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[Let’s Talk] E3 2018 hopes and dreams

Posted on June 2, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, Let's Talk

Guess what’s just one week away? That’s right: E3! The first conference will actually be held on June 9 by EA. Other companies will follow with their own presentations in the days after that, including Nintendo.

If you’re a gamer, E3 is undoubtedly the most exciting time of the year. This goes for Nintendo fans as well even though we have Nintendo Directs to look forward to every now and then. E3 is packed with announcements, footage of new games (including a ton of hours from the Treehouse streams), and much more. Many companies lay out their plans for the rest of the year, as well what’s planned far into the future.

Naturally, what we’re most interested in for E3 is Nintendo’s coverage. Aside from Smash Bros. and Splatoon 2 tournaments in addition to days of Treehouse coverage, the Big N will host a video presentation during its regular Tuesday timeslot on June 12. Little is known about what will actually be shown. While we know that Smash Bros. will have a massive presence, technically no other games have been confirmed.

That being said, we have some idea as to what we can expect. It’d make sense for the new Pokemon: Let’s Go games to appear in some fashion. Fire Emblem should be there if it’s truly launching in 2018 as was announced last year. Yoshi is likely to show up again after being unveiled last year, and then disappearing completely. There are rumors about a new Star Fox racing game from Retro, though if it’s real, it’s not necessarily a lock for this event.

Since E3 hype is in full effect, let’s have a chat about Nintendo’s presence this year. What would be your dream announcement? What are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.

Highlights from last week’s topic: Do the Star Fox Grand Prix rumors pique your interest?


Instantly got my attention.

StarFox is a series which looked interesting to me but I never enjoyed the on-rails gameplay. All that reminded me of is going to Davie’s and Buster’s or Chuckie Cheese playing a ton of on-rail games which required reactions I could never get in to. I get that home console experiences take out the foolish hard gameplay to get used to but at the same time I like exploring at my own paste. Whenever I play video games I start out slow then get really fast as I get more hours into the game.

Racing games has always been a part of my childhood. From Sonic Riders to SSX Tricky there was a ton of racing games I loved when I was young. I didn’t get into Mario Kart until 7 on the 3DS and the memories of playing it with friends on the bus every single morning was amazing. 8 Deluxe is something I can pick up at any time and beat everyone in. However I think I’m ready for a more in depth racing experience.

Mixing in quick reactions with fast speed racing gameplay sounds like something I’d be really in to.


StarFox Grand Prix definitely has my interest. It’s Retro, who has yet to make a bad game, and the Switch could use another racer, especially if said racer involves flight, combat, an adventure mode, and a hub world (if some of the more specific rumors are to be believed).


I like the concept of it. I never had my own copy of Diddy Kong Racing, though I do remember playing it a couple of times (Friend? Rental? Store demo? I don’t exactly remember how.) and I think something like that could be just the shot in the arm that the Star Fox series needs. That said… I have A LOT of actually confirmed games I’m looking forward to this year that I would prioritize over something like this. If it is real I’d say it’s solidly in the “maybe buy next year on sale” category unless it’s actual announcement has something that really stands out to me. Then it’d move to the bottom of the “buy ASAP” list. Though as I already said, that’s a long list.


After releasing a rather lackluster Star Fox Title after a decade of absence, and after F-Zero has had a much longer Absence, it hurts me on multiple levels as a fan of both franchises. They could make this into a new F-Zero game, or they could make a new Star Fox game. A spin off after a critical failure is not what Star Fox needs.

Tom Davis

While it is an odd idea initially, I think this makes perfect sense. Star Fox needs a rebirth and as it stands, no one seems to be able to make anything compelling with it. Nintendo tried making it an adventure game, a third-person shooter and a strategy game, along with remaking series high point Star Fox 64 both literally (Star Fox 64 3D) and spiritually (Star Fox Zero). None of that worked, but with this franchise you do have quirky animal characters, cool transformable spaceships and a sci-fi setting. All of that can be transformed into a hybrid racing game, that includes shooting mechanics, a wacky story and an explorable overworld.

I think this could be great because it is a simple yet deep concept, with loads of potential for innovative design. Imagine race tracks that have multiple routes, where you can go on land, sea and air, with each one offering different challenges and shortcuts of their own. Maybe with online co-op in the story mode, your team can tackle each part individually, then intersect with each other at different points of the race, finally joining back up at the end to take on the boss. The reason so many other Star Fox games were let down, is because they were overcomplicated and unfocused. This is a cool concept, that is simple to understand, in a genre that is widely popular and makes sense for the franchise. It could turn Star Fox from a very cult, b-tier shooter franchise, into a really innovative hybrid racer, that really resonates with fans and newcomers.

Also, if the rumours are true, I hope whatever the other game Retro were working has not been cancelled, as that would be years of work gone to waste. Maybe they can re-jig it into something else or use the asset so for another title within Nintendo.

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