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Fatal Frame movie details

Posted on June 13, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

A few details (and images) have come in for the upcoming Fatal Frame movie. You can find the latest content below.

– Story is set at a school dorm located in an occluded mountain town
– A young girl Aya lives here
– Aya keeps to herself in her room
– However, one day an incident occurred on campus…
– Students begin to disappear one by one
– It wasn’t long until they discovered their dead bodies, after they’ve drowned
– Before their disappearance, it was said that they heard Aya’s voice after looking at a photograph
– Her voice would tell them “please, lift my curse…”
– On the photograph was a girl who looked just like Aya
– A classmate by the name Michi steps in to investigate the matter, as she felt a strange suspicion that Aya had something to do with the incident
– After visiting Aya’s dorm room, she finds it completely locked shut
– Rumors began circulating that Aya was the culprit of a curse that only affects girls—the midnight curse
– Michi eventually began to feel the effects of the curse
– One day, out of nowhere, the real Aya suddenly shows up in front of her
– Out on September 26


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