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Dawn of the Monsters new details, debut trailer, release window

Posted on November 3, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop, Videos

Last year, publisher WayForward and developer 13AM Games – the studio behind Runbow – announced Dawn of the Monsters. It’s been awhile since we last heard about the project, but we have a substantial update today.

Dawn of the Monsters, a co-op brawler that lets you play as a Kaiju, has confirmed four playable beasts: Megadon, Ganira, Aegis Prime, and Tempest Galahad. They all come with Brutal Rage abilities, Cataclysm Attacks, and finishing moves. The title also features a comic book-like art style. In fact, kaiju designs are being handled by Godzilla character creator Shiji Nishikawa and Godzilla comic book artist Matt Frank.

Dawn of the Monsters is also confirmed to have 35 missions. You can also expect over a dozen regular enemy types, the ability to customize your kaiju, and co-op support.

Here’s a little bit of extra information:

Dawn of the Monsters is a couch co-op, brawling action game that takes up to four players on a worldwide tour of destruction.

Players take on roles from an all new cast of kaiju and are tasked with defeating the “Nephilim”, a horde of monsters that are destroying the planet. Conquer four unique worlds and unlock The Maw, an endless onslaught of kaiju brawls. Featuring beautiful 2.5D graphics inspired by the works of Mike Mignola, combat inspired by classics from the action and fighting game genres, and fully destructible environments, couch co-op in Dawn of the Monsters is bigger and badder than ever before.

Check out the debut trailer for Dawn of the Monsters below.

Dawn of the Monsters will launch for Switch in the first half of 2022.


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