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Zelda: Breath of the Wild – The Champions’ Ballad DLC slated for December

Posted on November 7, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch, Wii U

It’s been somewhat of a mystery as to when The Champions’ Ballad DLC for Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be launching. The only concrete window Nintendo has given is “Holiday 2017”.

The European Switch eShop seems to have a clearer answer. On a listing for the DLC, Nintendo says that The Champions’ Ballad is planned for December.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s new DLC pack features a new dungeon, an original story, and more new challenges. Hopefully we’ll be getting more details in the weeks ahead.

Source: Switch eShop, Via

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  • Addy

    Seeing this depresses me.

    • hi v3.0

      Seeing this makes me excited

      • lina the clueless

        what happen to hi v2.0?

      • Addy

        Then go enjoy it, I know I can’t.

    • lina the clueless

      reading your comments depresses me.

      • Addy

        Seeing you exist depresses me.

        • lina the clueless

          reading your name depresses name me. just reminds me of toy story.

          • David Antúnez

            Fap time is guaranteed

          • Addy

            Keep that to yourself.

          • Dragonage2ftw

            I am also fapping.

          • lina the clueless

            i’m fapping

  • hi v3.0

    Dang this and Xenoblade 2…December is gonna be busy

    • gurbeergill

      The trickle as turned into a flood. You know when you wish for rain to end a drought? And then a flood comes?
      Yeah…like that. But less tragic….

  • burchdude65

    Full reveal at The Game Awards, perhaps?

    • Devlind

      I would prefer a proper trailer for MP4, but that would be great too.

  • Mike “stone cold” Austin


  • LtFlufflezzzz

    I saw another article saying that Japan will get it November 23 rd

    • Devlind

      No, it was never confirmed. A card to buy the expansion pass will be out in Nov 23, but it doesn’t mention anywhere that that’s the launch date. People speculated about it just because of that, just like when the amiibo launch date was announced.

  • Evan Gustavson

    My two hopes for the DLC are:
    #1: That we get the Bow of light for normal gameplay, either as the last dungeon’s reward, or at the starting point in the questline, since as an epilogue, you should technically already have it. It irks me that the final Bow slot is reserved for something you only have during the final boss.
    At the very least, they could have let you keep it on a cleared save a la the Fierce Deity’s Mask in Majora’s Mask.
    It could be greyed out and unusable for all I care, just do it.
    (Both it and the Master Sword have their own slot that opens up when you obtain them, but you get to keep one, and the other is only there in the ending. Without it, the Bow tab has 19/20 slots opened up. Every other equip tab can at least be expanded to have all 20 squares, and all other tabs always have 20 squares anyway)
    #2: that we get more armor slots.
    We can only carry 100 pieces of armor, and this is how many pieces of armor that we currently know will be in the game as of Champion’s Ballad.
    1. Old Shirt
    2. Well-worn Trousers
    3. Warm Doublet
    4. Champion’s Tunic
    5. Thunder Helm
    6. Amber Earrings
    7. Opal Earrings
    8. Topaz Earrings
    9. Ruby Circlet
    10. Sapphire Circlet
    11. Diamond Circlet
    12. Barbarian Helm
    13. Barbarian Armor
    14. Barbarian Leg Wraps
    15. Climber’s Bandanna
    16. Climbing Gear
    17. Climbing Boots
    18. Desert Voe Headband
    19. Desert Voe Spaulder
    20. Desert Voe Trousers
    21. Sand Boots
    22. Flamebreaker Helm
    23. Flamebreaker Armor
    24. Flamebreaker Boots
    25. Gerudo Veil
    26. Gerudo Top
    27. Gerudo Sirwal
    28. Ancient Helm
    29. Ancient Cuirass
    30. Ancient Greaves
    31. Hylian Hood
    32. Hylian Tunic
    33. Hylian Trousers
    34. Radiant Mask
    35. Radiant Shirt
    36. Radiant Tights
    37. Rubber Helm
    38. Rubber Armor
    39. Rubber Tights
    40. Snowquill Headdress
    41. Snowquill Tunic
    42. Snowquill Trousers
    43. Snow Boots
    44. Soldier’s Helm
    45. Soldier’s Armor
    46. Soldier’s Greaves
    47. Sheik’s Mask
    48. Stealth Mask
    49. Stealth Chest Guard
    50. Stealth Tights
    51. Zora Helm
    52. Zora Armor
    53. Zora Greaves
    54. Cap of the Wild
    55. Tunic of the Wild
    56. Trousers of the Wild
    57. Cap of the Hero
    58. Tunic of the Hero
    59. Trousers of the Hero
    60. Cap of Time
    61. Tunic of Time
    62. Trousers of Time
    63. Cap of the Wind
    64. Tunic of the Wind
    65. Trousers of the Wind
    66. Cap of Twilight
    67. Tunic of Twilight
    68. Trousers of Twilight
    69. Cap of the Sky
    70. Tunic of the Sky
    71. Trousers of the Sky
    72. Fierce Deity Mask
    73. Fierce Deity Armor
    74. Fierce Deity Boots
    75. Dark Hood
    76. Dark Tunic
    77. Dark Trousers
    78. Bokoblin Mask
    79. Moblin Mask
    80. Lizalfos Mask
    81. Lynel Mask
    82. Switch T-Shirt
    83. Korok Mask
    84. Majora’s Mask
    85. Midna’s Mask
    86. Phantom Helm
    87. Phantom Armor
    88. Phantom Greaves
    89. Tingle Hat
    90. Tingle Shirt
    91. Tingle Tights
    92. Rex’s Armor
    93. Rex’s Greaves
    94. Vah Ruta Helm
    95. Vah Rudania Helm
    96. Vah Medoh Helm
    97. Vah Naboris Helm
    98. Outset Island Shirt

    The announcement of rex’s clothes sealed it. Theres no way that they’re only adding three new pieces in the final DLC.
    the first one had 9.
    I could see five, but definitely not 3 new pieces

    • JasonBall

      Yeah that armor slot thing really has me worried.

    • Devlind

      Time to sell the bokoblin, lizalfos, moblin and lynel masks.

  • NinetalesCommander

    I’m expecting there to be at least 1 more Nintendo Direct this year which will go over the details for this DLC Pack.

    • Re4gNarsil

      I highly doubt there’ll be any more directs this year, unless they have one special one for the Zelda dlc. The next real direct will be very early 2018.

  • 23PQ

    Maybe the release date is 12/15 to coincide with the Master Works art book.

  • masterjedi

    I am very excited about this. Continuing the story from Breath of the Wild is just so appealing to me. I did not do anything with the first DLC because harder difficulties are not my thing, but I am absolutely all in on the new story for DLC pack 2.

    • Master Mode is better because it gives you more enemies to fight and delays the point at which Link becomes an unkillable god.

  • Well, it was pretty obvious it will be released at december, why some people are surprised?