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Just Shapes & Beats – Mixtape #3 update out now, patch notes

Posted on June 2, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Just Shapes & Beats

Just Shapes & Beats is celebrating its second anniversary. In honor of the occassion, the game has received a Mixtape #3 update. New tracks have been added alongside numerous fixes.

Below are the full patch notes:

  • Adds new tracks:
    • Big Giant Circles – Katana Blaster
    • F-777 – Deadlocked
    • MDK & Sterrezo – Lightspeed
    • Rainbowdragoneyes – Creatures ov Deception
    • Shirobon – Granite
  • When leaving a playlist in progress, when you get back to the playlist menu the last played song is automatically selected (works for Party mode playlist too)
  • Added a small time of invincibility after rewinding a level
  • Changed USK rating to USK 12
  • Fixed issue with collision calculations between rectangles and circles
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the buttons highlight would randomly stop working
  • Fixed issue where the song preview in the Playlist menu would play over the Beatpoints animation
  • Fixed issue where you would receive a ‘hit’ when starting a new online run
  • Optimized the way object trails are generated (such as in Creatures ov Deception, Clash)
  • Fixed issue where you could get stuck in Pause/Option menu when pressing ‘Confirm’ and ‘Back’ at the same time
  • Fixed small issue with Wall camera shakes
  • Fixed issues when pausing in LLTNF, Art of War, Flowers of Antimony
  • Fixed issue with collisions in the last part of Houston, getting hit by invisible stuff
  • Fixed issue where some parts of the Annihilate boss would move randomly in the end section
  • Fixed issues with animations and collision in Mortal Kombat
  • Fixed issue with Beam’s collisions scale
  • Fixed issue with feats description text size getting smaller
  • Various small performance optimizations
  • The Auto-save icon is now displayed
  • Fixed issue where joining the same online game you are in from invitations would create double menus and a wrong error message
  • Fixed issue with clicking the ‘Invite’ button in the lobby that would start the game instead
  • Fixed issue with controls menu not displaying the correct controller used for the last input


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