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Video: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Switch compared to all previous versions

Posted on November 14, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Switch, Videos

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has appeared on many platforms over the years. Later this week, the game will finally be coming to Switch. See how it stacks up to previous versions below.

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  • JasonBall

    Inb4… You know.

    • Taedirk

      And here’s some footage from a month or two ago showing why that above-the-fold picture is pure bait:

  • Force

    Eh, it’ll look good/better on Switch in handheld mode, and that’s what most people buy this for.

  • Aline Piroutek

    Oh no, I have got triggered by the title image. Censorship again???

  • The Switch version looks better than the Xbox 360 version….that’s all that matters to me πŸ™‚

  • IBO

    lol did they just take out the blood in the game??/ ha?

    • cloud36426

      I noticed that as well. I can’t remember was there an option to disable blood?

      • Dylan W

        I guess there is?

    • cloud36426

      In a video posted above of Skyrim in handheld mode there is definitely blood.

  • nemo37

    Seems to be between the PS3/Xbox 360 versions and Xbox One/PS4 version, although closer to the PS3/Xbox 360 versions. The textures are lower resolution, the image is softer, and there is a lack of anti-aliasing. These should not really be too big of an issue on a 6″ handheld screen, and I suspect this will be where this game will be played the most on the Switch (the handheld portability, is something that the other versions fully lack).

    I think those of us that like the flexibility to play it anywhere (or at least those that want a companion portable version to the stationary version they already own) will go with the Switch. However, if someone does not care about the portability aspect and has a PS4/XONE/or better yet a gaming PC, they would probably be better off getting it there (in fact, I think most that already do not care about the portability have already done that, considering this is a pretty old game).

    Also inb4, Michael Clanton/ Michael C/The Truth-ier and whatever else accounts he has created shows up and tries to
    –directly compare a 15 watt portable system to an over a 100 watt stationary system
    –Adds in a few lies about performance
    –Makes a double standard type of argument about specs and performance (its a double standard because he has spent the past four years dismissing performance and graphics issues with his favourite system the Xbox One when compared to PS4).
    –Pretends to own Switch and PS4 to justify his nonsense and appear neutral; despite pretty much everyone of his comments on Nintendo and Playstation sites show he is an Xbox fanboy.

    • cloud36426

      It did seem to run smooth. That’s a big plus in my book.

      • nemo37

        Yes it is a good port. It plays to the system’s strengths and accounts for its weaknesses. I think a lot of people look at a good port on Switch as one that is completely on par with its stationary counterparts. That is of course not possible for a larger scale game like this due to the power discrepancy between the consoles. I think a good port is taking a game optimizing it so that it is playable and runs well on the system it is being made for (like you mentioned the game is quite smooth), and that means making some compromises in certain places in order to ensure it runs well. This is what has happened here, and the results, particularly from a portable standpoint, are great.

        • cloud36426

          I only played the PS3 version so I know I’m in for a treat! Slaying dragons on lunch break!

    • Kuhang Menyangbo

      It’s the same remastered version as the PS4/XBone so everything is the same but with a slightly lowered texture.

      • nemo37

        Although I will say that for people who absolutely do not care about the portability (and there those that have absolutely no interest in that aspect), the PS4, XONE, and (better yet) the PC versions are probably for them. But yes for portable-only players (this is the situation I, for the most part, fall in) or those that want a portable version in addition to a stationary version, the Switch version is excellent.

        • Kuhang Menyangbo

          For portable only gamers it’s a no brainer, PC gamers may be turned off by the lack of mods. But for home console games it’s a no brainer why you shouldn’t get the switch version, basically the game game, same Graphics with an indistinguishable lower textures but now you get to play it in the toilet, and bed, and sofa and also take anywhere else. I’m a home console only guy and my switch hardly leaves my house but more option is always better than no options. And in this case you’re not sacrificing anything. So it’s a no brainer. I would say the same once/if the switch gets GTA V.

      • Tlink7

        Would you say the game controls fine with an analogue stick or is keyboard+mouse vastly better?

        • Annette

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        • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

          I played in PC with a gamepad, you don’t need to aim that much. normally I used 3rd person view when using controllers and 1st person when using mouse

          • Force

            Kinda depends. If you’re going melee, don’t need to aim, true. But if you’re going ranged (mage a bit) then a mouse is preferable (not necessary, but preferable)

          • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

            y normally played with magic in one hand and a sword in the other. the aim is not like a fps almost every magic has a big AoE

          • Force

            True, but if you want to get in some headshots, then it might become an issue. Especially since not all your targets will just sit still and sip themselves some tea. Or beer. Or maybe skooma.

