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Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG sales

Nintendo should be pleased with how Super Mario RPG is performing on Switch as the remake has already outsold the original.

As part of today’s financial results, we learned that the game has sold 3.14 million units. Believe it or not, that’s actually above what the SNES version did in its lifetime, and by quite a fair bit. The original release only sold 2.14 million. Also worth noting, the feat was done in just six weeks.

Super Mario RPG update 1.0.1

Nintendo just issued the first update for the Switch version of Super Mario RPG via version 1.0.1.

A number of bug fixes are included here. Most are for game progression, but an issue was also fixed when using Thought Peek on Straw Head and Reacher.

Here’s the full rundown of the update:

Super Mario RPG guides tips tricks

The new Super Mario RPG remake is available now for Switch, and we’ve written a big list of helpful guides to help you tackle the game’s toughest challenges. For the most part, the new release is the same as the original SNES version – at least in terms of the story. The remake adds plenty of new postgame content, including boss challenges, new weapons, and even a short side quest. This is a list of all our Super Mario RPG guides, and we’ve also added a few general tips and tricks for those new to the game as well.

Grate Guy's Casino Super Mario RPG

If you’ve been looking up Super Mario RPG guides here and there lately, then you’ve probably heard of Grate Guy’s Casino. It’s a secret location that includes a bunch of unique minigames, and they’re all required for full 100 percent completion of the game. Unfortunately, you can’t just walk right into the casino – it’s hidden behind a secret passage in Bean Valley. Most of the minigames offered at Grate Guy’s Casino also, quite frankly, aren’t terribly fun. Still, if you’re looking to see all of the content Super Mario RPG has to offer, we’ve got you covered. 

[Review] Super Mario RPG

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Super Mario RPG review

System: Switch
Release date: November 17, 2023
Developer: Square Enix / ArtePiazza
Publisher: Nintendo

As a classic of the SNES era of RPGs, a remake of Super Mario RPG was a bit of a shock reveal earlier this year. Originally a collaboration between Nintendo and Square, it was a bit of a surprise back then as well. With a complete and from the ground up remake, we see new 3D graphics, crisp menus, and a bit of extra content for a game on Switch that many would say is one of the best RPGs of its time – but what about now? Let’s take a look at how Super Mario RPG fairs in today’s standards, as spoiler free as possible.

Super Mario RPG Monster List

New to the recently-released Super Mario RPG remake is a Monster List that tracks every single enemy in the game. When you encounter an enemy, it’s automatically added to the database. However, its entry is not complete until you successfully use Mallow’s Thought Peek spell on it. Several enemies have missable Thought Peek entries – luckily, there’s an NPC in Booster Pass hidden in a cliff who will sell you new Monster List entries in exchange for three Frog Coins. Feel free to check out our Frog Coin farming guide before you continue here.

Today, we’re looking at all five characters in Super Mario RPG and which equipment works best for each one. We’ll include the location of each piece, too – which means slight spoilers for areas you’ll visit in the future plus the names of a few late-game bosses. Feel free to bookmark this page for later if you’re not ready to be spoiled on these locations just yet.

Super Mario RPG on Switch includes a postgame boss and even amped-up boss rematches. To best prepare for these foes, you’ll want to equip your team with the best possible equipment setup. Some of these pieces are hard to get, but they’re certainly worth your time. 

beetle mania Super Mario RPG

If you’ve read our 100% completion guide for Super Mario RPG, you probably know that obtaining a gold medal on the Beetle Mania mini-game is a requirement for full game completion. Beetle Mania is actually a completely separate mini-game than the one you play on Booster Hill, and it’s a little out of the way. There’s a Toad in the Mushroom Kingdom inn playing a video game. If you speak with him a certain number of times, he’ll earn a high score and then give you the game to keep. From there, you can open up your menu and go to the “Play Game” section to play a brand-new mini-game called Beetle Mania.

Today, we’re going over a brief strategy to get the 5 million points you need to earn that gold medal.

Starting today, Nintendo Switch Online members can get their hands on user icons based on Super Mario RPG. This comes as the SNES remake launches around the world.

Members can spend their Platinum Points on designs for characters, backgrounds, and frames. Each one requires My Nintendo points. Characters are 10 Platinum Points each while backgrounds and frames are 5 a piece.

Super Mario RPG Wario, Three Musketeers

Jiro Mifune, who was one of the developers on Super Mario RPG when it originally came out on the SNES, has revealed a bunch of sketches that were created at the time including a concept for Three Musketeers, Wario, and much more.

Mifune wrote on social media that the project was made by staff in their early twenties. He said that Square “was a development style in which game planning and design ideas were shared among the entire staff,” suggesting that many people were able to contribute.

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