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Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 version 2.0.0 update out this week

Posted on December 14, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 update 2.0.0 Epilogue ATEMS

Inti Creates has announced that a version 2.0.0 update for Azure Striker Gunvolt 3, which features a new Epilogue ATEMS story mode and online rankings, will be made available this week. Players on Switch can access it starting on December 16, 2022.

Here’s a complete rundown as to what fans can expect:


The final update in Gunvolt 3’s free content campaign comes to Nintendo Switch on December 16th!

Version 2.0.0 adds “Epilogue ATEMS,” a new story mode that takes place after the events of Gunvolt 3’s main story, complete with a new playable character and new voiced dialogue. 2.0.0 also brings Online Rankings for score hunters to show off their best performances!

New story mode: “Epilogue ATEMS”

Follow alongside ATEMS as they plot from within Sumeragi after the events of the main story. A young ruler makes his move in a world thrown into chaos. “Golden Trillion,” ZedΩ stars as the playable protagonist of a brand new chapter in the Gunvolt 3 story!

Unlock Requirements: After updating to ver 2.0.0 or later, Epilogue: ATEMS Chapter can be selected from the main menu after viewing the main story’s true ending. ZedΩ, a key character in the main story, will be playable in this mode.


The Golden Trillion, ZedΩ (VA: Casey Mongillo)

Successor to a mighty authority, ZedΩ is the young leader of ATEMS. His Septima is Golden Trillion.

Layla/Luxia (VA: Michaela Laws)

Layla is a young girl who is always seen at ZedΩ’s side. She uses her Septima, “The Djinn,” Luxia, to assist in furthering ZedΩ and ATEMS’s goals.

Supporting cast: the ATEMS Knights

  • The Fatal Gunwoman, Sistina (VA: Alba Ponce de León)
  • The Sand Fortress, Grazie (VA: Lizzie Freeman)
  • The Dual Knight, Prado (VA: Hayden Daviau)
  • The Mystic Mist, Serpentine (VA: Morgan Berry)

What is ATEMS?

ATEMS is a foreign armed organization of Adepts who follow the will of their leader, ZedΩ. The upper echelon are the
ATEMS Knights, ZedΩ’s personal defense force. The Knights are all powerful Adepts who have sworn allegiance to ZedΩ.

ZedΩ gameplay breakdown

  • Blade Attack – Eclipse Solaire: ZedΩ’s main form of offense is through his sword of brilliant light. Powerful as the sun itself, he can deal massive damage to foes. Tap the attack button for a maximum of three consecutive slashes.
  • Solis Rotem: ZedΩ slashes upwards, unleashing birds of flame at the same time. Deals tremendous damage if the explosion and the birds hit together. No birds will appear if used in mid-air.
  • Dea Lacrima: ZedΩ forces his foes to submit by launching three royal blades from above. Can be charged in mid-air, allowing for a slower descent, as well as in combination with other aerial attacks.
  • Rostrum Charge: A powerful charge that can be unleashed after ZedΩ restocks his feathers. Moving at light speed, he envelops his foes in flames, while paving the way for new flowers to bloom.

Imperium Feather / Scarlet Passion / Lux Assault

ZedΩ also has another fighting style available to him: Soaring Mode. He automatically switches to this mode by locking on to enemies with his flying feathers, granting him access to new attacks: Scarlet Passion and Lux Assault.

Auto-Evasion – Vibratio

Vibratio activates when ZedΩ is hit while he has feathers in stock, causing them to take the damage in his place. By restocking immediately or unleashing Lux Assault, he can continuously avoid damage altogether. Distort space itself to slip through any and all attacks! Vibratio will consume the entirety of the feather gauge upon use.

ZedΩ’s Skills

ZedΩ has 1 normal skill and 3 SP skills available for use. Using one will activate a cooldown timer, during which all four cannot be used again for a while. The length of the cooldown differs based on which skill is used; more powerful skills incur a longer cooldown.

  • Healing Feathers: Normal skill. ZedΩ rests his wings to recover HP. Has a relatively short cooldown, making it safe to use whenever in trouble.
  • Lux Ballista SP skill. ZedΩ conjures up arrows for a wide-range attack. Targets aerial foes when used on the ground, and grounded foes when used mid-air.
  • Rexcalibur: SP skill. ZedΩ conjures radiant blades and launches them forward. This skill’s wide range of attack makes it deadly if timed correctly against enemies that move around frequently.
  • Legitima Futura: ZedΩ’s ultimate skill, wherein he unleashes his tremendous power to raze both the earth and his foes. Its power and range are unmatched, but it incurs a hefty cooldown in exchange.

New feature: Online Rankings

Players will be able to share their scores and clear times in Trial Mode, allowing for friendly competition with other players all over the world. An online scoreboard will be added to the Trial Mode in version 2.0.0!

View a trailer showing off the new version 2.0.0 update with Epilogue ATEMS story mode and online rankings for Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 below.

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