          • Tlink7

            Ahh alright, thanks! Will probably pick up the Switch version then, because it doesn’t look much worse than the PC one

    • Michael C

      Hmmm well as i always say… atleast its portable, i dont pretend…i own the Switch, the PS4 Pro, and the Xbox one X, so dont assume things..because it shows how idiotic you actually are, and stupid. Maybe you cant afford all three, but i can.

      I highlight how the 3rd party games are and continue to be the worst on the switch, and sell the worst (unless a nintendo character is attached). BUT since it gets compared to the two main systems (i never single out the xbox) with 3rd party games, and should be compared with handhelds.
      I dont dismiss graphic comparisons between the xbox one and ps4, i dismiss every game looks and plays better on the ps4, because they dont, when the pro first came out the base model played some games better…nice try idiot.
      This is a terrible comparison, obviously the switch version looks worst by far, and if you only say a little bit then you cant see… but you should wait for DF to do a real analysis and then you will see the muddy textures and the terrible frame rate…which is common in 3rd party ports of switch games.

      • Game_God
      • RoadyMike

        Man do I hate the “Well, its portable and it runs at all. Be thankful” nonsense from the Nintendo crowd. They act like buying a compromised game at full price is a good thing. But hey, it’s portable so it makes up for the price!
        By that logic, it’s perfectly fine to pay sports car prices for a four wheeler because it gets you from point A to B like a sports car would. You simply just don’t do that

        If that were the case, PSVita versions of multiplat games should have been heralded as the superior versions but that sure as heck didn’t happen

        • Tlink7

          I don’t think people should be thankful, but critics of the Switch should simply keep in mind that it is a different kind of machine. If you own that device, you trade power for portability. If one doesn’t fancy that compromise, then buy a more powerful console/PC. It is just a matter of preference, neither option is bad
          It is kinda like Ferrari owners pointing and laughing at an amfibious vehicle because it can’t go as fast as their cars. Its purpose isn’t going super fast πŸ˜›

          • RoadyMike

            The issue is charging the same for less. If you’re gonna pay the same amount for a game that’s on other systems like Skyrim, you’d expect the game to be identical to the other versions, in performance, features etc.

            It doesn’t go super fast, but they’re sending it out to race anyway. Then people get upset and angry at everyone else when the amphibious vehicle isn’t getting the laps the Ferrari’s are getting

          • Tlink7

            I see your point about the prices, I think it is a little ridiculous that when an old game is ported, it is suddenly 60 euros again. Which is why I’m going to wait a little bit for the Switch ports of the games I want to drop in price (which they always do).
            I think the performance of the Switch version is fine (didn’t DigitalFoundry say it ran very smoothly?), it is just not as pretty as the Skyrims on Xbone and PS4. Features should be identical yes, which is why FIFA18 Switch is a bit of a greedy move by EA.

            Nintendo isn’t sending the Switch out to race though, fans (of other machines) are. Nintendo doesn’t mention 4k and stuff like ”the most powerful console ever bla bla”, all they do is say is ”you can play infront of the telly and you can play riding a train, if you want this, come hither”

          • RoadyMike

            I don’t understand these prices. What could possibly be so expensive during development that warrants full price again? All they’re doing is essentially taking 2 quality presets, one for docked(medium/high) and one for undocked modes(I’m assuming low-medium), then having the game know when it’s in which
            Yes yes I know these games run pretty great. Rocket League is fantastic but when I cwitched to docked mode it looked so pixelated or just more square than usual. Me and my sister joked that it looked like some early PS1 game or even SNES(that one was a stretch but you know what I mean)

            Yes, Nintendo is. They’ve even gone as far as market the thing as a race car (or race “capable” in this case). They wouldn’t be marketing it to adults if they weren’t trying to get that PS/Xbox/PC crowd looking their way

          • RoadyMike

            No one beats me to replies on my own comment!

          • Gamingfan

            The thing is a lot of people that game on the pc/ ps4/ xbox one dont care about portability and they look at the switch price as a joke. We wont spend $300 on something weaker than an xbox one and then also shell out more money for a pro controller. Its just not going to happen.

          • RoadyMike

            True, if you’re playing on stationary systems already, the Switch doesn’t really offer you much if you don’t care about portability and even less if you’re getting worse looking versions of the same games, regardless if they’re at the same framerate. Even for those that are interested in portability, it’s still somewhat of a tough sell

            I’m with you on the pro controller. Damn thing costs more than a full priced game.

          • Nhat Anh Hoang

            And the people who love portable see the ones sit in front of TV to play game all day like NEET or unemployment are ΓΊseless than joke. Won’t happen to people have to work for they life. They aren’t useless and always stay at home like some people

          • Gamingfan

            The switch is $469 and the xbox one s is $309 here. the xbox one s also comes with a 4k blu ray player. We just laugh at nintendo.

