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Just Shapes & Beats

A brand new update has just arrived for Just Shapes & Beats, known as “The Lost Chapter”. All players can access version 1.6.0 on Switch now.

Just Shapes & Beats has added new songs, including Shirobon’s remix of Spider Dance from Undertale. There’s a new boss level as well.

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There’s a new update for Just Shapes & Beats, Berzerk Studio’s chaotic co-op musical bullet-hell game. Highlights for version 1.5.52 include one handed controls, an improved photosensitive mode, and additional language support.

Below are the full patch notes:

Just Shapes & Beats is celebrating its second anniversary. In honor of the occassion, the game has received a Mixtape #3 update. New tracks have been added alongside numerous fixes.

Below are the full patch notes:

Berzerk Studio announced today that it will be adding Shovel Knight songs to Just Shapes & Beats as part of the game’s second Mixtap on December 4. Four all-new and exclusive remixes will be included based on Plague Knight, Specter Knight, King Knight, and Shovel Knight.

Here’s the full rundown of tracks:

Today, Just Shapes & Beats is getting a brand new update on Switch. Version 1.2.0 is adding support for the Hardcore Mode, which was previously announced. Players will be able to take on harder versions of tracks in Playlist and Challenge Modes.

That’s not all, as there are a new set of Ranks to collect. German, Russian, and Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese are also supported.

Just Shapes & Beats launched on Switch nearly a year ago. Berzerk Studio ended up bringing the game to PlayStation 4 this week, and a new “Hardcore Mode” was included. Fortunately, it’s been confirmed that the Switch version will be updated with the feature as well.

For the new mode, Berzerk Studio says that all stages were “redesigned in some form or another to give you a whole new experience that will make even seasoned Souls-like players weep, longing for their mother’s warm embrace.” You can view a trailer for Just Shapes & Beats: Hardcore Edition below.

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Berzerk Studio has announced a new update for Just Shapes & Beats. Launching this week, version 1.1 will feature five new tracks, new language support, bug-fixes, and engine tweaks.

Here’s some additional information about the update:

A number of new games are coming to the Switch eShop today, including Just Shapes & Beats. Get a look at some footage below.

Just Shapes & Beats is one of a few games Nintendo highlighted during the last Nindies Showcase in March. Today, Berzerk Studio announced a release date of May 31.

We have the following overview along with a new trailer:

Footage is in showing off Just Shapes & Beats on the Switch. Take a look at the gameplay below: