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Genei Ibun Roku #FE directors on the role of entertainment, appearances of Fire Emblem characters, more

Posted on October 25, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Over on the Genei Ibun Roku #FE website, directors Mitsuru Hirata and Eiji Ishida answered a few questions. Topics include the important of music and entertainment in the game, how the Fire Emblem characters look (including Chrom), and more.

Head past the break for Hirata and Ishida’s comments. All translations come courtesy of

On the role of music/entertainment in the game…

Hirata: It’s not just music, we’ve depicted a wide variety of entertainment forms through the party members. For instance, Toma dreams of being an action star, aspiring to take the lead role in a tokusatsu program. Additionally, Eleonora is a young actress who aims to be a Hollywood star. There are some issues because she’s half-Japanese, so there’s some bittersweet drama in her quest to fulfil her dream.

Of course, there’s lot’s of music too! Tiki also sings tracks aside from “Beastie Game” and we recently introduced the songstress Mamori the other day – there’s music prepared for her too. In addition, there’s characters performing in duos, characters with theme songs… there’s quite a lot of variation. You’ll see everyone shine in a range of scenes so please enjoy!

On the appearance of Fire Emblem characters…

Hirata: This time around we’ve revealed three more Mirages. With their size difference, Mamori and Doga are an odd couple. We’ll detail more on the combination of these buddies in this blog, so stay tuned!

Kiriya’s Mirage is Tharja. Both characters are similar and exert the same seductive aura, so I think it’s a perfect match. Tharja was a really popular character in Fire Emblem Awakening and we’ve tried to capture her appeal through her Mirage form. In this status screen you can see the two characters posing; the bewitching dynamic between the pair is a real favourite of mine. Wait, what am I going on about? Anyway, there’s a range of other Fire Emblem characters in the game so keep an eye out for more news!

Ishida: Eleonora and Virion combine despite having conflicting personalities. Eleonra is a bit of a rowdy tomboy so Virion, with his upper-class elegance, tries to correct her manners and behaviour. Her tries to guide her into becoming a “respectable lady”, but will his wish ever come true? That’s all well and good but why the heck does such an “upstanding gentleman” have two bows on his arms? (laughs)

Well, I guess it’s so that the actors match. There any many Mirages that have yet to be announced and that’ll be covered in the next update! Please look forward to it.

On Chrom’s appearance…

Ishida: Chrom and his comrades are warriors from another world that are engaged in an endless battle. As a result, they’ve evolved into a specialised form for combat – that’s the basis for the setting. They’re all heroes, but at the same time they look almost like monsters. Their designs reflect something like the sorrowful, dark history of their struggle. They needed to specialise to survive, so that means that their unneeded body parts have degenerated.

On whether there will be a Wyvern Rider Mirage in the game…

Ishida: When you buy the game you can see for yourself! Fire Emblem is known for a lot of things that people will want, but we can’t afford to say too much until it’s out!

On whether you can swap or train up mirages…

Hirata: The game focuses on the relationship between the mirages and their masters – since we wanted to emphasise the sense of camaraderie between the two, the Mirages are all fixed to each character. That said, there are elements of the Mirage itself that can change. We’re preparing to publish more on the combination of Mirage training and close relations with their masters.

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