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Fatal Frame

When you think of Fatal Frame, one of the first things that comes to mind is the Camera Obscura. However, when the series originally began, the development team actually considered a few other objects instead.

Nintendo Everything recently spoke with Keisuke Kikuchi, the producer of the Fatal Frame. There was some talk about the new release of Maiden of Black Water on Switch, but also discussion about the franchise and general. And when asked if there were other objects that were initially thought about before settling on the camera, he said:

As is tradition for Famitsu, the magazine spoke with a ton of different developers about their ambitions for 2021. One developer who participated was Keisuke Kekuchi, who’s leading the Gust brand at Koei Tecmo and is also the producer of Fatal Frame.

Kekuchi shared the following with Famitsu, as translated by Nintendo Everything:

With the lack of Fatal Frame games in recent years, fans have been very much anticipating a new entry. We asked series producer Keisuke Kikuchi about the possibility of the franchise appearing on Switch a few months ago, and while he seemed potentially interested, no promises were made.

We saw the strong fan reaction after we published our article and decided to give things another go by asking Kikuchi about Fatal Frame once again. We also brought up the possibility of remasters since we know that’s something some of our readers expressed interest in.

Here’s our full exchange with Kikuchi:

The last entry in the Fatal Frame series was Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. It originally debuted in Japan back in 2014, and would later find its way west a year later.

While the franchise has been dormant for several years, series producer Keisuke Kikuchi has expressed interest in bringing a new entry to Switch. Kikuchi currently has his hands full with the upcoming Fairy Tail RPG, but told Nintendo Everything that he’d be open to revisiting Koei Tecmo’s horror IP.

Update: Added high-quality version.

Fatal Frame Wii U (Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden) will be released in Japan on September 27. We’ve added in the debut trailer captured from today’s presentation above, though a high-quality version should be available shortly. You can find a bunch of details about the new Fatal Frame here.

Update: Over.

The Fatal Frame presentation is currently in progress. We’re expecting to hear about the new Wii U game as well as other media projects in the series.

Tidbits shared at the event can be found below…


– Starting off with an overview of all the various projects they got going. Manga, books, etc.
– Shigeru Miyamoto takes the stage for an opening word or two
– Miyamoto says he doesn’t like scary things except for Luigi’s Mansion
– What he’s seen from Fatal Frame/Project Zero scares him
– Miyamoto talks about using the GamePad in the living room and different/great it is; wants people to know this
– The Wii U game will use the GamePad as a camera
– Wants games like Fatal Frame to broaden the types of genres available on the Wii U


– Kibayashi Shin is penning the manga and shared a few words about this
– Talking about Manga Box, the new manga platform
– More talking about Manga Box and how much it has been downloaded

Wii U game

– Now we’re gonna be talking about the new Fatal Frame game
– Producer Kikuchi Keisuke on the stage
– Trailer shown (see it here)
– Girl put out a missing persons request; disappeared in the mountains
– Out on September 27
– Full name is Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko (Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden)
– Brief history of the Zero series; talking about what the games are all about
– Talking about the three elements of a Zero game: ghosts that can come from anywhere, old Japanese houses, and the camera itself
– The concept for the game is all about water, places with lots of flowing water
– Use the GamePad to take pictures
– It’s an open sort of area apparently
– Main character: Kozukata Yuuri. Kagemi.
– She has the ability to look for people who have been taken into the ghost world, and bring them back to reality (kinda like a ghost private eye sorta thing)
– The game’s volume will be the biggest in the entire series; lots of work being put in
– Kikuchi’s presentation ends
– AnJu is doing the ending theme
– The theme is about the line between life and death
– It’s a positive kind of ending theme, meant to represent reuniting with loved ones, warmth, love, etc.
– More info coming in the near future

Movie from Kadokawa

– Kadokawa and Inoue on stage
– Inoue said the movie is coming out around the same time
– Thanked Nintendo and Koei Tecmo
– Old trailer shown
– Asato Mari is the director

Hollywood movie

– Announced during this presentation
– From the producer of the Resident Evil movies


On Thursday, a presentation will be held on Niconico for the new Fatal Frame Wii U game and related media efforts such as the upcoming movie. The event seems to be rather significant – as one would expect – given some of the guests attending.

Perhaps mostly importantly, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto will be showing up for this week’s presentation. Other guests include staff from Kadokawa and Koei Tecmo, Keisuke Kikuchi (Fatal Frame series), Shin Kibayashi (the author of the manga), Mari Asato (movie director), Nakajo Ayami (actress) and Aoi Morikawa (actress).


Nintendo just announced on their Japanese Twitter account that there will be a Fatal Frame presentation over on NicoNico this Thursday, July 17th at 1:30pm JST. Little is known about the presentation, aside from the fact that the upcoming Wii U game and media projects such as the movie will be featured! The stream will be available here on July 17 at 12:30 AM ET / July 16 at 9:30 PM PT


A few details (and images) have come in for the upcoming Fatal Frame movie. You can find the latest content below.

– Story is set at a school dorm located in an occluded mountain town
– A young girl Aya lives here
– Aya keeps to herself in her room
– However, one day an incident occurred on campus…
– Students begin to disappear one by one
– It wasn’t long until they discovered their dead bodies, after they’ve drowned
– Before their disappearance, it was said that they heard Aya’s voice after looking at a photograph
– Her voice would tell them “please, lift my curse…”
– On the photograph was a girl who looked just like Aya
– A classmate by the name Michi steps in to investigate the matter, as she felt a strange suspicion that Aya had something to do with the incident
– After visiting Aya’s dorm room, she finds it completely locked shut
– Rumors began circulating that Aya was the culprit of a curse that only affects girls—the midnight curse
– Michi eventually began to feel the effects of the curse
– One day, out of nowhere, the real Aya suddenly shows up in front of her
– Out on September 26


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