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Hand-drawn Metroidvania game Crowsworn will appear on a Nintendo platform

Posted on July 13, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Mongoose Rodeo opened a Kickstarter campaign this week for Crowsworn, a hand-drawn Metroidvania game. To say that it’s been a success would be an understatement. Nearly $300,000 has been raised (against a $100,000 goal), and there’s still several weeks remaining.

Mongoose Rodeo says that Crowsworn is planned for a Nintendo platform. Whether that means Switch or a future piece of hardware is unclear. “Since porting can be a cumbersome, drawn-out process, and we’re between console generations, we can’t yet confirm the final list of platforms or guarantee it will release on all platforms simultaneously,” the developer said. “If the release is staggered, our goal is to ensure backers will receive their copy of the game as soon as it’s available on their chosen platform, rather than waiting for the game to be available on all of them.”

Learn more about Crowsworn with the following overview and trailer:

A dark curse has befallen the land of Fearanndal, a once vibrant kingdom. All but the last remnants of humanity have seemingly vanished, as the world is overrun by sightless creatures of nightmare.

Explore a large interconnected world as you fight against hordes of monsters that roam the forsaken lands. Uncover secrets and unlock new abilities that enhance your arsenal of deadly weapons and powers. Venture forth to lift the ancient curse and unravel the mystery behind its origins, as you attempt to discover the truth and realize your salvation.

Key Features

– Spandex-tight controls.
– Stylish combat with over-the-top exhilarating combos.
– Explore a giant interconnected world riddled with monsters, men, and machines.
– Discover new abilities and upgrades, each further expanding the limits of exploration in the world.
– Equip and customize rune arrangements with an interconnected system allowing for a wide array of personalized configurations.
– More than 120 unique enemies!
– More than 30 unique boss encounters!
– A deep and compelling story, delivered in souls-like fashion.
– Challenging AI to really keep you on your toes!
– Over a dozen unique side quests for those keen on deep-diving into the lore!
– Hand drawn 2D high-frame-count traditional animation style.
– A badass original soundtrack, composed by J.J. Ipsen.

You can contribute to Crowsworn on Kickstarter here.

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