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Bit Boy!! Arcade version 1.1 out now in North America as well

Posted on May 12, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News

The 1.1 update for Bit Boy!! Arcade was made available in Europe earlier this month. That same patch has now been extended to North America as well.

To recap, here’s what’s new in Bit Boy!! Arcade version 1.1:

– New Title Screen.
– Completely new Bonus Level Round Hill offers 3 phases to play and comes with a brand new music track.
– New Cinema Construct for watching all the sequences again.
– Improved Camera Control: Look around using the Circle Pad or C Stick*, Hold L- or R-Button to zoom.
– New intuitive Head-tracking-Camera activated by ZL/ZR: Look around the corner by moving your head.*
– 60 frames/second support on main screen and in the Construct level hub.*
– New ShadowMan design and animation for a better visibility.
– Get an 1UP extra life by reaching a score of 400.000 in a phase.
– The EASY MODE can now be activated at any time without having to lose 2 lives in a phase.
– After you have beaten the boss you can now enter any single Rainbow Run or Boss phase.
– New info screen during sequences recommends use of headphones and informs about how to skip the sequence.
(*Feature only available on New Nintendo 3DS)

In the bonus level Round Hill, players need to revive all of the Pixel Flies to be able to reach the portal. The Item Blocks need to be unlocked first similar to Boss Phases.

Source: Bplus PR

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