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All 3 Toadofsky Melodies in Super Mario RPG

Posted on November 20, 2023 by in Guides, Switch

Super Mario RPG toadofsky melodies

We’ve found all three NPCs and gathered their locations right here, plus the notes you need to play each of the Toadofsky melodies in Super Mario RPG.

Super Mario RPG just dropped for Switch, and one of the first areas you’ll come across in the game is Tadpole Pond. Initially, you’re sent there on a mission to visit the Frog Sage – but there’s something else you can do there, too. Head east from the entrance and you’ll find Toadofsky, a composer looking for inspiration. Throughout Super Mario RPG, there are specific NPCs who teach you a song you can then play for Toadofsky. Unfortunately, you can’t play these songs early – you must talk to each corresponding NPC for Toadofsky to recognize the tune at all. 

Where to find all three Toadofsky Melodies

All 3 Toadofsky Melodies

As mentioned earlier, you can’t just play all three Toadofsky melodies right away. You’ll need to talk to three different NPCs to unlock each one. The first one is easy – visit the Frog Sage and then read the sign behind where he’s sitting. The second one, as shown above, requires that you’ve made it to Moleville and through the Coal Mines. At the end of the mines, you’ll plant a bomb to gain access to the minecart track. After this segment is finished, you can actually return here and talk to the moles inside to learn the song. They’ll tell you the notes by name, but it’ll be much easier for you if you just look at the pictures of each song below. The third song isn’t available until Monstro Town, which is towards the end of the game. You’ll need to talk to a pink star NPC on the second floor of a house inside Monstro Town. From there, you can head back to Tadpole Pond and play the third track.

How to play all three melodies

Here’s a look at all three Toadofsky melodies you can play, plus the notes that compose each one. Start from the little rock at the southwest side of the pool, and then press the B button one by one to jump on the tadpole. Each tadpole swims from line to line rather quickly, so take your time and focus so that you can jump with the best timing possible. If you mess one up, that’s okay! Mash the button to jump across the rest of the tadpoles and then try again. Your goal here is to make the tadpoles look exactly the same as the ones above. Each time you successfully play one of these tracks, Toadofsky will give you a different member card that unlocks new products that you can purchase with Frog Coins.

Super Mario RPG is available now for Switch. Access the official site here.


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