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Dragalia Lost update out now (version 1.17.0)

Posted on February 26, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

Nintendo and Cygames’ mobile game Dragalia Lost has been updated to version 1.17.0. It includes the ability to set auto-repeat, auto-play, and game speed before starting quests, among other additions, changes, and fixes.

Below are the full patch notes:

Update 1.17.0 will be available for download around 11:30 PM, Feb 25, 2020.
You may install it when it becomes available; otherwise, an automatic update will occur at approximately 10:00 PM, Feb 27, 2020.
To celebrate the update, we’ll be sending all players a Tenfold Summon Voucher after the automatic update.
This notice will be modified after they’ve been distributed.
Note: The Tenfold Summon Voucher will not be distributed until after the automatic update, even if you complete the update to version 1.17.0 early.
■Update Details
・You will be able to set auto-repeat, auto-play, and game speed before starting quests
You will be able to change your settings for auto-repeat, auto-play, and game speed on the preparation screen before embarking on a quest. After embarking, you will also be able to toggle auto-repeat, auto-play, and game speed settings on the screen immediately before the quest starts.
Note: Depending on the quest, you may not be able to set up auto-repeat, auto-play, or game-speed.
・You will be able to select whether to accept weekly bonuses
When you clear certain quests that have weekly bonuses, you will be able to select whether or not you wish to accept the weekly bonus.
Note: If you chose not to accept the weekly bonus, it will not count against the number of times you can accept it. 
Note: This feature will become available starting 1:00 AM, Feb 28, 2020.
For more information, see Help and check Weekly Bonuses under the Quests section. 
Note that information will be added to the Weekly Bonuses section under Help at 10:00 PM, Feb 25, 2020.
・Shortcut buttons will be added to event quest screens
We will add buttons to the quest selection screens for certain event quests which will allow you to jump to the quest selection screen for separate event quests.
The affected quests are listed below.
・Avenue to Power
・Avenue to Fortune
・Elemental Ruins
・Dragon Trials
・The Imperial Onslaught
We will also add a button to the quest selection screen for event quests which lets you move to the 7-Day Pack (Double Bonus) purchase screen if you have not purchased it yet.
Furthermore, we will add a button to the quest selection screen that allows you to move to the Treasure Trade.
・Details will be added to Dragon Trials and Advanced Dragon Trials
We will add a Details button to the various quest pages under Dragon Trials and Advanced Dragon Trials. You can press the Details button to see information and tips that will help you fight these boss enemies.

・Minimal Mode will be added to System under Options
We will add a Minimal Mode setting to the System tab under Options on the Menu. Setting the game to Minimal Mode will reduce the burden on your device and help prevent the game from crashing. However, while Minimal Mode is enabled, Visual Effects will be set to Basic and certain features will be turned off. Since this is not the intended way to play the game, we only recommend playing with this mode enabled if the game is frequently crashing on your device.
[Update 1:33 AM, Feb 19, 2020]
Corrected the wording in the above sentence for clarity.

■Other Changes
・We will change the default setting for auto-repeat under Auto-Repeat Settings from “Repeat until all stamina is consumed (Max 99)” to “Disable auto-repeat.”
・We will adjust some parts of the shop’s layout.

・Extended time limit for Volk’s Wrath
In a data update to be applied around 1:00 AM, Feb 28, 2020, the time limit for all difficulty levels of will be changed as follows.
Volk’s Wrath: Standard – Changed from five minutes to ten minutes
Volk’s Wrath: Expert – Changed from six minutes to ten minutes
This change will not affect the parameters of any of the Volk’s Wrath quests or the content of the drop rewards.
[Addendum 9:30 PM, Feb 25, 2020]
・We will adjust the AI behavior for Hunter Berserker and Hunter Sarisse.
The following changes will be applied in a data update to be performed around 1:00 AM, Feb 28, 2020.
・We will increase the damage from Nobunaga’s Dream Offensive skill and the flame damage dealt to targets when Burning Ambition ends.
・We will adjust the timing for canceling movement after Ezelith lands on the ground during her Howling Meteor skill to make canceling easier.
■Issues Fixed
The following issues have been fixed in this version:
・When a Helper skill was used and a buff from the Helper’s abilities affected the Helper, the buff text and icon displayed above the Helper’s head.
・Sometimes “No goodies available.” displayed when switching between tabs in the goodie box if there were 10 or more items in both the Limited and No Limit tabs.
[Addendum 9:30 PM, Feb 25, 2020]
The following issue has been addressed in a data update to be performed around 1:00 AM, Feb 28, 2020.
・It was not possible to cancel movements when shapeshifting into certain dragons by dodging or using skills.

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