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[Let’s Talk] Miiverse memories

Posted on July 22, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, Let's Talk

Nintendo issued a new Wii U firmware update this week. The system hasn’t seen the addition of any new features in quite some time, so normally this wouldn’t be big news. However, it ended up being fairly significant after dataminers apparently found text that mentions the end of Miiverse.

First thing: we can’t say with absolutely certainty that the datamined text is accurate. Second, assuming it’s true, it may take time for Nintendo to pull the plug on Miiverse. For all we know, it could be a year, two years, or longer.

However, we can’t deny that Miiverse isn’t as prominent these days as it once was. It’s not a part of Switch at all. Wii U is still used by many players, but it’s not in the spotlight now. And the 3DS does feature Miiverse as well, though you could argue that it isn’t as significant there as it is on Wii U.

So let’s take a moment or two to look back on Miiverse. How do you feel the community as a whole? Do you think the original idea was good for Nintendo to put in place? How active were you on Miiverse, if at all? Do you have any memories in particular? Let us know in the comments below.

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Too much in too little time. I’m losing at life in general. I’ve lost focus.

Sorry for the edginess, kinda tired. Realistically, I, uh, finished my annual replay of OoT 64, my fav game of all time, on my birthday. Always fun to kill Ganon on my special day every year, after marathoning my way through all the temples the week prior. Also, since my Wii disc drive broke someone bought me a new Wii so I’ve been blasting through Subspace to unlock all the characters again since savedata can’t transfer on that game. That adventure mode is the greatest thing on the planet sometimes. I’d pay 60 just for a new one on Switch.

Also, trying to finish Ever Oasis, hard to do as it kinda lost me several hours in. Trying to power through though, can’t let backlog get any bigger. Also, BotW dlc challenge and new file in master mode.


I’m still playing BotW 😀 almost 85 hours in, just entered Vah Naboris and still love the game as much as when I started playing it <3 one of my all-time favourite video games SpaceLud35

Finishing Ace Attorney Dual Destinies. On the last case but… I mean… how did no one point out that such a critical event was just about to happen. The writing for this case is very contrived. Still, it’s been fun getting all this backstory on the cast.

Finished Snake Pass earlier. Got it on sale. Adapted to the controls pretty quick. Only 2 stages had me scratching my head searching for collectibles. David Wise’s music was awesome. Visuals could be sharper would be my only criticism as you can definitely tell it’s being upscaled.

Will probably start AA Spirit of Justice next while mixing in some MonHun Gen as I try to get the small crowns filled in.


Well, I’ve started ever oasis but then went back to playing puyo puyo tetris on my Switch. My baby brothers have been kicking my butt in that game and that is unacceptable.

I’ve also solved an issue with my computer that was causing my GPU to overheat, so now I can play hitman again!


Halo 2, ff tactics a2, transformers devastation, arms, disgaea 3 and Pandora’s tower

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