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[Let’s Talk] The future of 3DS

Posted on January 28, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Let's Talk

Much of the attention surrounding Nintendo right now is focused on Switch, and understandably so. But the big N has another system on its hands that isn’t going anywhere. Naturally, we’re talking about the 3DS.

Several titles had already been announced for the portable this year. This week, Nintendo reconfirmed some of its 3DS plans (and some new ones), as well as its committment to the platform.

Don’t forget that Nintendo just announced Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and Fire Emblem Warriors (New 3DS). Aside from that though, Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World comes out next week in the west. Tank Troopers then follows as an eShop title on February 16. Just one week after Switch launches, Mario Sports Superstars arrives in Europe with new amiibo cards to boot – it’ll follow later in March in North America and Japan. Pikmin is still heading to 3DS this year, as is Ever Oasis. Oh, and a Pikachu New 3DS XL system is slated for February along with two new Nintendo Selects in the states.

How’s everyone feeling about 3DS right now? Even after Switch launches, will you continue to play new releases (or older games you have for that matter)? I do think we’ll be seeing at least a few more announcements, whether they’re completely new or localizations of games like Miitopia. Let us know how you feel about 3DS in the comments below.

Highlights from last week’s topic: Fire Emblem Direct reactions


Honestly for me I thought the fire emblem direct was more awesome per minute than the switch presentation. Both were amazing and I loved them, but dang, two fire emblem switch games, a new fire emblem 3ds game (for some reason, that was the most unexpected to me!) And the mobile fire emblem game!? That’s a lot of awesome in just 20 minutes.

I thought the mobile game looks great in my opinion. I will actually play the mess out of it. I always thought fire emblem would be sweet on mobile.

I’m not a big fan of the warriors games like the FE warriors game for seitxh, but I bet it will do well as hyrule warriors did.

And the new 3ds entry! I mean, did NOT see that coming. I read that it is a remake or something of a FE game that never made its way west. Time to Irish up with fates and board the hype train.

So all in all, that was an AWESOME DIRECT!!!!!


I think the biggest takeaway from the Fire Emblem Direct is that the franchise had four games announced in the span of a week. Not only is that a sign of a very healthy franchise, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that had never happened before, for any franchise.


I was (happily) surprised by Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. The amiibo look great but I’m not sure I want to get them until I know their functionality. I’m glad another Fire Emblem game is coming to 3DS and it’s a remake.

The dungeons, for example, blew me away and reminded me of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE or the Persona series. I can’t wait to meet Fire Emblem Gaiden characters like Alm and Celica (once I get through at least one version of Fire Emblem Fates).

Fire Emblem Warriors looked incredible with Chrom commanding the screen. Truly a (recent) dream come true! New 3DS owners should be happy too. I still seriously enjoy Hyrule Warriors Legends on my regular 3DS. I’m also happy to see the series will be returning to home consoles on the Switch.

Finally, Fire Emblem Heroes seems like a simple yet complex mobile game. I definitely enjoyed watching the gameplay and the huge variety of Fire Emblem characters (even though it focused on Awakening and Fates characters the most).

I don’t have a phone to play games on but I decided to join in the Choose Your Legends which is pretty fun and extensive. Some details on the Corrin amiibo or the last Fates DLC would’ve been nice, but the direct was fine without them. Yuri Lowenthal did a great job narrating this event and Nintendo did a great job surprising fans with so much Fire Emblem content.


I really enjoyed it overall. Both new and old fans in a divided fanbase got what they wanted; old fans got a fantastic looking remake of an older game that looks to also appeal to newcomers, alongside an announcement for a Switch game returning the series to console. We also got a small glimpse of Warriors and a mobile game that looks to be pretty interesting as well. Fire Emblem on mobile just makes sense and I like how they handle the different returning characters.

Ryan Hainley

Wow was that direct full of suprises! I was little disappointed we didn’t see more of Fire Emblem Warriors, but I think that learning there’s a Fire Emblem in development for Switch, as well as getting Fire Emblem Echoes announced and having it be so close to release already makes up for it completely.

The Mobile game was actually VERY surprising to me. It looks really good and quite faithful to the series as well! I’ve been really excited about Nintendo’s mobile endeavor, and I think I’ll probably end up very easily addicted to FE:Heroes once it comes out. Might send a bit of money their way too if I find myself enjoying it, which is pretty much a guarantee after seeing the gameplay of it.

Overall, an incredibly solid Direct, even more so when you consider how short it was. We’ve got a lot of Fire Emblem headed our way, and I honestly can’t complain about that at all.

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