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Infernax Deux or Die update multiplayer

Original (2/28): Infernax is celebrating its first anniversary with a major new free content update known as “Deux or Die”. It will be available sometime this spring.

The update will include a new multiplayer mode that introduces an original character with two unique movesets. A second person can control Cervul the Squire, son of Harold, Unenthusiastic Heir to the Brown Mound.

Here’s some additional information about the update:

Infernax The Stranger

Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer Berzerk Studio today unveiled a brand new playable character for Infernax known as The Stranger. He’s said to be a deadly force to be reckoned with, armed with a shotgun and a multitude of blunt objects capable of producing extremely satisfying levels of gore as you take out your enemies.

Below is some additional information:

Infernax update 1.02.004

Berzerk Studio and The Arcade Crew have just provided a new update for Infernax, version 1.02.004.

The patch is quite significant with lots of quality of life changes, new accessibility options, and more. That’s on top of the usual round of bug fixes.

Infernax trailer

In celebration of its release, The Arcade Crew and Berzerk Studio have readied a new launch trailer for Infernax. The demon-slaying action adventure joined the Switch library this week.

We have more information about Infernax below.

Ahead of its release in just a few days, we have a look at some new gameplay for the old-school platformer Infernax. About 15 minutes of gameplay from the start of the game are available.

Here’s some information about the game:

Infernax release date

Infernax, a demon-slaying action adventure title from publisher The Arcade Crew and developer Berzerk Studio – the team behind Just Shapes & Beats – now has a release date. The two sides confirmed today that it will be available on February 14.

More information about Infernax can be found within the following overview:

Infernax physical

Infernax is getting a physical release, it’s been revealed.

Limited Run Games and Merge Games will be in charge of the boxed versions in North America and Europe respectively. Both are offering a standard version and collector’s edition.

Infernax, a demon-slaying action adventure inspired by 8-bit retro classics from Just Shapes & Beats developer Berzerk Studio, has now been confirmed for Switch. The Arcade Crew will handle publishing and the title will arrive on the console in Q1 2022.

Infernax has players assuming the role of Alcedor, a famed knight who discovers an unholy magic has spread throughout his land while he was away. He’ll now look to take down the beasts roaming his home with a skull-splitting mace and a trusty shield.

Just Shapes & Beats - "The Lost Chapter" update

A brand new update has just arrived for Just Shapes & Beats, known as “The Lost Chapter”. All players can access version 1.6.0 on Switch now.

Just Shapes & Beats has added new songs, including Shirobon’s remix of Spider Dance from Undertale. There’s a new boss level as well.

Here’s some additional information:

Just Shapes & Beats

There’s a new update for Just Shapes & Beats, Berzerk Studio’s chaotic co-op musical bullet-hell game. Highlights for version 1.5.52 include one handed controls, an improved photosensitive mode, and additional language support.

Below are the full patch notes:

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