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[Let’s Talk] Reacting to this week’s Nintendo Switch Online news

Posted on May 12, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk, Switch

During its latest financial results briefing, Nintendo said that new information about Nintendo Switch Online would be provided this month. The company delivered on its promise, updating its website with the latest details.

One big aspect we learned is that by paying for the service, you’ll be able to access cloud saves. It could especially come in handy to ensure that your save data is backed up online, and can be easily recovered in the unfortunate event that your system breaks.

Aside from that, Nintendo revealed the initial lineup of NES games subscribers will be able to play. A total of 20 titles are currently lined up for launch.

There actually wasn’t much more beyond that. Nintendo went over pricing and reconfirmed exclusive discounts, though cloud saves and the NES lineup were the biggest pieces of news for sure. In related news, Nintendo said that the Virtual Console is dead – at least as we know of it in terms of branding.

Based on what we know, what are your thoughts on Nintendo Switch Online? Do you intend to pay for the service when it launches in September? Also, what are your thoughts on Nintendo stating that there won’t be a Virtual Console for Switch in the traditional sense? Let us know in the comments below.

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Lance Devon

Revisiting the original DKCR before I dig into TF again. Love those games.

Outside that playing Battlerite, my new competitive addiction.


Yeah, probably a lot on this thread will say this but Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. My (almost) 4 year old son and I have thoroughly enjoyed playing together. The new funky mode has really made the game more playable for younger or less experienced or casual gaming fans. The game is fantastic so far. Beautiful, loads of fun and still pretty darn tough!


Just finished Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (what a game!) and I’ll wait for the new story DLC before I go on with new game+. So this weekend I started a new RPG, Earthlock, Festival of Magic which I kickstarted (cause it’s from a Norwegian developer I have faith in) and recently got my Switch code. Looks interesting so far… And then I’ll join the Splatfest and try promote further in FIFA18 with my Ultimate team in online divisions.

Stephen Yap

I’m finishing up beating Guest Star mode with all characters in Kirby Star Allies. Got about 6 more characters to go, with 22 of those characters done. Sure, I’ll have to return to the mode again when Waves 2 and 3 arrive, but at the very least I’ll get the huge chunk out of the way..

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