          • RoadyMike

            “But you don’t NEED any of that extra nonsense to play games!/Have fun with your silly movies HA!” I’ve actually seen responses like those. They act as if there’s something wrong with a system doing more than just playing games. Or how bout this one “Enjoy your pixel count!”, as if having a better looking game is somehow bad. I’ve seen a lot of comments from Nintendo fans expressing how they’re ok with less and heck even proud of it

            Sorry to hear that. Never thought a current Nintendo system would cost more than the competition in any area honestly. No need to laugh, just enjoy yourself with what you have (and the show they put on if you want)

          • Nhat Anh Hoang

            And still sell good. Something Sony portable can ever dream to do

          • RoadyMike

            Sony tried to have a handheld that performs like their consoles. It was great as a handheld when it didn’t try to push itself but failed when it tried to go beyond its capabilities. When Sony realizes that they should treat a handheld like a handheld, like Nintendo has done for the DS line, they’ll make something that I think can rival the 3DS and maybe the Switch handheld mode down later on

            What kind of games are you trying to play on the thing? You act like all the games on the Vita run like trash. They don’t. The only ones I’ve seen that have any kind of stutter are the ones that try emulating console level graphics

          • Nhat Anh Hoang

            Most action games from 2015 onward for vita while even ps3 ver run and look way better like Attack on Titan, Musou Star, Night of Azure 1 & 2, Toukiden 2, Blue Reflection. In fact, vita best graphic is Killzone Mercenaries, and Killzone 3 – midgen ps3 game already blow it out of water. And hardware, it is comparable with Xbox with more ram, graphic = early ps3 at best. Amazing for 3 years, it even lack R2, L2 button, even New 3ds have

          • Nhat Anh Hoang

            Laugh at you, agree

          • Tlink7

            Nothing during the development process warants a full-price game, but companies slap a 60 currency price on it because they know they can get away with it.

            Sorry to hear Rocket League isn’t what you’d hoped it’d be graphics-wise. I’ve spent most of my Switch time with BotW and Odyssey and I was pretty impressed. Then again, I’m not used to much πŸ˜›

            I think a large portion of the PS4/Xbone fanbase is under 18 years old. And just because you show adults in an ad doesn’t mean you’re trying to steal people from Sony and MS xD Nintendo is trying to attract a different crowd than the 3DS one for the Switch, but I highly doubt many rival console owners will think about getting Nintedo’s new machine.

          • Force

            With the right and well acclaimed games, anyone will consider a machine.

          • RoadyMike

            It wouldn’t be much of an issue if it wasn’t friggn Skyrim again

            Rocket League is awesome wt f you on about. If I hadn’t been sent to various errands today, I wouldn’t have put it down. I’ll play any of you any time. Don’t worry, I suck

            And I’d say you’re wrong in that assumption. I don’t think the “lol PS/Xbox is mostly just kids!” joke applies like it did in the Wii era. Showing adults in their ads, most notably in the system reveal, shows who they want to attract now. I remember when we actually got ads for Wii U it was mostly kids on there. They marketed to kids and the kids weren’t buying. So they went for those that actually buy their sh- stuff. Not saying they’re trying to “steal” them but they are gonna appeal to that demographic, which usually go for the other platforms

            Nonono bs I meant the games not the system itself. I never even brought that up

          • Tlink7

            Well glad to hear you did infact enjoy Rocket League then XD and yes, Todd and his sweet little lies…

            I do have to wonder who is buying all those Switch units then, if Nintendo is aiming at the PS/XB audience and they together total at about 85 million consoles πŸ˜› the Wii U also had adults in its extremely short marketing campaign

            Brought what up?

          • RoadyMike

            It may be all the people who didn’t bother with the Wii U, some might be Nintendo fans that also didn’t bother with the Wii U but maybe had 3DS. Can’t really be sure

            Not mostly adults like the Switch is doing. Wii U ad campaigns had children as their main focus most of the time

            I’m not talking about the price of the system itself. I meant the games. I didn’t say the Switch costs more, but the games. Never brought up the Switch price dude

          • Tlink7

            Yeah the focus on the ad campaigns is different.

            I saw you and gamingfan talking about the price and I’d decided to just add in my thoughts at the end of a comment I already made instead of making a new one C:

            Anyway, I forget what we were even on about, have a nice day πŸ˜€

          • Then buy it used, lol. It shouldn’t cost $60, but no one’s forcing you to.

          • RoadyMike

            You completely missed the point

            It’s not that I can’t pay it full price, that I can’t buy it used instead or that anyone is forcing me to do anything. The point was that this 6 year old game shouldn’t have been full price at all, considering it’s a port of the original and not the Special Edition.

          • It’s the Special Edition, bro. It lacks some bushes, resolution, and lighting effects, but it is.

          • RoadyMike

            My bad then

          • Force

            @tlink7:disqus That’s why I’d personally say: buy your multiplats elsewhere, if you don’t care for portability. There’s plenty of people to buy it regardless, so keep your patronage for a platform that does provide you with what you want, as opposed to Switch purely to support it. If they lose sales due to that approach, then Nintendo will have to adapt.

