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Fire Emblem Engage devs on how the DLC characters were decided

Posted on June 3, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Fire Emblem Engage DLC characters

The developers of Fire Emblem Engage have briefly discusses how the game’s DLC characters were decided, which added new Emblems to the game.

Fire Emblem Engage kicked off its Expansion Pass with Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude from Fire Emblem: Three Houses plus Tiki from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light. Wave 2 added Hector (Emblem of Strength) Soren (Emblem of Acumen), and Camilla (Emblem of Revelation). Chrom and Robin (Emblem of Bonds) and Veronica (Emblem of Heroes) were in the third wave.

Producer Genki Yokota as well as co-directors Kenta Nakanishi and Tsutomu Tei commented on the team went about choosing Emblem characters for the Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass in a Nintendo Dream interview. Our translation can be found below.

How were the Emblems for the DLC decided?

Yokota: We wanted to include a character from Heroes, so Veronica was the first to be chosen.

Nakanishi: Tiki and Veronica were agreed on immediately, while the others were subject to intense debate.

Intense debate (laughs).

The Emblems in the main story were mainly protagonists of previous games, so for the DLC, we made our choices while considering the games of different eras. In particular, characters’ abilities were a big criteria in our evaluations, as seen with characters who offered gameplay elements not seen in the base game, such as Tiki’s Manakete transformation or Camilla’s flight.

Outside of the three waves of extra Emblems for Fire Emblem Engage, the Expansion Pass also brought about the new Fell Xenologue story. All of the Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass content is out now.

Translation provided by SatsumaFS and Simon Griffin on behalf of Nintendo Everything.

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