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ARK: Ultimate Survival Edition update out now (version 2.0.5), patch notes

Posted on January 21, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

ARK Ultimate Survival Edition update 2.0.5

Studio Wildcard and Grove Street Games have issued the latest update for ARK: Ultimate Survival Edition, version 2.0.5.

The update is highlighted by the support for the upcoming Ragnarok DLC. There are other highlights as well, including non-dedicated sessions, improved melee combat performance, and more.

The full patch notes for the ARK: Ultimate Survival Edition version 2.0.5 update are as follows:

  • Added support for upcoming Ragnarok DLC
  • Non-dedicated sessions now available
  • Fixed broken state in which wild dinos would stop moving online
  • Fixed creature spawning issues
  • Fixed broken anti-mesh logic incorrectly killing players on entry to pearl caves online
  • Fixed days not saving online
  • Significantly improved melee combat performance
  • Fixed some creatures being lost during ascension
  • Fixed crash that would occur when Network Error dialog was present
  • Fixed beehives floating on the island
  • Fixed tree sap taps
  • Fixed Aberration exterior lighting
  • Fixed multiplayer movement issues with parachute and zip line
  • Improved underwater post process visuals
  • Improved Aberration cave lighting
  • Fixed overly bright tooltip icons
  • Improved Baby Reaper vfx
  • Fixed Reaper King aggro issues
  • Fixed Reaper impregnation issues whilst riding a creature
  • Fixed Rockwell trophy visual issues
  • Fixed Manticore trophy colors to be accurate
  • Fixed lighting in Rockwell boss arena
  • Fixed Rockwell tentacle animation issues
  • Fixed issue in which tamed Megalosaurus would stand whilst asleep
  • Fixed Megatherium to preserve sitting state on save/load
  • Fixed many ground seams and collision issues on all maps
  • Fixed bad movement on flyers if player logged out whilst mounted online
  • Fixed flickering mating icons online
  • Fixed animation hitches online opening map or cycling tools
  • Fixed creatures in caves to be untamable by design
  • Fixed Cryopod tool tip not displaying stats correctly
  • Fixed visuals on “She Who Waits” explorer notes
  • Fixed ballista turret visualizing ammo when it had none
  • Cheat fly no longer interrupted when colliding with water

All players on Switch can download the version 2.0.5 update for ARK: Ultimate Survival Edition now.


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