          • RoadyMike

            But I do get my multiplats elsewhere, in the form of PS3 last gen and PC for everything else. I personally like portability because it seems people are always sending me places. It got so bad at one point I was playing exclusively on 3DS

            If games like Pokemon,Kirby, Zelda and Metroid weren’t available only on Nintendo hardware I would’ve gotten the other systems instead. In a heartbeat. Every time

            Though according to some people here I agree with all of Nintendo’s nonsense just because I have no choice but to get their systems to play some of my favorite series. How will Nintendo ever learn to adapt if you have to buy their hardware to play the games only available on that hardware anyway?

          • Force

            Wholeheartedly agree with you there, but it is what it is, I suppose. I’d rather have seen the dock more capable than what it is, as I find it lacking. I’d rather not see the Switch come out of comparison videos this way, but I’m also keenly aware that I’m one of the few to think that way, as most people seem to just be happy they have these titles portably.

            I was fearing that this could cost them third-party support, but I believe that the reality of things is that they’ll get the sales, purely through people to only own a Switch/love portability alone. Those few that use the Switch solely/primarily docked are a minority and thus not worth the time.

            That’s why I’ll just buy whatever’s not on PC on Switch, and whatever is on PC on there. PC is getting more and more games anyway, so I’ve stopped caring if my Switch is just a Nintendo machine solely. It’s Nintendo decision that has led to this.

          • RoadyMike

            Yea the dock kinda sucks for being a 90$ peripheral/accessory. I’d be more appreciative of it if it had more functionality or components; ethernet, extra ram, something..

            And it’s fine if people like portability, I myself prefer portable gaming. What I can’t agree with is when people say the portability factor makes the Switch version objectively superior to other versions.

            Oh I completely hear you there. I don’t want lack of power to ever be an excuse for why a Nintendo system misses out on yet another great multiplat game. I’d go as far to say that I rather the Switch not do so well, cuz I don’t want to see Nintendo going that way yet again. It’s the Nintendo fans who end up getting the short stick and I don’t what that situation again

            Kind of a sad state of affairs. Nintendo provides less, the fans are ok with less, devs deliver less, and the way everyone’s cool with it- it’s almost depressing

          • Force

            Yup, and those who don’t agree with it are a small group that get hushed by the people loving it right away, tis true.

            I guess we can only look at the future and hope there’s some sort of improvement coming down the line, maybe when there’s killer games that skip the Switch due to hardware it will shake some people awake. Until that time, I’ll upgrade my PC to make it as good as it can be and play Nintendo’s stuff on their hardware, just as I’ve always done with 3DS as well (Ohh Koffing horde battles, how you depress me)

          • RoadyMike

            It’s a shame really how no one else really speaks up more. I truly do think the fans, even some fanboys, know Nintendo can do better.

            I think FF7 Remake could shake things up if it skips the system. Some may say to not expect a FF game on Nintendo systems but I don’t think SE has that much of a grudge toward Nintendo anymore so I don’t think there’s any management reason not to port it. It would really come down to the system’s capability.

            If I had money to make a PC I’d do it but till then I’m suck with intel integrated graphics on my laptop with a dead battery. It’s been a while since I did horde battles. I’m hooked on Sun so I do SOS battles now

          • Force

            FF7 Remake is a curious case, as it’s been removed from the hands of those who were working on it and went in-house, but yes, I don’t expect that game to arrive on Switch. It looks quite ambitious and I don’t think the system can handle that. But hey, maybe it’ll come to PC πŸ˜›

            As to Switch, I realize that it being handheld has games come to the system that would’ve skipped it otherwise, and that we probably wouldn’t even have comparisons without. I guess that’s what causes some people to so vehemently excuse it looking worse, I honestly don’t know.

            As someone who loves RTS games, I’ve come to fight my PC’s ageing specs when wanting to play the latest and greatest. My 960 Nvidia card is struggling big time to render the graphics in Total War: Warhammer 2 without looking blurry as hell, or needing unlimited system memory to back it up. My time playing on a fairly strong PC, and the comparison above about Skyrim especially, shows just how even a 2011 PC still handily beats just about all the consoles (Maybe not XBox One X, but that’d be the sole exclusion) and those graphics stick to you. You start to notice when something is blurry when it shouldn’t be.

            Maybe if PC’s ever become mainstream enough for people to pick them up en-masse, we’ll see this with a lot more people.

