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ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition update out today (version 2.0.3), patch notes

Posted on November 23, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition is about to receive another update, with version 2.0.3 going live later today.

More improvements, adjustments, and fixes are included this time around. These include gliding improvements for the Archaeopteryx, a fix for sorting by weight in inventory, and more.

The full patch are as follows:

  • Boosted gamma when Light Bloom option is toggled off
  • Explorer Note audio now continues to play when the Note is closed. This can be toggled in Options
  • Pressing + button while highlighting a server in the server browser will immediately join it
  • Improved hand animations when switching between weapons, tools and the map
  • Fix for tames starving unexpectedly in Single Player
  • Cryo sick tames no longer hover
  • Fixed Plasma Cannons on Tek Saddles firing properly
  • Fix for mate boosted heart icon properly appearing in Multiplayer
  • Improvements to gliding while using an Archaeopteryx
  • Fix for sorting by weight in inventory
  • Fixed scaling on C4 & Transponders when attached to creatures
  • Hot Bar now hides when using a scope
  • Fix for overlapping demolish timer text
  • Various localization fixes

All players on Switch can download the ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition version 2.0.3 update starting today.


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