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Hey guys! Just wanted to help you all out by posting all the great features we’ve had written over the last couple of days about E3 in one place so you don’t have to scroll through all the news to read em. Check out what we’ve got to offer here:


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Please check all of this out! It’s all written by us for you guys!

This information comes from THQ core games boss Danny Bilson…

“We have Darksiders II completely running on the Wii U right now. It took about five weeks. Coming into the show we were ready to go. We could have demonstrated it on the hardware but they [Nintendo] decided not to have full games shown in the booth. But if you were to go into Vigil in Austin, Texas right now, Darksiders II is fully running on the new hardware. The Darksiders team was one of the first teams to get dev kits. We’ve had dedicated engineers on it working seven day weeks leading up to the show. I’ve got all the emails. We now have it running with the controller. So we could have shown it. Some of it [specs] is still in flux. There are still some improvements to be made to some parts of it.”

Bilson also said that Darksiders II will “absolutely” look as good as on PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. It’s just a shame that we couldn’t see it on the Wii U hardware. Nintendo’s letting Ubisoft show Ghost Recon, so they should have let THQ show Darksiders II!


Batman: Arkham City footage

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I wonder how long it’ll take for me to get used to posting about these games…


Update: To top it all off, PR can be read below!

So, Ubisoft is making Killer Freaks for Wii U. What’s it all about? Ubisoft shared the first details at a roundtable event today.

It’s being made by their France division, first of all, and it’ll be an exclusive first-person shooter release for the console. You may be interested to know that the full title is Killer Freaks From Outerspace. Supposedly, it’ll redefine first-person competitive action.

A trailer was shown (see below) featuring a man loading a gun, listening to the news and such in an alleyway. An alien arrives on the scene, and there were mechs there as well (this sounds a bit strange…).

Ubisoft also featured a demo of the title. Details include:

This information comes from Rage studio’s creative director Tim Willits…

“The Nintendo market is a tough market for us to get into. A lot of first party games, a lot of licensed games – those are the ones that have done the best on that platform. I’d love it if we can get a hardcore FPS community going and build on it, but it’s tough. I think we should keep our toes where we know best.”

Well, you win some, you lose some. I’ve been pretty surprised by the third-party support thus far. Not a whole lot of concrete games were announced yesterday (let alone new titles), but it’s very interesting to see titles such as Batman: Arkham City, Darksiders II, and Ninja Gaiden III coming to the console.


This information comes from Kojima Productions creative producer Yoshikazu Matsuhana…

“Obviously we did have talks with Nintendo early on – they approached us with the Wii U. We can’t say exactly when this happened or what kind of talks we’ve had but we were aware of the hardware and we’ve been looking at it. We are very much thinking about possibilities with the Wii U and it looks like a very fun system. As for whether we’ll have something at launch for the Wii – we can’t say that. Probably not, but we definitely have things in mind. We’re also looking at the public reaction. If there are enough people who say they want us to bring something to the Wii U that also factors into things.”

Matsuhana also touched on the subject of Metal Gear Solid 5…

“We anticipated we would get questions about this today (Metal Gear Solid 5) and unfortunately our answer is, we can’t answer that. We can’t say anything right now. Top secret.”

It’s anyone’s guess what Kojima Productions will work on/what possibilities they’re thinking of for Wii U. It should be able to handle the company’s newly announced engine, however.


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