          • RoadyMike

            Hope the game turns out ok. I actually gotta finish the original FF7

            I don’t know either. I’m convinced people are just fanboying. I know that’s not very fair but I honestly can’t see any other reason why they’d be so ok with everything despite what we got(or rather, didn’t get) in previous generations. This conformity I see much more prevalent in Nintendo fans isn’t gonna do the player any good in the end

          • Force

            Maybe it’s because Switch tastes success compared to Wii-U and people desperately want that to continue…

          • RoadyMike

            Ooh boy, I don’t wanna rant about the Wii U againm cuz I swaer I could go on for hours, so let’s just go with that

          • Force

            Actually, if you will, let that rant out. Let me hear your thoughts on it, and, how/if you think (as Reggie attests) that the Wii-U’s failure has caused the Switch’ success.

          • RoadyMike

            I liked the Wii U, for what it was worth. But soo many promises were made and almost none of them were kept. We expected this to be a turning point for Nintendo coming out of the Wii era but ultimately got more of the same.

            It was still underpowered compared to the competition (which I’m sure cost them some games)

            The gimmi- “innovation”. It had a tablet thing (great in concept, poorly executed) that not even Nintendo used much near the end of its sad life. I don’t know how much the gamepad added to the system’s price but they might as well had ditched it since people preferred the Pro controller when given the option

            Little to no games. Since it wasn’t selling, due to many factors, devs weren’t given any incentive to continue their support (if they gave any at all), leaving the Wii U to rely on 1st party games that were months apart from each other and some indie titles. No Tomb Raider, no Bioshock, no Battlefield – list goes on. Less games on the system led to less public interest which led to less sales. It was a neverending cycle

            It’s actually kinda late so I’ll stop there
            As for how Nintendo “learned” from it

            For one, the marketing. Appeal to the people who actually buy your stuff, not the kids with short attention spans who’ll just jump right into the next thing. And also, actually have any marketing
            I think even Reggie had to admit that the Wii U’s concept wasn’t clear; people thinking it was an add on to the original Wii. I don’t think that had a LOT to do with the Wii U’s failure, most people just thought it was a dumb name, period.

            The Switch concept is simply different enough and easy enough to understand to avoid such confusion. I wish they didn’t market it as a console but hey, what can you do at this point.

            With the constant droughts the Wii U had, Nintendo has even gone on record to say they’ll ensure a steady stream of games with the Switch. They say that but I wonder if they can truly deliver on that all throughout the system’s lifetime this time ’round. That much is actually looking pretty good

            That’s pretty much it. A lot of this we saw initially with the Wii U so it’s not saying much

            Switch is still pretty underpowered compared to its competition (risking the bigger 3rd party games again), there’s still unnecessary things like HD rumble that only add to the systems price, a negative now is that online services is no longer free, the accessories are expensive as hell, system storage is still a joke etc etc (it’s kinda late here)

            I’ve said this before, Switch shares too many similarities with the Wii brand systems to just let slide. The last thing I want is another “Wii/U” situation where it ends up being a bad deal for the consumer now i gotta sleep before I pass out

          • Force

            I agree with your points, having a Wii-U in my TV cabinet over here. I’ve owned at most 8-10 games, can’t remember since I’ve sold many of them off.

            I hope they can deliver. That’s where I believe third-party support is needed, lest Nintendo is to churn out their IP to maintain this steady stream, probably reducing quality due to them having to give the developers less time.

            Agreed on the underpowered, price, HD rumble and online. Especially online is still very much a big question mark. As for HD rumble… I never use it myself. I rarely even use my Joy-Cons, since I’m a older-generation enjoyer of games and I’m 100% satisfied with a pro-controller. In the 400+ hours of Switch games I’ve played, I’ve never felt the urge to pick up a Joy-Con, save with ARMS but damn did that game not agree with me.

            Do you recall/have you seen the January event and how Nintendo makes the Switch out to be the accumulation of all these prior systems? Do you believe any of that? I’d say they’ve learned well on the handheld part, I don’t think anyone to love portable can really find much fault (save for battery life) but the other part of that legacy just feels tacked on. Like it’s there…. because it has to be there, not because it’s a proud part of Nintendo’s legacy, and a beloved piece of the Switch itself.

          • RoadyMike

            Yea it seems Nintendo saw they were killing it in the handheld department and made the Switch more of a handheld (one that easily hooks up to the TV) And I agree a lot of stuff was just kinda tacked on. I guess Nintendo’s gonna need something HUGE to get out of this “We gotta be different!” mentality. If the Wii U didn’t accomplish that, then ooh boy,,,

          • Force

            There’s another thing I wonder about. I see people talk about this particular subject: what if Nintendo had a unified system, like something built into any hardware shape they desire? If they can do that, so the games fit on anything with the same architecture regardless of hardware, and thus not having to split development like Wii-U 3DS, wouldn’t that be the ideal solution?

            People to care about handheld could go handheld. People to care about graphical fidelity and getting the best experience could buy the stationary system. Everyone wins!

