Wedbush/EEDAR January 2013 NPD predictions

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February 11, 2013 by (@NE_Brian)

Wedbush and EEDAR have provided predictions for the January 2013 NPD report. The actual data will be made available on Thursday.

Predictions from both groups can be found below.

Wedbush / EEDAR December hardware sales estimates (change year-on-year):

360 – 180,000 (-33%) / 260,000 (-4%)
3DS – 160,000 (-7%) / 120,000 (-30%)
PS3 – 145,000 (-24%) / 120,000 (-37%)
Wii U – 125,000 (n/a) / 110,000 (n/a)
DS – 60,000 (-21%) / 31,000 (-59%)
Wii – 52,200 (-66%) / 39,000 (-74%)
Vita – 45,000 (n/a) / 35,000 (n/a)
PSP – 7,500 (-63%) / (n/a)
PS2 – 300 (-96%) / (n/a)
Total – 775,000 (-13%) / 715,000 (-20%)

Everybody’s favorite analyst Michael Patcher had this to say about Wii U sales:

“Nintendo must improve sell-through of its Wii U if it hopes to maintain significant market share in the next generation. The console received a tepid response from consumers, for a variety of reasons: first, we think that the console was misunderstood by many as a peripheral for the Wii; second, the price point for the Wii U is relatively high, and the launch was into a weak economy; and third, firstparty software support was thin, and third-party software was not sufficiently differentiated to convince many that they needed a Wii U as a replacement for their Xbox 360 or PS3. If the Wii U is to thrive, we think that Nintendo must market it more effectively, must speed up the pace of first-party development, and must convince third parties that they must support the Wii U or they will lose market share.”


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