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Kimishima comments briefly on Splatoon, sales, NX, and more

Posted on January 4, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Switch, Wii U

Sankei West recently spoke with Tatsumi Kimishima. During their talk, Nintendo’s new president talked a bit about Splatoon, sales, mobile, My Nintendo, and NX.

The first topic discussed during the interview was Splatoon. After Sankei mentions that it’s selling well, Kimishima said that painting colors as a way of battle and the characters allow it to be accepted by a family audience. He added that, in the future, it’s possible to extend it widely like Super Mario Bros.

Regarding sales, Kimishima acknowledges that the Wii sold a great deal, so the hurdle of migrating to Wii U was high. Nintendo wants to get consumers to understand new ways to play like Splatoon and speed up the migration. For 3DS, Nintendo increased the performance and released popular software, so there is still room for growth.

Kimishima also shared some brief words about mobile. Nintendo wants to provide a means of play that is different from consoles, such as progressing through a game for a short time each day.

Speaking about the aim of My Nintendo, Kimishima said the goal is to collect points by playing Nintendo games, and obtain bonuses in places like movie theaters and theme parks. There will be more chances to touch (get in contact with) the characters, and Nintendo wants to expand various kinds of businesses.

Finally, on the topic of NX, Kimishima noted that it will need to be an attractive system that gets them to jump in. He also reiterated said that Nintendo aims for it to be a new experience totally different from Wii U and 3DS, and development is steadily progressing.


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