          • RoadyMike

            That’s where It might be heading towards and the Switch could be the first real step into that. I just don’t want any more compromises. BAM, everything just works
            Now to wait for pokemon

          • Force

            Aye, I’d like to see Nintendo have a real return to legacy as well. Their games are still up to snuff, but their hardware is a thing of question, if you ask me.

          • Nhat Anh Hoang

            And i could go on vita for days

          • Force

            On a side note, have a look here:

            Look at how the people gush over everything. I think this is the sort of person you mean when you say “fanboy”.

          • RoadyMike

            Oh jeez, not this site again. This is the reason I left that site long ago. The hivemind and fanboyism was really too much. While I never wen’t into the forums, the comment section wasn’t any better. It’s impossible to voice any kind of dissent without being called almost every name in the book

          • Princess_Eevee9

            I wasn’t gonna say anything, but then that atrocious Site got mentioned. I’m all for uniting for Nintendo but that site is the reason Nintendo fans get mocked. You can’t say anything negative about whatever crap they’re covering that day, you have an issue with their “rating” system to bad as you’ll get warned then banned, nothing of worth has arise from their and worse even Nintendo trusts them for Reviews….

          • Eagle367

            You know what exclusives are right? Just because Ninty has better exclusives that more people love doesn’t mean they need to sell them for every console.
            And not all of us want 4k graphics. We have them fine but we don’t care so you are doing the same thing you are saying Ninty fans are doing. Just because the other guy is wrong doesn’t mean you are right. Each console is for different people and Ninty has a much more unique identity that connects with a different crowd. There is overlapping of course since we all love gaming but niches are different. It would be bad for Ninty to build a niche with its fans and just abandon them for parity in power. Why the hell would they and I hope they don’t cause I want them to be their always for people like me who aren’t all about power. Paper is nice but it’s not a huge priority for me and many others so we don’t just buy for supporting Nintendo we buy because we have different priorities. Of course some people do and TS up to them to waste or save their money or to enjoy themselves with something they didn’t want in the beginning but bought to support a brand. Just like I don’t understand how people buy those super expensive phones that don’t offer much compared to normal phones these days but it’s up to them to be ripped off by Apple and Samsung

          • RoadyMike

            And here we have another person who completely misses the point and tries to explain why the stuff I never said is wrong. There’s a lot of irrelevant fluff there so whatever point you’re trying to make is lost. Also, try hitting “enter” once in a while

            I NEVER said Nintendo HAS TO or SHOULD have their IP’s on other systems. I only said that, if they did, I’d get them on those other platforms. Try again

            I NEVER said I wanted or that Nintendo needs a 4k system

            What am I doing/saying that is what Nintendo fans are doing? I’m not giving Nintendo excuses. I’m not content with everything Nintendo does. I’m not dismissing others for having different opinions

            “Just because the other guy is wrong doesn’t mean you are right” The heck are you even on about here?

            “Each console is for different people and Ninty has a much more unique identity that connects with a different crowd” Dang, what a shill. You should work for Nintendo’s PR department
            It’s a gaming system. The only people who are ever gonna get game systems are those that wanna play games that aren’t on mobile devices.

            “It would be bad for Ninty to build a niche with its fans and just abandon them for parity in power” But abandoning them for a cheap gimmick is perfectly fine? Cuz that’s what happened with the transition from the GameCube to the Wii.

            I don’t think Nintendo has made it’s own little niche with the Switch; I assume the niche you mean are those that wanna play on the go and come home to continue playing the same game. I think the people the Switch appeals to most aren’t in any new niche like you’re implying but to the the mostly handheld players (like me) and the gamers that want to keep playing even away from home. Neither of these are a new niche man

            You can easily tell that, since the Wii U failed, they looked to their strong handheld department and made the Switch more of a handheld than a console. I’d say that, other than the battery and size issue, did a nice job since the Switch excels as a handheld.

            “Why the hell would they and I hope they don’t cause I want them to be their always for people like me who aren’t all about power” Jeez the cringe. First off, Nintendo doesn’t care about you. They’re not your friend, none of these companies are. If they see that they can make more money doing something else by dropping what you like about them or their systems, they’ll do it
            Second, it is not impossible for Nintendo to make a system that has all the friendship and magic you love about them AND a powerful system. They won’t lose anything by doing so and it’s about time Nintendo fans realize this

            I hear you on the phone thing. I just get a phone that can do what I need it for, not because of its brand; especially not overpriced garbage like Apple or the tryhards at Samsung

          • Eagle367

            You are just taking stuff out of context and into pieces you prefer to warp my entire argument. You are dismissing others though that is clear and if you think Nintendo has no niche you are delusional. The niche isn’t just handheld gaming. Ninty systems and games are very different even in the handheld department compared to PSP and stuff like that. And there is a niche you think all consoles gamers are one niche? Like all the PC mmo people are same as the Xbox shooter fans the platforming fans the rpg fans all are under the same flag of better games then mobile? Come on man. And yes I don’t want Ninty to just chase after power. If you don’t know Ninty changed its structure after GameCube so this is not the same Ninty as before that so I am talking about the new Ninty post GameCube not the one uptown gamecube

