support for many reasons. The 1st party Wii U titles have outsold 1st party PS4 and XB1 titles are well as AAA multiplats on both consoles. So it really doesn’t make a difference. I don’t know where you got that argument from. Red-herrings don’t work on me. Neither do ad-hominems just to make you aware.

            Using Nintendo is a perfect example because it shows proof of exactly what I said. Despite having quality material on store shelves people were not buying Wii Us. With a AAA title like Mario Kart 8 and additionally sweeping changes with Nintendo business structure sales of the Wii U have gone up and are steady in that area. You’re choice of immature language such as “oh it didn’t work? let’s trash this” shows that you have no idea what you are talking about or on how business works. People are buying Wii U’s now because Nintendo made changes. People bought XB1s because Microsoft made the change of removing DRM. People weren’t going to touch it with a 10-foot pole until they made that decision. Money talks, baloney walks. It’s a fact of life whether or not you choose to believe it or accept it. It is a proven fact in life and in business that the loudest sound a consumer can make is with their pocket books. If the money is not there, neither will be your company. Period. Why would a Wii U owner purchase an inferior version of a game on the Wii U when they can purchase a superior version (plus all the DLC) on another console they own? Add to that, if the owner of the Wii U just has that console chances are the vast majority of the games made by Ubisoft would not interest them in the first place outside of Rayman.

            Also, unless the game is also on the 360 it’s not coming to the Wii U anyway because Ubisoft isn’t going to take the time necessary to build games from the ground up on the Wii U. It’s cheaper and easier to port a 360 version over because the 360 and Wii U have identical PowerPc architectures. Converting x86 code over to PPc is extremely difficult, time consuming, and money draining and it would make more sense to build games from the ground up. So as companies gradually ween-off the 7th gen consoles and fully commit to the 8th gen there are less games even available to be ported to the Wii U to start with.

            So going forward if Ubisoft is to continue Wii U support they will have to start making games from the ground up which means they don’t have the security blanket of being lazy anymore. THEY KNOW THIS, which is why they are cutting the cord now before it become obvious what they are doing. The sad part about all this is that if they would just tell the truth then it wouldn’t be an issue at all. It is perfectly understandable that companies do not have the money or manpower to develop AAA titles in both x86 and PPC formats just so Nintendo can have a AAA multiplat from the ground up. However because of the bribes that companies like Ubisoft took from Sony and Microsoft they can bite the hand that feeds them by telling the truth. Instead of telling gamers that their staff and their development budgets are underpowered because of the pressure from the publishers, they tell gamers that the Wii U is ‘underpowered’ and ‘underselling’ and for those reasons ALONE they do not pledge future Wii U support.

            So buying more Ubisoft games won’t change anything. Not buying Ubisoft games and telling them why will do one of two things.

            1. It’ll force them to look at themselves and make changes


            2. It’ll make them go away for good.

            To that I say good riddance to bad rubbish. Would not miss them in the least. Them stepping aside opens the door for someone else. This gen is going to be about the independent developers.

            My prior statement remains. Choose whatever opinion you wish. I’ve proved my point with facts (the you undoubtedly will claim are not,) and I’m moving on.

          • looks like my comment didn’t make approval so you won’t get to see it, haha. nothing to be done unless an admin approves it, oh well~! have a good one!

          • D2K

            My comments have been disapproved before also so don’t feel bad. 😉

          • Trust me I don’t lol, I got tired of discussing anyway. Not like it was going anywhere, your very first statement says to me “I’m not listening to anything you say anyway” lol

          • D2K

            Just because I don’t agree with what you said and I gave situations and evidence to back up why doesn’t mean I didn’t listen to what you said. Everyone has their own opinion on things. This isn’t my first rodeo. I’m 36 years old and I’ve been a gamer since I was 4. Not to say that you don’t know, but I am fully confident in what I know of the gaming industry as I’m sure you are in your knowledge.

          • Trust me I don’t lol, I got tired of discussing anyway. Not like it was going anywhere, your very first statement says to me “I’m not listening to anything you say anyway” lol

      • TalesOfBS

        Return AC4, get Rayman.

  • SecretX

    good thing i bought their games when they are in sale. they’re not worth at full price.

    • D2K

      Buy used. Don’t give them your money.

      • SecretX

        i don’t buy used games anymore because of gamestop.

        • D2K

          Got to Mega Media Xchange instead. I do.

        • tython

          Go to an independent game store you can get some really good deals on used games there.

          • D2K

            Yeah. There are a couple of good ones where I live. The main one is Mega Media Xchange that I mentioned earlier. The prices are far more reasonable than ScamStop and trade-in value is much higher.

  • Rex T.

    I believe no matter how WiiU sales… it is no business for Ubi.

    Except Zombie U, SC black list is missing local multi-play mode, Rayman is delay to wait other platform, AC IV is DLC missing, Watch Dog is delay…

    How can a WiiU user willing to buy any Ubi’s products?
    Just for second hand something is enough for Ubi, I mean every platform.

    • D2K

      Even ZombiU as well. That started off as an 360/PS3 game called Killer Freaks From Outer Space which would have probably been a disaster, then in mid development they decided to change it to ZombiU. Had ZombiU of been built from the ground up on the Wii U it would have done much, much better.

      We live in a society where we are told to blame everyone and everything for our problems besides ourselves. ALL of Ubisoft’s Wii U problems are self-inflicted wounds starting with ZombiU.

  • BrokenGamer

    we need millions of sheeple to use hype and marketing bs on or our games wont sell because word of mouth does nothing but stop sales of our piss poor product. That’s all i’m getting from this.