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First Harvest Moon: Mad Dash details and screenshots

Posted on June 12, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Destructoid was able to play Harvest Moon: Mad Dash at E3 2019 and has shared first details and screenshots. For the full roundup, continue on below.

– Puzzle game
– Color matching puzzle game
– When you start a level, the puzzle field will be littered with two or more different types of crops
– These crops will either be by themselves or linked with one or more crops
– Combine these crops into squares, at which point they blossom and become bigger crops
– Combine those crops to make even bigger squares and you’ll end up with fully ripened crops ready to be harvested
– In other words, combine four small potatoes to make a big potato
– Then combine four big potatoes to make a giant potato
– Divided up into stages where the goal is to get a high enough score to collect three stars
– Each stage is located on an overworld map with settings that stretch from the farm and town all the way down to the underworld and up high into the sky
– There is a story here, something about a broken lighthouse that needs fixing
– Co-op included
– Building up a meter initiates a “fever mode” where every crop can be harvested right away
– Launches this fall
– $29.99

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