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Cyber Shadow update out now (version 1.03), patch notes

Posted on February 7, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Yacht Club Games and Mechanical Head Studios have prepared a new 1.03 update for Cyber Shadow. It includes a few quality of life improvements and bug fixes.

Below are the full patch notes:

  • Improvement: Apparitor now drops more Essence depending on your Essence level. This should help assist players needing to purchase items at nearby checkpoints to aid your adventure.
  • Improvement: Overall HP/SP rates have been improved.
  • Improvement: Bullets now get destroyed if they pass through Shadow while in i-frames
  • Improvement: Adjustments in difficulty for Rust Fly Elevator in Chapter 2 and Chapter 7 areas
  • Improvement: Added flickering effect for items that expire
  • Improvement: You can now Dash after Airstriking
  • Improvement: Allow parry when in i-frames
  • Fixed: Collecting a health item immediately before falling into a pit will keep you from dying
  • Fixed: Performing a Dash immediately after a no-SP Dash would result in a slow movement speed but a fast Dash animation
  • Fixed: Dying on the same frame as Laserbrain makes the tri-key upgrade unobtainable
  • Fixed: Incorrect syntax for “Press X to Start” in Spanish
  • Fixed: Swag Blade was causing lanterns to get destroyed in the monkey race challenge
  • Fixed: Special items could activate triggers in CyberDrive sequences
  • Fixed: A cosmetic effect where Airstrike would appear to penetrate through a door
  • Fixed: General level design improvements where you could sometimes move outside of the camera boundary
  • Fixed: Apparitor’s name not translated during EXO encounter
  • Fixed: Instances where the player could Dash-slash enemies that just transitioned into solids, allowing Shadow to pass through solids in some rare instances
  • Fixed: Shadow could move out of bounds during the boat sequence after having destroyed the corrupted core
  • Fixed: Orbiter fixes to prevent orbiting orbs from getting stuck at expanded sizes
  • Fixed: Issue with CRT filter where white values weren’t being clamped correctly 

Cyber Shadow is currently out on Switch as an eShop download.


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