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Super Mario RPG

super mario rpg 2

Chihiro Fujioka, the director of Super Mario RPG, has expressed interest in making Super Mario RPG 2 that would close out his career.

Fujioka has worked on many different titles going back to the early 80s. That includes several entries in the Mario & Luigi at AlphaDream – a studio which he co-founded, though he left the studio in 2015 and it closed in 2019 after filing for bankruptcy.


Geno is joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, though perhaps not in the way fans had hoped. Rather than a fighter, he’s being added to the game as a Mii Fighter costume. It follows the trend set in the previous Smash Bros. entry.

Having Geno represented is still notable, and Super Mario RPG character designer Kazuyuki Kurashima is celebrating the news with concept art originally created for the title so many years ago. You can find the full set below.

Beta footage has appeared for two notable Nintendo games. Game Catalogue 2, a ’90s Japanese video game show hosted by Famitsu, featured Super Mario 64 and Super Mario RPG prior to their release. Recordings of both episodes have now popped up online.

For Super Mario 64, we’re able to see a few interesting things. First, Cool Cool Mountain’s portrait is just a generic snow-capped mountain. Other than that, the footage shows placeholder voices for Mario.

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