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Hey! Pikmin details

Posted on May 5, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Hey! Pikmin was one of a few 3DS games playable at a press event this past week. Read up on some details about the game below, courtesy of Eurogamer’s preview.

– Three levels playable at a demo event
– From the opening two sectors of the game
– These levels teach the fundamental controls and introduce game concepts
– Gather 30,000 Sparklium to fix Captain Olimar’s crashed spaceship
– Control pad or Y and A buttons move Captain Olimar left and right
– Use the stylus to blow the whistle to get Pikmins’ attention and to activate a jet pack
– Jet pack hovers Olimar a fixed, short distance above the ground where you can move him left or right for a short while
– Use the jet pack to climb ledges
– Throw Pikmin with jabs rather than swipes
– Throw distance determined by how far away from Olimar you tap the screen or what you’re aiming at
– Self-contained levels see you locating Pikmin in order to navigate a play area that consists of moving left to right and finding the occasional hidden cave entrance that houses additional Sparklium
– Recruit Pikmin from vegetative clumps by way of a whistle-blow
– Use the same whistle-blow in order to keep your Pikmin together and in check
– Fling Pikmin to move a block, pull a lever, squash obstacles
– Enemies must be specifically targeted
– No mid-level check-pointing


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