          • RoadyMike

            Out of context? How so? What you said and what you thought you said in your head might be 2 different things, I’m just taking it at face value. If you wanna elaborate on something, please do. Don’t just claim I’m warping what you say

            If I were dismissing you, I’d say what others on here have said to me. Along the lines of “God it’s impossible to reason with you. You’re a biased idiot and are just plain wrong/delusional/ a hater/lair/ etc”, then proceed to disregard anything I say because it doesn’t fit their opinion. I’m not doing that or ever intend to

            What niche are you talking about then? The examples you state are just game preferences. If you mean those that ONLY play these specific genres and nothing else, then yes, that is a niche. It’s also the minority. I don’t think the Switch is selling out because of a minority group. And to be clear, I’m talking about the Switch itself, not the games on it

            Like I said, I’m not saying Nintendo should JUST focus on power. Read! I’m saying that they can easily do both. Why is it so difficult for Nintendo fans to understand such a simple concept?

            Oh I know Nintendo changed. That was made perfectly clear with the Wii and later the Wii U. It was perfectly clear who they were and still are trying to appeal to and that crowd left before the Wii U even launched.

            It’s also still perfectly clear how they’re intending on going forward, by doing more of the same stuff they did with the Wii/U; their runaway success and their worst performing console since the virtualboy, respectively.

            If you like this “post CG” Nintendo and think everything they do is great and healthy for them down the road, good for you. I don’t, cuz I know they can easily do better. Not the “well, everyone can do better” kind of better, the kind of better where they wouldn’t even need to drastically change like the Wii era. Just a few more things they should consider is all

          • Eagle367

            Sure different viewpoints I do feel you took things a little too conveniently for yourself but am tired to go case by case. But I do feel likei did not understand your viewpoint while you didn’t mine. I’m not talking about exclusive genre gameplayers I am talking about specific types of people whose style more fits one genre or a few of them. I for example am more of an RPG + action adventure kind of guy even if I play other games but the temperament is there. I just feel like the way way Ninty gamers think is different than other types of gamers cause both get confused about the others priorities and what they say and what they want. Ports that are done good should be appreciated though and it should be considered what hardware they are running on. That’s what separates a good and bad port or a doom and a FIFA(FIFA ports in general on Ninty consoles are bad haven’t played this one so can’t tell) So I feel like we can all accept each other and that we are different and some of us will take the Ninty console for Ninty games and third party is bonus, some of us want to play all games portably and some just want the best looking game while some want the best running game but we can all agree we don’t want a pay to win service like EA with starwars battlefront 2

          • Game_God
          • RoadyMike

            “lol u so salty” What kind of weaksauce is this? Step up your game kid

          • Game_God
          • RoadyMike

            Dead meme: Check
            Normie Memegenerator: Check
            Same lame joke: Check

            Still waiting for the good stuff

          • Game_God
          • RoadyMike
          • Game_God
        • Nhat Anh Hoang

          Yeah, Vita is superior with sub native 540p and 15-20 fps many games as well as lag,frozen and glitches. Wish Switch can be powerful enough to reach half of these things like vita

          • RoadyMike

            My point was that if simply being portable is what makes a game the superior version, the Vita should have been the top gaming system of its time. But as we all saw, that wasn’t the case

          • Nhat Anh Hoang

            One is unplayable, one is playable. Most vita games are shared with ps4 and vita ver run like nightmare 15-20fps with lag, a lot pop in, glitches and frozen while Switch is keep at least 30fps consistent and don’t lag like crazy with many features like ps4/Xbox 1 one. Who have brain obviously know what portable is superior choice. 3ds also crushed vita because 90% it’s game are exclusive

            VΓ o Th 4, 15 thg 11 2017 lΓΊc 16:25 Disqus Δ‘Γ£ viαΊΏt:

          • Jack Red

            To me, I don’t care about the games not looking as good on the Switch as it does on PS4/XboxOne because guess what? It’s a hybrid running a Tegra X1. It’s not going to be powerful enough to have the same texture resolution and same framerate as other consoles. Switch owners aren’t just saying, “Well at least it’s portable.” Some of us understand why games won’t look as good on Switch as compared to other consoles and PC. We’re also getting the games because we want to show third parties that Switch owners are willing to buy ports of their games as long as they’re good ports. That was one thing people always pointed towards when it came to third party games on Wii U.They’d always ended up gimped and look worse than even 360/PS3 versions of the same game when the Wii U was at least close to being on par with the 360/PS3. If you were to remember, alot of Wii U games that were multiplats would look/run worse than even last gen console version as I said before, but it’d also miss the DLC other versions got along with features that were already present on the other consoles. Thirds would also stop releasing updates to fix bugs on the Wii U versions of their multiplats while even PS3/Xbox360 would get fixes. I understand that the Wii U wasn’t a huge success, but if thirds are willing to release ports on the Wii U, then they should’ve at least supported it for more than a few weeks.

