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IronFall Invasion – 1.1 update out now in North America

Posted on March 25, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News

IronFall Invasion’s new update, which came out in Europe last week, is now available in North America as well. The latest patch brings IronFall Invasion up to version 1.1. For the full patch notes, read on below.

Improvements (Paid version).

Campaign and Multiplayer:

  • Magnetization on the Y axis when entering aim mode.
  • Ability to cover during the sprint.


  • “Quick Online Match,” new option.
  • “Demo ON/OFF” and greater variation in arena selection.
  • “Free For All – Don’t bet,” players earn credits when they finished in second place.
  • Four-second invincibility after a respawn.

Improvements (For All)

Campaign and Multiplayer:

  • Possibility to use much faster settings for the camera and aiming.
  • Easier to turn during a sprint.
  • U-turn easier to achieve


  • Weapon balancing (Grenade Launcher, Explosive Rifle, Shotgun).
  • Improved efficiency of the “Shock Gun” weapon.
  • “Free For All,” player’s score canceled if leaving the current session, (alternative: score canceled when the player leaves the current session.)
  • Version number detection.


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