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Exstetra details

Posted on November 8, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

A few more Exstetra details are now available for viewing. Head on below for the latest game information.

– Gain and use skills through enchanting
– Limit on how much can be enchanted on items including weapons
– Once there you can freely continue to upgrade the ability by enchanting it further
– Accessories can take a lot more
– Recent video showed Akihabara’s ruined dungeons
– Pair Revenge: raised when you raise relationships between characters
– If one or the other character is attacked, a free counterattack goes through from their paired partner
– It doesn’t matter who kills a monster
– Ryoma sucks up their EXS energies no matter what
– Battles are completely random encounter types
– Cheer or groan depending on what sort of battle system you prefer


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