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Mitsuru Hirata

Before Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE launched in North America and Europe last month, co-director Mitsuru Hirata shared a message on his own Twitter page. He very briefly commented on how the overseas version made changes to the original Japanese release.

After one fan mentioned their disappointment with censorship, Hirata weighed in on the situation again. He responded to that person with the following message:

“When I found out we were unable to provide the same experience as the Japanese version, I also felt some disappointment. But our overseas fans remained happy that the game was being brought over and I’m glad to see their passionate support. In the meantime, the new costumes added could in a way be considered a merit that can only be enjoyed by our overseas fans! Thank you, and please look forward to the game!”

Thanks to thieftheodore for the tip.


Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE finally arrived in the west this past Friday. Mitsuru Hirata, one of the RPG’s directors, recognized the event and shared a few words on Twitter prior to launch.

Here’s what Hirata wrote:

“Come to think of it, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE release date is this week on 24th isn’t it! For various reasons we had to change some outfits, contents of events and vocals, but I think the outfits of the overseas version are quite cute! If you live overseas and own a Wii U by all means buy the game!”

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Radiant Historia celebrated its fifth anniversary in Japan a few days ago. Atlus published the game on November 3, 2010.

Mitsuru Hirata, Radiant Historia’s director, took to Twitter on Tuesday and shared just a few words about the RPG in celebration of the milestone. Here’s what he shared:

“Oh, is it already 5 years! Although it is hard to admit that it was never a hit, I’m really grateful to see that many people still love it. Personally I also have a strong emotional attachment with this title. I’ll always hold onto an attitude ‘someday a new Radiant Historia!’ lol #rh_atlus”

I have to say, I’d be totally up for a Radiant Historia sequel! If I really think about it, it might actually be one of my favorite DS games.


Over on the Genei Ibun Roku #FE website, directors Mitsuru Hirata and Eiji Ishida answered a few questions. Topics include the important of music and entertainment in the game, how the Fire Emblem characters look (including Chrom), and more.

Head past the break for Hirata and Ishida’s comments. All translations come courtesy of

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