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Zelda: Breath of the Wild amiibo functionality shown off, other amiibo compatible

Posted on February 23, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch, Wii U

Five new amiibo from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launch on March 3. On its Japanese blog, Nintendo finally provided an official look at the functionality.

Here’s the rundown:

– Link (Archer): get items like meat and fish, and also bow and arrows
– Link (Rider): get mushrooms and weapons, horse tools
– Zelda: get plants and shields
– Bokoblin: get meat and weapons
– Guardian: get ancient materials (players must see for themselves what these do in game)

Tapping amiibo from the Smash Bros. line of Zelda amiibo will reward special items from treasure chests. Tapping any other amiibo will result in materials like meat and fruits.

Each amiibo can be scanned once per day. Images of the Zelda: Breath of the Wild unlocks are posted below.


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  • JasonBall

    Oh, smash amiibo! I have some of those! Depending on the items rewarded I might buy more. Actually surprised there is special function for the Zelda smash amiibo. Pleasantly so, of course.

    • R.Z.

      I want to hear some more about what they give, I have some of these too.

  • zora

    I was waiting every single day to see what the Amiibo did. I saw all the arguments for and against them doing something awesome vs something meh. I pre-ordered the Princess Zelda Amiibo. I would have liked for them to do something more but at the same time I’m looking forward to a Zelda game that’s challenging again so I can understand the limited use. I still would have liked something that made everyone who didn’t buy the Amiibo jealous. But not too much that it feels like it’s splitting the experience, just a little bit.

    • JasonBall

      Same here, on all counts.

    • Yule

      “I still would have liked something that made everyone who didn’t buy the Amiibo jealous”
      Well, thank god Nintendo didn’t do that becuse people will have flamed them to put *content* behind paywall!!

    • I think is a little ironic that the Wolf Link amiibo has a more unique and cooler feature than the BotW amiibos.

  • nemo37

    I was hoping the Bokoblin and the Guardian Amiibos would unlock a mini Bokoblin or Guardian buddy in game that works with you as a partner character (similar to Wolf Link). Thus, I think I will stick with Wolf Link for now (though I might pickup Link Archer and/or Link Rider later, because I like the design).

    • zora

      I Wanted the same thing too. Spawn a friendly bokoblin or one of those mini guardians. Obviously the Princess Zelda Amiibo spawns a Princess Zelda from one of the past console games!

      • Hidden Flare

        Oh Ghost Zelda or phantom zelda would be cool, though they would have to create a new model. I don’t know they could have the ignore zelda do something for you or something.

  • Jorge Armando Gomez

    So in terms of functionality the best one is still the wolf link amiibo

    • zora

      Yep, even though it’s just a re-skin of something that’s already in the game (Hyrulian Dogmeat! :3) it still spawns it right where you are.

      • Indielink

        How is it a reskin of something already in game?

        • zora

          That’s the report I heard. We get our own wolf/dog companion in the game maybe. My information isn’t verified but you could probably look up the source if you wanted too. I hope I’m not wrong. Missing out on an in game doggy because I didn’t want to re-buy Twilight Princess would suck.

          • Indielink

            Just saw some info about it this morning. You can find and tame doggos to help your find treasure. Wolf will actually help you fight.

          • KyleSkywalker

            Do you have to do the Twilight Princess stuff or will it work with just buying the WolfLink amiibo?

          • zora

            It will work but it only has the base three hearts. There was a Cave of Trials added to the HD release. I think it’s how many hearts you have at the end if you manage to complete it. I don’t own TP HD so I can’t say for certain.

        • Back at E3 there was gameplay where you could tame dogs. It could be naturally assumed that wolf link is just a reskin of the dogs you could tame.

          • I don’t think that’s the case, in BoTW the hearts you have from the cave of ordeals challenge in TPHD, I think transfer over to Wolf Link.

            I think.

      • r4ind4nce

        >_> spoilers, dude. We’re one week from release, spreading stuff that came out through the 4chan leak is super insensitive.

        • zora

          It wasn’t through the leak. I heard it months ago and you already saw the in game element yourself as Wolf Link. I would never spoil anything. But my freaking GameInformer magazine would! : (

  • Airsh Bornely

    Well I only order the Link RIder amiibo and I’m happy with this little bonus.

  • r4ind4nce

    Wait, ALL THE AMIIBO WORK?! And you can scan each one once per day? Nintendo, do you know how many amiibo I have?

    I see it now, Link, amidst an infinite field of random stuff, countless treasure chests stacked or strewn across the area. Then, just like that, the physics engine collapses. Game over.

  • Good to know that the non-Zelda amiibo are also compatible as well.

  • R.Z.

    So the guardian drops big metal blocks ?
    You can do a “Quiet” on bokoblin camps then ! XD

  • Michael S

    So, the new amiibos give their stuff and 30th anniversary stuff?

  • zora

    Does this mean that once per day I can accidentally kill myself with an airdrop AND lose my Amiibo bonus that day!?

  • Hidden Flare

    Hold on a sec, when you say once per day, do you mean one day in real life, or one in game day? Because I hear wolf link amiibo can only be activated one in game day. If you do not know Im betting it will be the lator

    • Linkchu

      I believe it is one real day. If it was every in-game day, you could easily farm items by using the amiibo, pass time via campfire, then repeat.

      • Hidden Flare

        Hmm sounds fair, lets see what happens. Got about a week right?

  • Hidden Flare

    Glad we actually got smash amiibo usage, I mean ok hyrule warriors had something for them and maybe a few other games but this is a main series game, I want a special thing for them. This sounds nice enough for me.

  • Addy

    Guardian: get ancient materials (players must see for themselves what these do in game)

    Weapon crafting confirmed?

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