          • RoadyMike

            I know games on the Switch aren’t gonna look as good as PS4/Xbox1 because of inferior hardware capability

            Yes, yes they are saying that. It always boils down to “It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t look as good, we get the game at all and it’s portable. That’s much better than high graphics”. To claim they aren’t saying that is straight up lying

            I know full well about what happened with the Wii U

      • Nhat Anh Hoang

        Yeah, doesn’t stop some games on switch outsold all other platforms

    • Michael C

      I dont comment on things i dont own…yes PS4 Pro, Switch, and Xbox One X. So you dont have to agree, but i dont give an opinion unless i own the system… i dont pretend

      • awng782

        Based on all your comments on this site, I’m going to assume you spend half your time watching Digital Foundry comparisons rather than playing all those consoles you own.

      • nemo37

        Okay I concede that you own all of the systems. What I don’t understand though is why you go on Playstation and Nintendo sites criticizing or even lying about aspects of those systems while dismissing similar issues (some of which are not issues at all) with the Xbox. I remember you tried dismissing Uncharted 4’s sales while boasting about Halo 5 (despite Uncharted 4 selling more). Or calling Splatoon a niche game while the first one sold about the same as Halo 5 (neither of which are niche btw, as both sold over 4 million units). Or when you said that Sony was hiding servers in the show room when demoing PSNOW despite the final product working as intended. If you own these systems and you enjoy them, why you feel you have to belittle the ones made by Sony and Nintendo (often times through arguments that employ double standards). I’m in the camp that feels all of the big three have something unique and good to offer (Sony offers a very well rounded system in term of games, Xbox has an excellent network service with great media support and now the most powerful console as well, and Nintendo has a powerful portable for people that want flexibility)

        • so people will waste their lives writing essays in response to him?

          • nemo37

            Yes πŸ™‚

      • is that a jaguar

      • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

        if ypu don;t show a newspaper with today date, your driver license, social security, bank account, address does not count

      • Nhat Anh Hoang

        And i don’t and will never ever waste money for sex box 1, either

    • skilarbabcock

      Incorrect. It’s closer to the Xbox one version. The game has the new shaders of the Xbox one and ps4 versions. As well as the added foliage. Maybe in terms of texture quality I can give you that, but they are still higher than the ps3 and 360. This is the remastered version I promise you.

      Here is even further evidence.

      • Jack Red

        Considering that the Switch has more power going to it compared to 360/PS3, Bethesda were able to bring over the same effects that Special Edition boasts about, just with what I believe to be the original Skyrim’s textures from the default PC/360/PS3 versions.

  • theFooFighter

    I’ve only played the PS3 version so basically anything is an improvement to me

  • Leonel

    Looking at the pic above I give credit to nintendo for removing the blood from the game lol xD

    • Goma

      They did not.

      • Leonel

        I guess someone is new to sarcasm

        • fox_whisper85

          Nintendo has had blood in games since Mortal Kombat 2 lol

  • Michael C

    PC/PS4/X1 …….. Then the switch, textures are washed out, when he zoomed in in the first half of the video…yikes the switch version looked even worst…..
    But at least its mobile.
    Ok im going to play some Mario on my Switch…. yes Nemo37, im one of the 5-7 million people who own the switch, since day one actually, sorry to disappoint you girl.

    • theFooFighter

      No one cares

      • you make me dizzy run in circles in my head
        one of these days i’ll chase you do o own

        • RoadyMike

          I prefer this one

    • Nhat Anh Hoang

      Yeah, i hope you will enjoy the masterpiece Knack 2

  • Remember, glad Michael C as spam, don’t respond to him. And if you see him directly (or indirectly) insult people (calling them stupid, idiot, etc), report that as harassment.

  • Jacob Groves

    Michael C is an internet troll. Don’t listen to him.

    Look forward this on Switch. I had preordered it already. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Me apprentice Bethesda bringing 3 massive games for Switch and more to follow after Wolfenstein 2 which is release next year. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I am so glad third-party onboard to supports Switch much more then we saw Wii U era. πŸ™‚

    This Holidays awesome ton of third-party games for Switch – Skyrim, Doom, LA Noire, Rocket League, SteamWorld Dig 2, HOLLOW, NBA 2K18, WWE 2K18, FIFA 18, Sonic Forces, Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2, LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 and load more. πŸ˜€

  • bdp

    all i know is the ps3 version looks terrible