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Fuga: Melody of Steel details – story, characters, battle system

Posted on July 10, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Fuga: Melody of Steel

CyberConnect has updated the official website for Fuga: Melody of Steel with more details (and a look at some gameplay). We have information concerning the game’s story, characters, and battle system.

Here’s the full rundown:


Chapter 1

Long ago, there was the peaceful country of Gasco, a territory that did not meddle in the affairs of other countries. However, without warning, the Berman Empire launched an assault against Gasco, capturing and abducting every adult in sight from the village of Petit Mona, where Malt and his friends reside. He and the remaining children hear a mysterious voice coming from a radio, which leads them straight to the giant tank Taranis. The children hop aboard the Taranis and head out to face off against the Berman army to save their families!

Chapter 2

The children have been caught in the tide of war and have been forced to experience battle first-hand. This harsh reality has been thrusted before them, and the weight of their situation begins to set in. There to support and encourage the children though is the voice from the radio. The voice cheers them on with direction and guidance, and they are able to find the resolve to press forward in order to save their families. It is at this very moment that a young girl shrouded in light appears before the children…

The Ancient Weapon, the Giant Tank Taranis!

A giant tank built with ultra ancient technology! This proves to be a bolstering ally to the children who are attempting to save their families after their village was burned to the ground. But why does it move on its own? It holds countless mysteries…



VA: Ayumu Murase

Age: 12 / Caninu

The oldest child from Petit Mona. Ever since his parents died from an illness, he has been loving as a moosheep herder on his grandparents’ farm with his sister Mei. He has a strong sense of responsibility and shows great courage.


VA: Hina Kino

Age: 4 / Caninu

Malt’s little sister and the youngest of the crew. Cheerful and sunny, she grew up without letting the death of her parents affect her. She has a friendly personality but likes her brother the most.


VA: Reina Ueda

Age: 12 / Felineko

Malt’s childhood friend. A thoughtful girl with a compassionate, grown-up nature, she is kind to everyone. She loves to read and enjoys taking care of people. Someday, she hopes to become a doctor.


VA: Sachi Kokuryu

Age: 11 / Felineko

Due to his parents’ circumstances, he moved from the capital to the unfamiliar countryside. Even though he often has a bad attitude and foul mouth, he is actually quite gentle and lonely. He has a crush on Hanna.


VA: Shinnosuke Tokudome

Age: 10 / Felineko

He is one of five children born to his father and mother, a farmer and cook, respectively. Always calm, he dislikes fighting. Although he’s a big boy, he often acts like a scaredy-cat crybaby.


VA: Miyu Tomita

Age: 10 / Caninu

Fascinated by mechanics and a desire for knowledge, he is driven by curiosity. He is easily excited by topics on knowledge, often speaking rapidly even though he is usually more reserved. He has difficulty talking with girls.

Chick Montblanc

VA: Natsumi Haruse

Hack’s twin sister. Surprisingly caring for her age, she follows Hack on his prankster antics, and usually stops him from going overboard.

Age: 6 / Caninu

Hack Montblanc

VA: Tomomi Mizuma

Chick’s twin brother. He is a fearless, naughty boy who loves pulling pranks. He and Chick found their helmets together on the battlefield.

Age: 6 / Caninu

Sheena Falafel

VA: Noriko Shitaya

Always shy with her timid and quiet nature. Her doll, Bleuette, was made for her by her mother.

Age: 9 / Felineko

Game System

Strategy is the key!

Players will need to keep track of turn order! The Taranis possesses 3 types of weapons, and attacking enemies with a weapon type that they are weak against will delay their turn. By continually delaying enemy turns, players can effectively create 1-sided battles for themselves!

Use your characters wisely!

By editing the formation, players can swap character arrangements and attack turns. Thinking and planning ahead are the fundamentals of strategy!

Gain the upper hand by using a variety of skills!

The children have an abundance of skills at their disposal, including group and ailment-afflicting attacks!

There’s a Workshop, Messroom, Scrap Fishing, and… Farming!? Prepare for Battle with Fuga’s Intermission Phase!

The children live their lives onboard the Taranis. During the Intermission phase of the game, players take control of one of the children and can move around the Tanaris, conversing and raising that character’s affinity with other members of the crew. Players can also utilize the Taranis’ various facilities to upgrade the tank or augment the stats of allies to prepare for future battles! Talking to children or using facilities will consume Action Points (AP).

Workshop & Scrap Fishing

Messroom & Farming

The Ultimate Weapon: Soul Cannon

The Soul Cannon is activated when the children find themselves in a crisis during battle. It can take out any adversary in a single, powerful blow, but at what cost…? Whether you use this double-edged sword or not is up to you…

Strategize wisely and aim for the true ending!

If you choose to not use the Soul Cannon and get wiped out, a retry menu will appear. Face your enemies again and aim for victory! Can you save everyone without relying on the fearsome power of the Soul Cannon? The decision is in your hands…

Fuga: Melody of Steel launches for Switch on July 29. Access the official website here. We also have a new trailer here. Last but not least, be sure to check out our new interview with CyberConnect2 here

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