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[Let’s Talk] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct reactions – November 2018

Posted on November 3, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk, Switch

A Nintendo Direct for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate rolled right in and aired earlier this week. Nintendo pretty much filled in the blanks on some of the uncertainties surrounding the game. The last initial characters were revealed, DLC was confirmed, the Spirits mode was detailed, we got a first look at the new Adventure Mode: World of Light, and more. There was a lot that was discussed in the end, so this recap should come in handy if you want to get a quick reminder on everything shown.

Now that we mostly know about everything surrounding Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, how is everyone feeling about the game? Did this week’s Nintendo Direct get you more hyped or were you disappointed? What do you think about the final characters that were announced? If you have any thoughts about the new Smash Bros., be sure to share them with us in the comments below.

Highlights from last week’s topic: Predict the release months of these 2019 Switch games


Yoshi will either be February or March.

Pokémon will be released in November.

Both Animal Crossing and Luigi’s Mansion will either be released in spring/summer or a holiday release, but both won’t be released close to each other. One in the late spring/early summer, one in either late October or early December.

Fire Emblem seems like April is a safe bet.

Idk about the others.

It’s fun to guess release dates 🙂 This comment will either age amazingly or terribly, haha

(And unrelated, but I predict some kind of Smash Bros announcement this Friday, November 2nd, to coincide with the release of the new GameCube adapter and controller. It makes sense.)


January has NSMBU Deluxe, so I’ll place a few guesses: FE Three Houses in March, with Yoshi in late April/May. Daemon X Machina feels like a Summer title, so I’ll bank on June since it and Yoshi are unlikely to step on each other’s toes. Bayonetta and Metroid Prime 4 feel like Fall titles, but I can’t any reason for one to come before the other. I’ll say the former comes a bit earlier in September, and the latter in November, but i could go either way if they come out in 2018 at all. Lastly, Animal Crossing, which I’m going to say comes out for Christmas, but could easily fit into Summer.

That’s my guess at least. On another note, surprised the discussion on the Switch revision lasted this long, and that the ideas were so grand, as if the idea of burning Switch buyers by turning their consoles completely obsolete, or kneecapping the ‘play anyway’ concept of the Switch by taking away the Joy-Cons and making it into a tablet with buttons might be concerns, but maybe I’m just overthinking things 😛

Edit: I forgot about Pokemon in 2018, my bad. I actually think THAT would fit into November better, since that’s where a lot of Pokemon games have launched, and done fairly well. With that in mind, I’d move Bayonetta to July, and Metroid Prime to October, the former as a late Summer title, and the latter as a fall title coming out in the time of spooks.


OK, let’s go through this…

Super Mario Bros U will be January, of course. Nintendo would have to try hard to miss that one.

Fire Emblem, I believe, will be April-ish… seems about right. Awakenings was April, and I don’t think that team will have delays.

Daemon X Machina… maybe June. Seems like a summer game to me.

Luigi’s Mansion, I think, is October. Too big to be a September title; not big enough to be a November title.

I have a gut feeling that Yoshi will be delayed. Call it a hunch. We’ll still see it in 2019, but maybe September/October.

Pokémon… probably November. Pokémon tends to waver back and forth, and sometimes releases in September or October, but this will probably be a big enough undertaking that they’ll push it to November. No earlier than October, at the very least.

Animal Crossing is November. I don’t think there’s ever been an Animal Crossing that *hasn’t* released in November. That seems to be a sure bet.

I feel like we’re going to get another big game around Black Friday time that hasn’t been announced yet. We’ve got Pokemon to appeal to the kids and nostalgic adults, Animal Crossing to appeal to its fans, and… something else. To complete this trifecta, I’m thinking something open-worldy, something actiony, rated T or above… probably not first party, unless the new Pokemon somehow scratches that itch – which would be awesome, but REALLY unlikely. Metroid would do it, but I think we ned at least one more year of Metroid. Maybe whatever tasty thing Retro has cooking up. I swear, if they don’t announce it this year, I don’t know WHAT they’re doing.


What I really care about is DaemonXMachina, I hope it will release before Q1 starts.
Fire Emblem feels like a Spring game, I can see Yoshi getting postponed until September, Animal Crossing could be May and Pokémon will be November as usual if all goes well.
About Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4, I think we’ll see them at E3 but will have to wait until 2020 to play them.
Same-ish for SMTV, only it should be shown in Japan first and I expect a delay before it gets localized for the West, so maybe late 2020 for us.

I’m also pretty excited for some third party stuff expected or scheduled for 2019, I hope we’ll see both DQ XI and DQB2, I’m already hyped for The Caligula Effect Overdose and the Steins;Gate remake, plus some of the old FFs and maybe RE.

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