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Yo-kai Watch toys now available in McDonald’s Happy Meals in the US

Posted on January 13, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Yo-kai Watch toys are now showing up in McDonald’s Happy Meals across the United States. Eight toys can be found in total, including watches, masks, and more.

You’ll have until January 28 to secure the different toys. After that, McDonald’s will be retiring them.

Here’s the official news about the new Yo-kai Watch toys:


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  • Coonfoot

    Not the best-looking toys McDonald’s has had, but they’re still better than the American Greetings kits they’ll have next month. (seriously, whose idea was that?!)

  • Mark

    This was at my McDonald’s earlier this week…

  • MARl0

    Surprised this is being announced so late. I have a picture of my nephew wearing those glasses from Tuesday this last week.

    • Aimee

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  • Felipe M.

    Not very pleasing to the eye but then again, I never liked Yo Kai Watch.

    • Blake Good

      I think Attack on Titan is a crappy overrated anime.

      • ChuckyGuy98

        Although you admitted you only watched clips of it, so your opinion is coming out of your @$$. Even if you didn’t admit that you did, your criticisms of it still shows you havent seen it. Seriously, this show is nothing like Full Metal Alchemist. AOT was one of the better Animes out there and you are only hating it because your jelly people take it over your stupid kids anime. Infact just comment that you think it’s over rated out of the blue on a YKW discussion shows you’re nothing more but jealous.

        Besides, you can barely watch anything mature without crying to your mommy how “scary” it is.

      • Cinema Crap

        My god..are you STILL on this?