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Contra Operation Galuga

Konami and WayForward are developing Contra Operation Galuga for Switch, the two sides just revealed. It launches in early 2024.

Here’s an overview of the game:

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Chaos and Vs. modes DLC sales

The team behind Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has provided an update on the game, including future updates, DLC, and another sales milestone.

First up, while work continues on remaining content, the release has been delayed. This was attributed to technical difficulties as well as the coronavirus pandemic. WayForward is developing the game’s upcoming modes that support online play, and footage was shown in an update video today. Chaos Mode and Vs. Mode are planned for the future. Additionally, more information will follow on September 14.

Xtreme Sports gameplay

The Switch version of Xtreme Sports came out on Switch this week, and thanks to a new video, we have gameplay. Footage shows the intro, training for different sports, and more.

Further information about the title is available in the following overview:

Xtreme Sports launch trailer

WayForward has issued a launch trailer for the new Switch version of Xtreme Sports. Originally, it came to the Game Boy Color in 2000.

We have more information in the following eShop description:

Xtreme Sports Switch release date

Original (6/28): Three years after it was originally announced, the Switch version of Xtreme Sports has secured a release date. WayForward just announced that it’s scheduled for August 10, 2023.

Xtreme Sports originally debuted on the Game Boy Color. The action-sports-RPG features five events including surfing, skyboarding, and street luge.

Rose & Camellia Collection English west

Previously announced for Switch in Japan, Rose & Camellia Collection has now been confirmed for the system in the west. WayForward will be handling publishing in late 2023 / early 2024.

Rose & Camellia Collection is an absurd one-on-one slap-fight anthology featuring five games, more than 30 characters, and all-new English voicework, Rose & Camellia Collection.

Clock Tower remaster

A remaster of Clock Tower is in development for Switch, it’s been announced. The game will be available in early 2024.

Clock Tower is a survival horror game originally released on Super Famicom in 1995 in Japan. Now it’s not only coming to Switch, but getting a translation for North America and Europe. Additions include a new vocal theme song performed by Mary McGlynn (Silent Hill series), a new animated opening, motion-comic cutscenes before and after the game, a bonus art gallery, border artwork, save states, multiple language options, and more.

Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution

WayForward has revealed that Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution, a game that was originally in development during the Game Boy Advance era, is finally seeing an official launch. It will be available on an actual GBA-compatible cartridge in early 2024, courtesy of Limited Run Games.

Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution was put on the shelf for nearly two decades. Now, however, the once-canceled title will be completed. Shantae creator Erin Bozon, series director Matt Bozon, and programmer Michael Stragey are using GBA-era development tools to authentically complete the handheld experience. There’ll be multiple chapters, numerous towns and labyrinths, six creature transformations, fierce bosses, and a soundtrack from Maddie Lim, plus a four-player battle mode.

Dawn of the Monsters Arcade + Character DLC Pack

WayForward and 13AM Games aren’t finished with Dawn of the Monsters, and today announced a new Arcade + Character DLC Pack. The two sides did not provide a release window.

The DLC includes the Arcade Mode with a new power-up system, Meteor Temujin as a playable character, and more. Further details can be found in the following overview:

River City Girls 2 update 1.0.3

A significant update for River City Girls 2, version 1.0.3, is now available.

The update is highlighted by repeat New Game+ playthroughs. It also comes with frame rate improvements and other fixes.

The full patch notes for the River City Girls 2 version 1.0.3 update are as follows:

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