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Zelda: Breath of the Wild update out now (version 1.3.1) – get items from new News channel

Posted on August 7, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch, Wii U

A new update for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has just gone out. Nintendo is delivering version 1.3.1 to all players.

Nintendo says that today’s update addresses an issue with the game’s first round of DLC involving the defeat of certain enemies for Kilton. But more interestingly, a new News channel for Breath of the Wild will be going live for Switch on Wednesday. Players will be able to obtain items by launching Zelda from certain articles.

The official patch notes for version 1.3.1 are as follows:

  • We have fixed the issue in Pack 1: The Master Trials of the Expansion Pass, in which defeating certain enemies for Kilton was not counted toward completion when playing in Master Mode.
  • In-game items can now be obtained from launching the software from certain articles distributed through a new News channel (“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Tips from the Wild”) which can be accessed through News on the Home menu.
    • This channel is expected to open on 8/9/2017.
    • Depending on your game progress and location, certain items may not be obtainable.
  • Various fixes to improve gameplay.


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  • Shonenfan

    That’s an interesting approach

  • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

    very cool!
    I bet that’s something they are testing as a replacement for miiverse.
    Also, I bet they fixed the infinite korok seeds glitch

    • Lancelot Pasia

      yup they did fix it , i tested XD

      • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

        dang it! hahaha thanks!

  • Blanco8x8

    I am currently stroking my beard in curiosity.

    • JasonBall

      How long is your beard?

      • Blanco8x8

        1/2 inch. The rest is imaginary.

        • JasonBall

          That’s the best kind.

    • speedyclax

      …waiting on your reply to JasonBall

  • DonSerrot

    Items from news articles? That’s actually a really unexpected feature. It’ll be interesting seeing how they use that in the future.

  • JasonBall

    Looks like Switch take on spotpass. This may be the first big difference between Wii U and Switch versions though if this content isnt somehow put on Wii U

    • Fatalframe4

      Even if this is a Switch exclusive feature, I’m sure they are going to give out items that you can get from normal gameplay like maybe some gems or other minor stuff to help out players or maybe even some rare goods like the Star Fragment for example. Judging from how the content of the game is the same for both versions so far It’ll suck for them to start making system exclusive items now.

      • JasonBall

        Star fragments would be nice. Yeah, I can’t see major collectible stuff distributed, like exclusive gear.

  • Roto Prime

    please add an option to remove the hearts from the UI ;____; my oled is crying from the image retention ;___; I want to play more BOTW please!!

    • Nery Martinez

      For how long do you play it? I have an oled too but no problem till now.

      • Roto Prime

        I have 290 hours ;____; just load the eshop and get ready to scream like a chicken T____T we have to band together and get Nintendo attention so they can make it happen!!!

        • Jairo Lopez

          you should play with your TV’s settings first

        • Jairo Lopez

          also, i think Nery meant for how long do you play per session? i notice burn in on my TV after i play for more than 3 hours, and it worsens when i leave it on a still screen for longer than 15 mins. but usually goes away within an hour.

          • Roto Prime

            To many hours….some times I sit for 10+ play days with random breaks, Try going on the eshop, it will be faint but you can see the hearts on the top left..

          • Nery Martinez

            Do you me that the burnt is permanent now?! Even turning it off for more hours do not fix the issue? Or it happens again every time you play? Zelda is so awesome.

          • Roto Prime

            Well I always unplug my tv when ever I am not using it, running a youtube video that might fix it, you can’t really see it unless it is on a bright color screen, Do me a favor and load the eshop on your tv and check the top left and let me know if you see any hearts. I dont think it is super burns………I will be playing Zelda handheld for the rest of my gameplay till Nintendo updates it and removes the hearts.

          • Nery Martinez

            After the 3 hours when turning it off, does it fix it? I haven’t had that issue I usually play about two hours and then I turn the tv off and pick it up again after a couple of hours

  • Metallox

    Did they remove the Trial of the Sword glitch? Please, tell me no…

    EDIT: Yes, they did: https://www.reddit.com/r/Breath_of_the_Wild/comments/6sah60/patch_131_downloaded_30_minutes_ago_and_trial_of/

  • JasonBall

    They should add BotW items to My Nintendo as rewards. Like, trade coins for a diamond or bundles of arrows or decent swords?

    • Fatalframe4

      Now that would be a good idea. I mean we gotta find out what those Switch Rewards are on My Nintendo sooner or later right?

      • JasonBall

        I think there’s been word from Japanese Nintendo sites that Splatoon2 gear will be Switch rewards, but I heard that from gamexplain a month ago so may have been false. Good idea though.

  • Martin Naranjo

    Remember when this used to have Wii U features? Nintendo doesn’t

  • R.Z.

    I hope the items you get through the news aren’t exclusive, I really don’t like that kind of timed giveway thing.

  • Ragnell

    Anyone know if they fixed up other parts of the game such as frame drops etc? And when will they fix the chest glitch near the ocean!? I want that opal ffs!!!

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