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Atelier Ryza details and screenshots – story, characters

Posted on June 6, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

Atelier Ryza has received a new batch of details and screenshots covering the game’s story as well as a few characters. Find the full roundup below, courtesy of Gematsu.


– In the middle of a lake lies Kuken Island
– This story will take place on this island in a village called Razenboden Village
– Ryza lives in the village
– She’s an ordinary girl that you could find anywhere
– Feeling uneasy about her boring village life, she rounded up her close friends to talk about their dreams and put together a plan to leave the village in search of excitement
– Ryza and her friends, with their newfound determination, set out on their first journey to the “opposite shore of the island,” where entry is prohibited
– There, they encounter a man who wields a mysterious power known as alchemy
– Ryza, captivated by that power, asks him to teach her alchemy, and becomes his disciple
– Using this power, Ryza and friends will be able to visit places they have never been before
– They will set out from their boring everyday lives to pursue their respective dreams one step at a time
– All the while, a threat was approaching Kuken Island
– Ryza and friends will soon embark on a once-in-a-lifetime “summer adventure” that only they can know and will be unlike any adventure they have gone on before

Lent Marslink

– Ryza and Tao’s childhood friend
– Certain circumstances cause him to be treated harshly by the villagers
– He hopes to one day achieve a feat great enough to prove them wrong
– Lent comes off as a slick young man, but he is a friendly and good-natured soul
– He’s also quite savvy and often has to put a stop to Ryza’s unpredictable actions

Tao Mongarten

– Ryza and Lent’s childhood friend
– He is always carrying around an impenetrably difficult old book that was in his basement library, which he is continuously trying to decipher
– So the villagers treat him like an oddball
– Shy person who is not very good at socializing, but he would never abandon his friends
– His intellectual curiosity borders on obsession, and his ability to concentrate exceeds that of normal individuals

Klaudia Valentz

– A new friend who comes to the village
– The daughter of a merchant who visits Ryza’s village
– Since she is traveling with her peddler father, she has never been blessed with the opportunity to make close friends
– She is mild-mannered, but has a line that cannot be crossed and can be surprisingly courageous

Rubert Valentz

– Klaudia’s stern and honest father
– Owns a large company brought up in a single generation
– He makes a living traveling together with a caravan of merchants
– Due to his clearheaded and logical personality, he hates haphazard behavior
– Can be a bit overprotective of his only daughter Klaudia

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