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[Let’s Talk] Splatoon 2 impressions

Posted on July 29, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk, Switch

Splatoon 2 has been out for just over a week. Nintendo published the game last Friday, and many Switch owners likely purchased the game. One thing is for sure: it’s selling like hot cakes in Japan.

How many of you have picked up Splatoon 2 thus far? If you did, have you had a chance to play it? What do you think of it so far? How do you feel about the new single-player campaign, Salmon Run, and everything else the game has to offer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Highlights from last week’s topic: Miiverse memories


I liked Miiverse a lot.
To have a light social medium 100% about video games was pretty cool in my opinion, even though I can’t say it led to a lot of actual conversations. But I would never go using regular social media for posting silly screenshots or doodles related to videogames, so that was one place to share that kind of stuff that was all about it and didn’t have me second guess what I’m using it for.

My best memories are related to Splatfests. I liked the dynamic of everyone doodling for their team, and the posts being integrated to the game. You could find some pretty rad artwork and even the bad ones were usually somewhat endearing.
It was nice to get notifications of likes for a few days onward when you made the effort to post something that took a bit of work and people liked too.
Since I will probably never link any Twitter/Facebook account to my Switch and it’s pretty hard to draw on it, I don’t think I will actively take part in that aspect of Splatfests anymore and I know I will miss that.


There is a twitter page called badmiiverseposts that saves a lot the weird ones. Though I would have to say the best memories I had was in wind waker hd when you’d receive miiverse posts in the form if bottles washed up on the shore. It made the quest feel less lonely and it felt good to share and receive pictographs to help each other complete the pictograph side quest to snap a pic of every npc.


It was fun seeing people trying to get obvious penis pics past the censors by disguising them slightly. My favourite one was on the Ghost hunting game on Nintendo Land, someone had drawn a penis with a speech bubble coming from it that said “I am a ghost” 🙂


No skin off my back. There a lot of good artists but the terrible mods, rampant false reporting, permabans of a lot of my favorite artists and commentators, oversaturation of kid users among a lot of other things made using Miiverse a chore at times

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